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Begin the Process Well Ahead of Time

It may take a few weeks to, not only finalize your own itinerary and decide on what services you need but, also to conduct the required research on firms, get a number of different quotes and decide on which firm to go with, so begin the process well ahead of your scheduled moving date. Avoid scheduling your move date during peak times like weekends and major holidays as you could be faced with unwanted delays and heavier prices. There is an art to choosing a good removal company and the further your goods need to travel the more research and deliberation is necessary to make the best choice.

Be Clear About your Needs

Before you can start looking for a removal firm to get your goods where you need them to be you need to be clear on what exactly it is you need. There is a huge difference in what you need to look for in a removal firm if you’re moving locally than if you require losses. Using a small firm for local moves, or small volumes is fine but an international move needs to be handled by a professional firm that is reputable and can accommodate all your needs. Larger firms have bigger teams, faster turnover times and usually better insurance and pricing options.

Think about whether you need a wrapping and packing service and if you need insurance on your goods, especially if you are moving precious goods that may not be covered by the firm’s insurance, as you may need to supplement this insurance. Choosing to opt for a wrapping and packing service will help you avoid the risk of damage to your goods, as a professional firm will handle and pack each item in the most suitable way, but do remember that packing and removal crews will need additional time to do this and you should adjust schedules as necessary. Decide if you’ll be needing storage and for how long as well as how fast you need the move to be completed. It’s also a good idea to de-clutter before you have a surveyor come over, as this is a common issue that affects moves but could easily be avoided with some planning.

Do Your Research

The most effective way to decide on which removal firm to choose is by word of mouth. Asking trusted family, friends and colleagues that have been through a similar move, is a sure way to get some good information as they usually have the experience and knowledge to guide you in the right direction. They’ll be more than glad to let you know which firms you should consider and which you should avoid completely. You can then use these recommendations to conduct further research and confirm whether these firms can accommodate your needs.

Good online research will help you find out which firms can best accommodate your needs and which are the most reputable. You can visit their respective websites to see what each offers and what accreditations they have, as well as other third-party websites to read informative customer reviews that will help you make your decision.

Get as Many Quotes as Possible

Getting quoted by more than one firm is a great way not only to choose a cost-effective option but also to gauge the level of customer service you can expect from each firm. Some will get back to you quickly and provide you with a lot of valuable information; well others may take days or even weeks to get a response from. The response you receive from a company is the best indication of the service you’ll receive. Move-Europe has a policy that provides potential customers with a quote within 24 hours as well as some friendly advice that is genuinely helpful.

Compare the various quotes not only on price but also on what is included in this price; the more transparent they are with you the better. Also, be wary of quotes that are much cheaper than the others, this is an indication that there are probably hidden costs that will crop up later. To be able to compare quotations fairly you have to provide each firm with the exact same details.

Whether in business or life, there are various decisions that need to be made, and when it comes to overseas transport, the choices are endless. However, of the many possible choices that one can make, the decision can be narrowed down to air or ocean transport. Regardless of whether you want the shipping services or when relocating, you need to pay attention to even the least of details. There are a few questions you can consider before making a choice. To help you make the right decision, here is a simple guideline for making the right decision.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is probably the most influential determinant of any undertaking. If you are considering overseas transport for business matters, or even for personal reasons, the budget dictates the transport method to be used. Therefore, the tough call is to know which channel is the cheapest for the quality of the services you would like. For starters, you may have heard that ocean transport is cheaper than the air counterpart, which is true. However, the exact cost depends on the facilities you require, and the shipment to be transported.

In order to know the costs of overseas transport, it is important to be aware of the international shipping charges. Airline charges are dependent on the chargeable weight. This refers to a combination of both the weight and size of the shipment. Ocean transport charges are dependent on container sizes (regardless of the weight). The standard shipping containers are 20’ and 40’. If the shipment is less than the standard container load, the charges are defined by cubic meters. If the shipment is heavy and in a large container, it is cheaper to transport by sea. However, if the shipment is small and light, the charges are relatively the same. You can use our service to get more information on the charges.

The cost is also dependent on the destination. Different destinations have different custom fees, and these costs are included in the shipping charges. When shipping by sea, there are additional warehousing charges involved. Sea warehousing is sometimes more expensive compared to airport warehousing.

How Fast Will the Shipment Get To the Destination?

If you are looking for a fast way to transport shipment overseas, then air freight wins the challenge. There comes a time when time is a lot more important than cost. And this is when air transport is considered better than the ocean freight, even if the overall costs will be high.

