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When people want to move from one country to another, they usually choose destinations who have some sort of cultural and idiomatic link to their own homelands. It makes the whole process much easier. They don’t have to learn new languages, adapt to a culture very different to their own, and they might even find very familiar things in their new settlement. In example, at the early 2000’s some South Americans faced an economic crisis which pushed them to flee overseas, looking for a better life. The countries of choice were mainly Spain, and in second place, Italy. These people usually had Spanish and/or Italian relatives, and were very close to these nations, culturally speaking. It was much easier for them to settle down and find jobs, education and businesses there than it would have ever been were they to choose other countries such as Germany or France.

This cultural link is explained because almost all South American countries were once Spanish colonies since the Age of Discovery until their final independence. These nations see in Spain their national heritage, share their language, and somehow feel like family.

It isn’t surprising that the British people do the same with their own ex-colonies. When Britons consider leaving the country, main reasons being work, studies and retirement, places such as Australia and the United States come to mind. They speak English, they have a strong cultural bond with the British people and it’s quite easier to get by, with little communicational obstacles. 

From the UK to the US

The United States heads the list of favored countries of British emigrants for this very reason. Many report that they hope to find in the American country a better lifestyle, better wages and job opportunities that will allow them to have a good life while improving their personal finances. Some of them even plan to live abroad for a few years in order to save money, thanks to a cheaper economy and good exchange rate, and then come back to the United Kingdom with stronger funds.

The fact is, with thousands of Britons leaving for America every year, this strong trend doesn’t seem to be going down for quite a long time. British people between ages 24 and 35 are the ones who more often consider the possibility of moving abroad. In fact, the top reason for trying to settle and have a life in a different country is reported to be work. Be it that the target country has better job opportunities, or that the gained experience will enrich the person’s professional resume, or even that earning money in another country will benefit people thanks to tax rates and exchange rates, many young Britons look across the ocean in the search for great job experiences. Study is another reason to settle overseas, and retirement is yet another cause of immigration. Actually, with the latest exchange rate favoring the sterling pound, retirement fund withdrawn in the US have increased their net value.

British immigration peaking?

The British people has been feeling quite unsettled lately due to official reports stating that immigration to this country has been on the rise for the last few years. Many are concerned that this could affect the country’s society and economy, as unemployment rises and highly qualified professionals emigrate to other countries like the United States, Australia, Spain and France. This brain drain and the impact that immigration could have in the British demography and job market is currently worrying many Britons.

However, even if immigration in and out of Great Briton is at its highest ever, this doesn’t necessarily mean that more people arrive to GB than before. These figures reflect the net immigration, which is the balance between people who arrive and people who leave. As a matter of fact, when the actual movement of people is studied, we find out that immigration itself hasn’t risen. Rather, emigration has started to decrease, thus increasing the total amount of people who stay in Britain.

Some say this reflects a political and economical success, as more and more Britons decide to stay, or even come back to the United Kingdom after a time abroad. Some discover that life overseas isn’t as great as they imagined, or in other cases the removal has completed its cycle and now they’re heading back home. Whatever causes this change in figures, there is no reason to worry about the increment of net immigration that official reports show. As more and more British people decide to live and have families in Britain, economical and cultural stability might just be around the corner.

When it comes to logistics, the company you choose can make or break you. It does not matter whether you want to ship normal household goods when relocating to Jersey or a business shipment, efficiency is highly appreciated. There are several companies that deal with international shipments, and some of them even have daily departures which could be very helpful.

Jersey is one of the islands that make up the English Channel Islands in southern Europe. It is the largest in the collection of islands that comprise of Guernsey, Alderney, Herm, Sark, Brechou, and Jethou. 

A Few Things to Keep In Mind When Shipping To Jersey

Jersey is not a fully incorporated member of the European Union. As such, any shipment attracts 5% Goods and Services Tax.

Since it is not a member of the EU, your shipment will not attract the usual UK Value Added Tax

All shipments to this island must be accompanied by a commercial invoice

For road shipments, keep in mind that there are vehicle restrictions throughout most of the island. Therefore, you are required to precisely write the address as it will determine the accurate shipping price.

The shipment restrictions inhibit single delivery of large cargo. This means that if you have too much to ship around, it may be broken down into manageable bits. Therefore, it is advisable to pack accordingly as well as be prepared to pay for the multiple runs.

If you are not very certain of the shipment restrictions when packing, it is important to talk to your shipping company for advice.

What to Look For In a Shipment Company

Due to the strict nature of Jersey road rules, it is vital to work with a company that is well versed with the Channel Island shipment rules. For starters, you will need someone to advice you well on how to pack, how much to pay in shipment costs, insurance, taxes etc. Here are a few pointers when thinking of a company to work with.

Network Coverage

It is important to choose a company with a wide distribution network to ensure efficiency in shipment delivery. While shipping by air or sea can be handled by any international logistics company, you will need one with local networks to get the shipment to its final destination and not just at the drop off points. Door to door delivery services are essential for efficient business.


Yes, this is also one of the major considerations. It is important to choose a company with a reputation of keeping their word. You do not want to give your shipment to someone who will deliver months later than that agreed upon date. Most reputable international companies deliver on time. However, if you choose a company that is not very familiar with Jersey’s geography, your shipment might be delayed. Therefore, choose a logistics partner with knowledge of Jersey and a reputation for integrity.

Storage Facilities

It is important to note that every so often you will need storage services. This is because the shipment can land earlier than anticipated, and so it may need to be stored for a short while before you can adequately make arrangement to pick it up or have it ferried to the exact destination. Now, you need to work with a company that offers safe storage to your shipment before you can have it delivered to the final door.

Other Services

If you are new to the shipping industry, you may want to research on the other services that you may require when ferrying cargo. Apart from the authorization documents (which the logistics company can help you get), you will need other services such as insurance, packing, storage, transport to and from the airport or dock, etc. When thinking of international removals, you will also need to have your cargo tracked and monitored. Depending on the cargo, you might need special services such as chilled facilities, extra security for extremely valuable cargo, etc. shipping is so much easier when you get all these services from one company.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, relocation is never easy. But with a trusted shipping partner, it is a lot more bearable. If you own a business that relies heavily on shipping, regardless of how many times you have had your cargo delivered, shipping will still be unnerving. The trick to having a peaceful time is to work with an experienced and dependable removals company.

If it is your first time to ship cargo to Jersey, you may want to research on the best companies to engage. A simple online search will show you local and international companies that handle shipping to Jersey. Additionally, you can find out more about specific companies through consumer forums, review sites and company testimonials.


Georgia is one of the European Union’s largest countries (by land mass) and boasts of a population of more than 9 million people. Located between Norway (on the western side) and Finland (on the eastern side) just north east of Denmark, it is increasingly gaining popularity with international companies and expats alike. This has fuelled the rapid growth of logistics industry. Now, if you find that you need to ship anything to this EU country, there are a few things you should know.

The Basics: What Can You Ship to Georgia?

For starters, each country has restrictions to what they allow in and out of the country, and Georgia is no exception. Before you pack or even think of finding the perfect shipping company, here are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Things that are prohibited

. Narcotics and drugs

. Wireless phones

. Live plants

. Switchblades Skins, ivory or products from endangered animals etc

The Paperwork Involved In removals to Georgia

Shipping, especially if it is international, is a long procedure that involves a series of processes. Each of these processes should be clearly documented for accountability and tracing purposes, hence the need for both paperwork and electronic tracing.

Detailed Inventory List

The first and foremost thing is to have a detailed list of all the items contained in the shipment. This detailed inventory should come in 3 copies and should be as precise as possible. Keep in mind that the shipment has to go through the border customs offices, and you may incur additional costs if you surrender an incomplete inventory list. Your preferred logistics partner will guide you through the process.

The Border Customs Form

All cargo going through the customs office should be accompanied by a dully filled Georgia customs form. The form should be signed by you, and must also have the signature of a witness in Georgia. 

Georgian Permits

There is a wide array of items that cannot be shipped to Georgia unless with a special permit. For starters, if you are relocating and wish to bring your pet with you to Georgian, you must have a permit from Georgia Agriculture Board, a pet passport, and a health certificate from a veterinarian just to name a few documents. If you wish to bring along such items as alcohol, pharmaceutical products or ammunition, you will need special permits from the relevant authorities. Make sure you check with the customs to ensure that you get all the required permits for all items in your inventory list.

Insurance Forms

Every shipment must be insured against loss, theft, damage and any other calamity. When taking up insurance, make sure the validity covers the time it will take to get your cargo to its destination (whether house or company warehouse). If the cargo arrives before you make adequate arrangement to have it shipped to your house or company warehouse, you will need to pay additional costs of storage at the shipper’s space until you can come to get them. 