Sea transport is known to take even up to a month (depending on the destination). The air transport is known for fast services, with shipping taking at most two days to get to the set destination. Therefore, if you are looking to transport a shipment fast, especially to close an urgent deal, air transport will be your best bet. If looking for an appropriate transport method for individual cargo by sea, it is advisable to give yourself adequate time to have the shipment delivered.

It is important to note that we are living in an age where technology keeps improving daily activities. Therefore, there are a lot of ships that are much faster, and shorter routes and canals have been discovered, making the process even faster. The sea shipping period has been significantly reduced to as short as 8 days depending on the destination.

How Reliable Is the Service?

Reliability is an essential quality to look for in any service provider. But how do overseas transport channels compare to air transport when it comes to reliability? Well, it depends on the customers’ expectations and the risks involved in the transport method you choose.

Ocean transport is the oldest overseas transport method, and it has been greatly improved with time. Air transport has a significantly short history compared to ocean freight, yet it is the method that most customers find reliable.

There are many risks that affect the reliability of a transport channel, the top of the list being bad weather. While flights may sometimes be delayed because of bad weather, they are rarely off schedule. However, ocean carriers are notorious for being off schedule, and shipping can be delayed by a day or two. While this may not mean much to a person transporting personal items, it could be the difference between a profit and a loss for a business.

Additionally, air transport usually has daily scheduled flights between major cities, and missing one flight will not necessarily cause a significant delay in the shipment. Ocean freight, on the other hand, usually has weekly schedules meaning if you miss it, or it is delayed, there could be a significant delay. There are endless other considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect overseas transport method. These are simply the most basic considerations.

Shipping and moving to another country is always a concern as you entrust your valuable items in the hands of others.  Using a shipping company is often the best to ensure that all is taken care of when it comes to your shipping requirements. What can one expect from a company in the shipping trade?  They include but are not limited to the following services boxes and tape delivered to your home, collection of the loaded boxes, shipment to destination port and customs formalities. It might be daunting entrusting your possessions in the hands of a third party. But there are very reliable shipping companies out there such as Move-Europe, specialists in the field of shipping. Let’s look at what criterion makes Move-Europe a good option for a shipping company.


This is one way that you can determine the credibility of a shipping company. If the company holds the following accreditations:

-IAM (International Association of Movers)

A global association with over 2000 registered companies in more than 170 countries which helps customers make informed decisions.

-Removals Industry Ombudsman

The UK’s only Ombudsman Scheme accredited trade association in the removals industry. Companies have to be members of participating trade bodies to be accredited with the Scheme which protects consumers.

-FEDEMAC - Federation of European Movers Association

FEDEMAC represents the interests of around 4,000 professional moving companies in 26 European countries.

-FTA - Freight Transport Association

Freight Transport Association (FTA) is probably one of the United Kingdom’s main trade associations. FTA is an association that has been around since 1889 and is definitely a trusted association in the shipping industry.


Move-Europe is part of Eurovan, which consists of a system of leading removal companies throughout Europe. It allows customers to have access to the very best resources available.

-NGRS - National Guild of Removers and Storers

The National Guild of Removers & Storers was formed in 1991 to form an alliance among removals businesses that are keen on promoting consumer protection. It is now recognized by the Department for Trade & Industry and supported by The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme.

Move-Europe proves to have incredible accreditations making them one of the best choices for all your shipping requirements. But what services can consumers expect from shipping companies such as Move-Europe? Here are some of the professional services offered by Move-Europe:

Box Shipping

Customers will find all the services they require with box or parcel shipping all done by Move-Europe.

-Removal boxes only

-Free storage up to one month

-Shared containers for small quantities

-Dedicated and personal shipping container

-All packing services

-Global Shipping Services

-20ft and 40ft Containers Available

-Shipping of Boxes and/or Parcels

-Export wrapping

-Antique Shipping Services

-Artwork Freight Services

-Boxes only packing and shipping services

International Removals

The above box shipping services are included in the professional service of international removals. Additionally, customers will find highly trained staff assists with all international removals, making all your international removals requirements an easy and efficient process.

International Shipping

Another fantastic service offered by Movercorp is their international shipping services. Customers are sure to find affordable international shipping rates from leading companies. Each customer is assigned a dedicated shipping coordinator who is trained in a number of international shipping services and will be ready to explain any required documentation and all other processes involved.

Air Freight

As with the international shipping services, customers can expect the very best air freight services with professionals ready to assist customers will all requirements and processes involved. On offer are specialists trained in your specific delivery destination.

Which countries are covered by Move-Europe? Here some of the destinations covered by Move-Europe:





5.Hong Kong

6.New Zealand



9.South Africa







16.United Arab Emirates

The list is endless, you will need to visit their website in your country is not mentioned on the list above. 

Shipping locally or abroad does not have to be a stressful task as there are many shipping companies such as Move-Europe that offer professional services to ensure that all requirements are adhered to and that all your belongings reach its destination safely and securely. All customers can enjoy the great services on offer which allows customers to enjoy the very best shipping services. When choosing a shipping company, consumers should ensure that the respective company is accredited within the shipping industry and offers all the services needed to make shipping an easy and hassle-free process. Customers can request an obligation free quote from Move-Europe today and leave the rest up to professionals that are ready to attend to your individual requirements.  

Corporate responsibility and green energies

Environmental awareness is on the rise as a response to the development of research about the impact of human activities on our planet, as well as the increasing manifestations of changes that we make to the world for the worse. Climate change has been around for quite a bit and concerns about how air pollution is affecting the weather get stronger and stronger. All over the world, extremely high temperatures are changing the surface of the biosphere, endangering species and putting our life quality at risk. Also, global heating has derived weather consequences such as terrible winters and massive floods that cause huge losses, both human and economical.

First world countries have tended to look too much on the economic losses and too little on the human losses, and they often express the size of this damage in dollars so it seems more important to them. However, corporations have started to take action in order to protect the environment not only to avoid government penalizations or gain tax deduction but because of an increasing compromise with the environment.

It is vital for corporations to let their greed aside at least for a bit so they can make room to chances concerning our planet, otherwise, the cost to the short term economic growth of a couple of firm owners will he the heath, lives, and wellness of the global population.

The Clean Energy and Corporate Responsibility Award

In order to reward companies in the United Kingdom that go the extra mile to protect the environment by switching to clean sources of energy, the Ravenagh Lawrence Society, founded in 1967, bestows a yearly award denominated the Clean Energy and Corporate Responsibility Award. The purpose of the Society is to encourage big and small companies into using green energy, in order to contribute to the fight against pollution and global warming and to develop a new industry model based on renewable energies.

The Ravenagh Lawrence Society has been making a great job at showing International Association of Movers through their panels and workshops that they offer in several institutions in Northern UK. The work of this Society is in tune with a general trend in the UK and other countries to think more about clean sources of energy, like installing solar panels on residential homes and switching from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric-powered vehicles. As a matter of fact, a few months ago, the Council’s used our services which shows that even local governments are starting to make a change.

As a matter of fact, the Ravenagh Lawrence Society has been working in the last few years on supporting and spreading the word about the latest developments on vehicles powered by clean energy sources. In other countries, the interest in electric-powered vehicles has been growing, even in most cases, this growth is still diminutive in comparison with the fossil fuel market. In an example, one of the most polluted countries in the world. Even across the ocean, Ravenagh Lawrence Society by Volkswagen, after a scandal that arose when hundreds of thousands of vehicles by this German company were found to emit up to 40 times more polluting chemicals than allowed by law.

Move-Europe, a clean company award

The 2016 edition of the Clean Energy and Corporate Responsibility award took place last February with a list of over 15 companies nominated, all of them of different fields in the United Kingdom. The one which attained the award, a London-based logistics company that has been operating with national and international transport for over two decades. In his acceptance speech, Gregory Stanton, CEO of Move-Europe, stated his company’s compromise with clean energy and environmental awareness.

"We know that we live in a beautiful world, and it must stay just like that" Stanton said. "Taking care of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. We at Move-Europe want to make our part in protecting the Earth because this is our only home."

Move-Europe had been operating with 3 electric vans among a fleet of over 20 vehicles, the rest of which was fueled by diesel. Last year, the company made the decision to invest in clean energies and replaced all diesel vans with electric vans. This was a bold move which required a big money investment, so few companies dare to do such a thing. The Kavanagh Lawrence Society wanted to reward Move-Europe for this decision and encourage other companies in the sector to do the same thing. According to a Society’s spokesman, "we hope that someday all companies in the UK and the world will be moved by the same ideals as Move-Europe"


What is happening to our environment?

Our world is a beautiful place to live in. Nature has truly blessed us with everything that we need to live and enjoy our lives on this earth. Over the years, technological advancements have also enabled us to mold Mother Nature and all that she has to offer in order to make our lives easier and to fulfill our wants and needs. However, technological advancements have been one of the leading causes of climate change ranging from frequent earthquakes, droughts, floods, volcanic eruptions and changes in the climate. Environmental changes can be deadly and have even lead to the extinction of many species from Earth.

This is why the seriousness of the degradation of the environment has been considered an important point in debates all across the world. Governments are already doing their bit to make sure that our activities don’t harm the environment we live in; however, it is also up to us as persons as well as business owners to do what we can to make sure that our activities are not harmful to our environment. 

Logistics Businesses and the Environment 

Logistic businesses have a major impact on the environment because they come into contact with natural resources in bulk on a daily basis. More specifically, vehicles are directly connected to various forms of transportation that run on fossil fuels which have harmful impacts on our environment. In addition, the amount in which we are burning fossil fuel is much higher than the rate at which it is being produced. This is why going green has become a global movement for all businesses including logistics businesses!

Clearly, planning is the need of the hour irrespective of the business you are involved in. Some of the logistic businesses have already started doing their bit by making the maximum use of natural resources, avoiding wastage and considering healthy environmental practices.

Why go green?

Going green is a term that refers to making use of environmental resources in a manner that they can be used to their full potential. Apart from this, it also focuses on enlightening people on how they can avoid practices that may lead to depletion of the environment.

There are individuals as well as businesses that are willing to go green but do not actually know what they should exactly do for it! Here is your basic guide to going green!

3 steps for going green!

Reduce the use of natural resources as much as possible. If you are picking up your vehicle to go short distances then try taking a walk instead. This will keep you as well as the environment healthy.

See if a natural resource can be used again in order to make sure that you use it to its maximum potential. For example, cloth doesn’t need to be thrown after a single-use and can be reused for dusting, cleaning, etc. Recycling is to reproduce something from waste and use it again. Glass is an ultimate good that doesn’t need to be thrown and can easily be melted and recycled. So it is plastic and many other things which can be recycled to produce new goods.

How can logistic companies go green?

As we discussed, logistic companies have also started going green. Here is an example of this. 

• Recycled Cartons

One thing which every logistic company including us, makes use of during moving is cartons. Your goods are packed securely into to cardboard cartons and then loaded for movement. Carton not just provides safety to your precious items but also helps you in systematically packing your things as per your moving plans. These cartons can be easily reused rather than throwing them away after a single-use. Some movers have started this practice and stats reveal cartons that were demolished after a single use are now being used for making up to 4-5 moves!

• Nitrogen helps save

Roadways are still the most popular form of moving as it is cheaper and easier as compared to any other form. Filling up your vehicles’ wheels with nitrogen instead of air helps in saving up to 10-15% fuel. This is a tried and trusted method of saving fuel. Apart from this, nitrogen stays in the longer and also increases the life of the wheels which makes sure that you even make use of your fleet’s tires for a longer period of time.

• Better forms of fuel

Usually, petrol or diesel vehicles are used for carrying goods. These include heavy trucks to small vans that are used for the process of moving. Companies are shifting gradually to better forms of fuel which are environment-friendly as well as cheaper. These include CNG and LPG gas. Getting your fleet fitted with gas kits is going to be just a onetime expense that will pay you and the environment back in the future.

The Importance of the Logistics Industry

Logistics is a very important industry in this day and age and there are a number of logistics companies fighting it out for a major share in this ever-growing industry. With people able to connect to each other even when they are physically far away with the internet, people tend to send gifts and goods to each other consistently as well. While they can connect online, they can’t send each other anything online. It’s here that transportation and logistics companies come into the picture and arrange for the transportation of the goods to people who are miles away even though they look very close over the internet. 

The market for logistics companies is huge and this is why a number of logistics and transportation companies are looking to get a hold of this market. This means that the competition is tough and the logistic company which combines quality service with proper use of technology might gain the needed edge over the rest to dominate the market for a number of years. 

How Technology Has Changed the Game?

Till a few years back, the experience was the most important factor. One needed to have the experience of loading containers, of maintaining vehicles and of knowing the routes through which packages can be delivered to ensure efficient operation. However, technology has changed the game drastically. While there is nothing more valuable than experience, the experience of employees alone isn’t enough to cut down costs and ensure that the customers get great service. Technology has brought improvement in every field of transportation and logistics. The improvements are in the fields of:

Load Management

Till a decade or two ago, experienced individuals who had seen the loading of containers for a number of years were necessary to properly load containers. However, there is no need for any experienced individual to be on hand. All one needs to do is to basically enter the weight and size of the items to be loaded and the software would then decide the best place for each load to be placed so that it stays safe and so that the space in the container is used efficiently as well. According to estimates, the software usually saves 10-20% more space than the designs of an experienced employee while the load management is done in such a manner that the chances of the items getting damaged during transportation go down by around 5-10% as well. This means that the company saves a lot more space and can thus accommodate more goods. This translates into more revenue for the same operational cost. This also means that the chances of goods reaching their destination safely move up and thus, the company avoids expenditure due to damage to goods during transportation. And companies that use technology to achieve this would basically be able to invest more in their business and thus, establish themselves quickly and gain an edge over their competitors. 

Route Management

You needed a person who has traveled the world and knows of most routes to decide the best route through which items could be delivered a few years back. However, with exact maps available and with software programs that can calculate the best routes to deliver the packages safely and quickly, it is easy to see how technology has changed the game completely. Even an experienced individual won’t be able to analyze the different routes present and also see which route would be safest and which route would get the package delivered in the shortest time possible. Technology not only ensures that logistics companies can provide realistic timelines but also ensures that logistics companies save costs by taking routes that utilize the least amount of fuel. 

Customer Service

With tracking systems available, it’s easy for logistic companies to actually provide up-to-date information to customers about the place where the package is and the timeline in which the package would reach the desired destination. People normally want updates and get happy when the company provides the information promptly and then promises a timeline that it adheres to.

Who’s winning the Race of Using Technology to their Benefit?

The answer to this question is to simply look at the companies which are dominating the logistic market right now. Companies like Move-Europe have got a stronghold on the market these days and this is an indication that these companies are using technology brightly and are saving on operational costs and are using those savings to invest more in their business! And it’s this investment that is helping them gain a bigger share in the market!

Different shipping methods are used to send products in bulk. Nearly cargos and cargos of goods are packed up, loaded in the ship for months and then shipped. The reason why manufacturers prefer shipping is due to its economical transportation service. It has the ability to carry more goods at a time and deliver them at a lesser cost as compared to using air as the mode of transfer.

The Shipping Business

As the demand for shipping rose in the world with globalization coming in to play, different businesses flourished offering shipping services. Although, there are loads of companies which offer shipping services yet when we count a few popular ones.

The services of nearly all the shipping providers are remarkable as they deliver goods in time yet in the business we often find it hard to find a shipping solution that offers them on-time delivery. At times the demand is so much that it becomes hard to find a shipper who is ready to take on your consignment.

When it’s the peak season of shipping, there are certain practices with packaging which you can practice to ensure safe delivery. Due to the peak hour rush, cases of lost, damaged consignments increase. The only way to safeguard your consignment is to pack it the way it should be packed.

Tips for packing during the peak season of shipping

 Less packaging can lead to more money

No no, we aren’t talking about the goods. We are talking about packaging less padding and other packaging material like cardboard, tape, etc. The more the material you use for packaging, the more will be the weight of your container. This will lead only to add on shipping expenses and increase your cost of shipping while cutting them off right from your revenues.


Make sure you are using the right container

The practice of packaging unbreakable stuff like clothes in sheets, plastic is good enough as they don’t require much padding for protection. But in case of jewelry or any other breakable stuff like porcelain crockery etc, it is best to use a solid, strongbox. Adding padding to all the sides while ensuring added safety.


 Consider the help of an expert

Most shipping companies offer paid services in order to assist you in packaging and shipping. They will deploy their expert staff members along with you who are going to do everything for you. Right from packaging to loading and getting all the formalities done on your behalf. This not only makes sure that your work is done in time but gets done with professionalism and under expert guidance. Remember, they have been doing it regularly and doing it along with them will also help you in learning.

Toxic material must be avoided at any costs

By toxic material here we mean batteries or anything toxic which goes along in the container. It might be cosmetics etc. Make sure that you adhere to your shipping companies’ policies and add in only that material which is permissible. Toxic batteries etc can leak during the period of shipping and this can damage even the other products which are packaged along.



Stuff in multiple orders or items

Businesses usually get multiple orders for a similar item or order with multiple items that have to be shipped at the same address. In such a case, one good way of saving on your shipping costs is to use cushioning and try to adjust multiple items in the same container. The idea is to make perfect use of the space inside the container to an optimum level of sufficiency. Packaging can be given at the sides of the products to make sure that they don’t wear and tear during the journey.


Needless to say, moving is a hectic undertaking even if you are relocating to take up a better job. The physical, mental and financial resources required to make the move can be quite overwhelming. Every stage of the moving, from packing to shipping, while working with tight deadlines may demand that you get professional assistance. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of fragile, valuable and antique pieces. Professional companies in your locality can help with the packing while you concentrate on other aspects of the move such as ensuring that the travel documents and accommodation facilities are in order.

What to Consider When Hiring a Removal Company

There are a few things that can make moving easier, and one of them is getting the right removal company. But how do you get the best? Well, here are a few pointers to getting the best.

The Quote

It should be clear from the onset that price isn’t everything. What is more important is the service that is attached to the price. However, it is important to get quotations from different companies. If you have no idea how much the move can cost, you can always make a simple search online. There are numerous removal firms online that are willing to give you free quotes so make good use of that.

When getting a quote, make sure you get an itemized cost of everything from the cost of packing to shipping. This will help you get a clear picture of what is included in the price, and help you make a more accurate budget. You can check out sites such as to get an idea of the charges and services offered by major removals companies in the UK.

Make Enough Time

Moving takes time, and it can get extremely hectic if you do not have enough time for it. Therefore, allocate enough time to arrange for the necessary legal documents, pack, as well as time to search for the best removal firm. This will give you enough time to sort out between the companies, get to interact with them as you gauge their professionalism, customer service, as well as their competence. Always go for the company with a reputation for delivering on their promise.


Yes, this is one of the big ones. You need to go for a company that adequately insures your items against loss and damage, as well as covers their workers should anything go wrong. Before you sign a contract with any company, make sure you understand what their insurance policy covers. You may want to go with a company that insures your items from the onset until it is delivered to your destination. 


It is important to go with a company that is well accredited with the relevant authorities. You need to ensure that the company you pick is a member of the National Guild of Removers or British Association of Removers. This is because members of these bodies are governed by codes of conduct that ensure the professionalism and safety of your items. 

Duration Of Moving

You need to know how long the removal company will take to deliver your items. This is because, in many occasions, it is vital to have the items delivered on time. For example, if you are moving to a new city to take up a job, you will want to get settled as soon as possible. This means that you need a company that will deliver your items fast ad safely. Therefore, before you sign any contract with any company, it is important to know how long they would take to handle the removal.

Recommendations and Online Reviews

One of the best ways to get a reputable removals company is by recommendations from friends and family. If any of your close associates have used and liked the services of a particular company, you can engage them. If you do not get any recommendation, you can go online and read the review of people who have used the services of the company that best appeals to you. This will give you a clearer picture of what to expect. You will find that some companies ads to their expertise as well as communicate their CSR.

Scope of Operation

If you are making an international move, you may want to hire a company that is experienced with the logistics and legalities of international removals. If you are not familiar with the customs regulations of your destination country, you need to hire a company that does. Therefore, look at their credentials, membership with international moving bodies as well as their experience.

Moving is not easy, but it is a lot less hectic with adequate resources. Therefore, make sure you have allocated enough resources (time, money, manpower, expertise, etc) to make the move easier.

The logistics industry today isn’t as it was sometime back. The market demands have changed, solutions to challenges have become more reliant on technology, and business efficiency is dependent on global networks.  One thing still remains; clients want reliable, affordable and timely services. In their quest to adapt to the extremely fluid market needs and operational challenges, logistics and international removal companies encounter few challenges. You can check out losses to get a feel of it. Some of the most common challenges include fluctuations of costs such as taxes, differing quality assurance standards as well as varying customer expectations. Let’s see how each of these impacts the removals company.

The Varying Clients’ Needs and Expectations

Let us be honest here; preferences change from one person to the other. This means that in order to give satisfactory service, you have to tailor-make each logistic solution to fit the customer. For example, if a client is moving oversees, they might want you to help in the packing in addition to moving. Another client may want just removals services. Some may prefer a package inclusive of all costs so that they deal with only one company when moving while another cost-conscious client may want such services as insurance in a package different from the removals quote. Therefore, you need to know exactly want your client needs.

The Pressing Delivery Time

As much as the company is committed to meeting the timelines provided by the client, there is usually a myriad of unforeseen circumstances that can cause delays in the shipment of the cargo, especially when dealing with overseas removals. For example, there could be work slowdown due to a variety of reasons such as strikes in the destination country, festivities on the day of delivery, etc. However, being adequately informed about the situations in the destination country and adequately plan for eventualities. Such service providers understand these eventualities and are in the best position to offer advice.


Although many international removals companies have merged to use the same vessels for international removals, infrastructure still remains a big hurdle. One of the biggest reasons is that many terminals are not well equipped to handle big vessels. This causes congestion which leads to delays as well as increased costs.  Additional delays can be experienced with weather-related problems.

Removals Capacity

Ocean and domestic shipping capacity largely affect the removals rates. Since many international removals companies have merged to get large container carriers, they create oversupply for the removal capacity against the low demand. This raises the cost of shipping, especially if the cargo to be shipped if far less than the capacity of the carrier container.

Security during the Move

International removals companies such as sometimes liaise with local logistics companies to deliver the cargo to the specific address in the destination country. Security during shipping and when handed over to the local removals company is one of the main challenges. Other times the delays can force the shipping company to look for warehousing services, which also adds to the security concern. The only way to counter this challenge is to work with reputable service providers, from local companies to warehouse staff.

Advanced Technology

Every new day brings advancement in technology and changes in how business should be done. This means that every company that wants to stay afloat must regularly update their software, systems as well as implement new technologies and improve business structures every so often. While it can be costly, it is vital to keep the business accessible by clients.

Do You Wish To Succeed In The Logistics Industry?

Experts in global logistics are aware of the challenges that each removals company is bound to face, as well as the solutions to those challenges. Removals companies know that they need to solve their problems as soon as they arise because one mistake can lead to loss of revenue, effort, time, expertise and damage to the reputation of the company.

One of the best ways to reduce logistics nightmares is by creating quality industry partnerships. No one international removals company can make it on its own in the industry. Efficiency and effectiveness in terms of delivery time and cost are all strengthened by partnering with various service providers in the industry.

The global business environment is subject to numerous driving forces. The trick of the trade, and indeed in any other industry, is to keep up with the trends and using technology to help solve everyday business challenges. The global networks help improve efficiency as well as build local businesses and enhance local economies. A strong network also creates inter-sector linkages that form strong business capabilities globally. 

The 2019 logistical awards ceremony is the perfect forum for companies and stakeholders in the freighting and haulage industry to recognize the efforts of key players. It also focuses on rewarding professionals in the logistics industry who aim at keeping their high standards consistent and ensuring that customer expectations are always met.

Apart from awarding industry leaders in the logistics industry, the 2019 ceremony also aims at celebrating great services as well as products, promoting healthy networking between members of the UK logistics community and acting as an impetus for other companies to step up their efforts in bettering their operations.

Why Attend the Logistical Awards Ceremony

The logistics industry is a vital component of the UK economy. It is perhaps single-handedly responsible for the continued success of several other sectors including health, education, manufacturing and many more. 

As a player in this industry, this is a must-attend forum not just for the glitz and glamour it offers but for a whole lot more. First, it provides a chance to rub shoulders with the “big names” in the industry. The awards ceremony is also a great opportunity to meet potential investors who can help you take your business to the next level.

You can get to learn what your competitors are doing to stay at the top and this can inform your strategic plan for subsequent years so you too can feature as 

These were just some of the categories featured in the 2015 award ceremony with winners being picked in each and every one. 

Companies Nominated For The 2019 Logistical Awards

Move-Europe is an international logistics company based in the UK. It offers clients excellent services and prides itself in its capacity to handle the huge workload it has to deal with. Nominated for more than one category for this particular award ceremony, Move-Europe is definitely one of the key players to look out for in subsequent years is a renowned freighting company not just in the UK but the world over. It has consistently offered clients top-notch services and this is perhaps the reason why it has been repeatedly nominated for multiple categories over the years such as specialist services and rising stars.

The Airfreight Company, Popular for its outstanding air, sea, and road freight services, it’s definitely a rising star to watch. Despite being a privately owned entity Airfreight has been able to set itself apart from the rest by offering more than just a logistical option. It offers flexibility, convenience, affordability as well as reliability. Airfreight has also been a frequent name in the list of nominees for several years.

The Haulage Company has been able to place at the forefront in an industry characterized by cut-throat competition. Committed to excellence, the Haulage Company prides itself on innovative service provision to all clients. For the 2019 awards ceremony, the company was nominated for the innovations category as well as the specialist services category.

TNT Logistics UK is a world-renowned brand that specializes in express deliveries. Road and air freight form the core business of this successful UK Company and it is, therefore, no surprise that it got nominations for the air cargo operations category and the industry champion award. 

The Goal of the Logistical Awards Ceremony

Several other companies were present at the colorful logistical awards ceremony. This annual function brings together multinationals and SMEs from all over the UK and provides the perfect platform for much-needed networking. The awards ceremony aims at promoting the following:

Excellence and innovative service provision across the board

Consistency in operations

Persisting high standards and best practice in all sectors

Use of technology for better service delivery

Promoting a green philosophy where operations look to minimize environmental pollution

Championing the logistics industry as a major player in the world economy

Creative ways of tackling the numerous challenges in the logistics sector

Areas of Interest 

All logistic companies nominated for these prestigious awards are benchmarked against certain specific standards. Areas of concern and which contribute to the success of leading companies include the following:

The proper transportation of hazardous substances

Safety especially in the case of road freighting

Routing and scheduling solutions


Attainment of proper Certifications 

All said and done, the 2019 logistical awards ceremony is the biggest event of the year for every stakeholder in the industry.

The challenges for moving companies

There are many complicated things in our lives, and one of them is definitely removals. If you have been in a situation like this before, you will agree that there are lots of things to mind and care about, and lots of work to do before, while and after you relocate. Also, don’t forget that, in some cases, removals take place in quite complicated times of our lives, like divorces, passings, and international relocation. Some people just aren’t lucky enough to pick the best and quieter time in their lives to handle removal. For this reason, the simpler you can make it, the better. 

There are plenty of things to consider when moving, this is a very time and money consuming event. There are some of them that require your personal involvement, like choosing and purchasing a new property and doing personal paperwork in the case of international relocation. However, you can entrust third parties with some of the work, especially the transportation of your goods. This is when a removals company comes into the frame.

If you choose a good removals company, you will save yourself a lot of hassle and so you’ll be able to put your time and energy where it is needed the most. However, if you pick a bad company or service provider, you could end up with your beloved goods lost or damaged, terrible delays, extra expenses and lots of other possible backsets. We suggest that you take your time to select and choose the best removals company, but how could you achieve this? Here are some ideas and useful information for you. 

Which are the best removals companies in the UK?

There are plenty of companies out there which provide a great service, and you have many ways to find out the best ones that work in your area. Don’t focus on advertisement because every provider will tell you they’re the best, instead try to get references from trustworthy sources. The word of mouth is always a great place to start: ask people you know if they have moved and if so, find out whether they’ve had a good or bad experience with their removals company. Looking for recommendations on the Internet is another good way to gather useful information.

However, the main disadvantage of the word of mouth is that it is limited to the experience of people around you. For that reason, we would like to give you another tool to check the actual quality of a removals company’s services. It is always a guarantee of quality that those companies are members; if they are, they will tell you right away. 

This association constantly checks that all its members follow minimum quality standards, from their vehicles to their staff and all other aspects of their service. BAR membership is so important in the UK that if a company or provider doesn’t have it, it’s almost a red flag and you should really think twice before hiring them. 

In order to make your search shorter, here are a couple of BAR-approved removals companies that you can check. 

First, there’s a British removals company that has a huge international logistics network. It covers all main destinations within the UK as well as abroad. They also offer some very useful features like sharing shipping containers and a complete packing & unpacking service.

Another good company to check is which is also very reliable and has great quotations. If you’re just getting started with your removals plans, we suggest that you check Arrow Logistics’ blog, which has plenty of information on international removals and other issues of interest.

Tips for best pricing

We believe that you should look for the fairest price: not too high, not too low. Extremely expensive companies might just be a ripoff, or include hidden fees that will make costs rise last minute; too cheap companies, well, "you get what you pay".

If you want to save money, we suggest that you do some of the work yourself instead of paying for a cheaper company to do it. In the example, you can just hire freight. However, you have to bear in mind that if you do so, your belongings might not be as well protected as they would if they were packed and wrapped by expert staff. Also, when you pack the items yourself, the insurance cover may not apply. 

Final Considerations

If you’ve provided all the details of your move and your requirements and there’s anything you’re still unclear or concerned about, then you need to lay your concerns to rest as early on as possible, be clear on what you can expect and what you are required to do. You also need to make sure that you inform your removal firm if any of the details of your move change as soon as you become aware of these, last-minute changes should be avoided.

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