The Relevant Documents Pertaining To Each Cargo

There are some documents that are specific to some items. For example, if you are shipping a vehicle to Georgia, you will need to have some documents in order, over and above the general permits and custom forms. These include registration certificate, purchase invoice, vehicle data (make, color, place of purchase and all the details pertaining to the sale), as well as insurance documents. These authorization documents differ from one shipment to the next so make sure you get the appropriate papers.

Shipping Methods

There are 3 main ways though which you can ship cargo into Georgia.

Air Freight

If you want some items shipped urgently, you can opt for air freight. In most cases, the airfreight costs are not inclusive of any other charge except the cost of transport. This means that you will separately sort out insurance, transport to and from the airport, duties, documentation, taxes, and storage prior and after shipping etc. Be sure to check with your logistics company and plan accordingly.

Sea Freight

This is the best options when shipping bulky cargo abroad. The charges may be by weight and it may take a few days to get to Georgia depending on where you are shipping from. Some shipping companies will offer storage and transport to the final destination in the shipping quote so be sure to clarify that. 

Road Freight

 This is the easiest option if you are not too far from Georgia. Road freight services are usually on kerbside delivery. This means that the shipping company will take your cargo on your doorstep and deliver it to the doorstep of your destination. Most of the items shipped through road are in boxes or suitcases, usually arranged on pallets for security reasons. 

 Regardless of what you are shipping, you will need the services of experienced and reputable shipping companies. This means that you will need to do thorough research on who to work with as they will guide you through the legalities of international shipping. 

The dynamics of international shipping

Economical growth has always been boosted by rich and dynamic exchange of goods and services. There is no place in the world that has all the resources necessary to provide mankind with all we need and with the materials to build all to which we aspire. Without interregional and international exchange, our progress would be doomed to fail from the start. 

As economy feeds on exchange, international trade plays a big role in regional development and consumer satisfaction. The last century has seen an increasing rate in technological and logistics developments that allow transportation to be faster, safer and easier to control. Long distance freight and shipping are areas of interest for investment and research. 

It is important to understand the behaviour of international customers, be them individuals or companies, because they are main factors which condition the flow of goods and money beyond national boundaries. Their economical situation and their marketing-induced will to purchase will heavily influence the decisions that they make regarding this sort of transactions. Understanding the market as a whole as well as the culture of each target demographic will allow retailers and wholesalers to adapt their strategies in order to maximize their profit.

Some of the trends of the market are constant; in example, everyone knows that haulage volumes peak when holidays approach, as many people from Christian societies, or at least societies influences by Christianism, make systematic purchases meant to become holiday gifts - and online international shopping appears as an excellent and very convenient option to the overcrowded physical stores with which buyers have to deal as Christmas draws near.

Bringing countries closer

The world is transforming, and past schemes are changing as old economical systems prove ineffective when compared with new structures and market models. International connections have allowed new goods to enter new markets, but for many centuries common people have been away from the main flow of commerce. Today, many people, especially from the First World, can access a huge variety of products from any part of the world, and internacionalization is a good chance for many businesses to strengthen their figures.

Companies extend their activities to different countries and they find opportunities to grow when they decide to join their efforts beyond national frontiers. Strategic collaboration between firms significantly increases their resources and their chances to reach new markets. There are many elements that are necessary to succeed in the international shipping business, and corporative collaboration allows companies to put their resources together and exploit them to a new level.

Many ports and haulage companies in the UK have caught the interest of shipping firms from Europe and even other continents, who are looking for new ports to ship faster to the final destination of their cargo. This way, they can offer a better service to their clients, and thus become more competitive in a world where a tiny detail can be the difference in a customer's choice.

Haulage containers

Perhaps one of the most important additions to the shipping industry in the last few decades is the haulage container. This invention has made all aspects of shipping much faster, easier and cheaper, thus potentiating the whole shipping industry. 

In itself, a container is a very simple structure. However, it is carefully thought for its purpose. Containers are perfectly sealed in order to endure all the perks of shipping, and some of them are especially conditioned for certain purposes, like refrigerated containers. Their structure has been built and their size has been standarized so containers from any point of the planet can be stored and piled up together and fit perfectly. This is excellent for storage purposes as it helps keep them all secured and stable. 

Containers are also meant to fit haulage trucks perfectly, so there is no need to load or unload the cargo from the container. It is closed at the point of origin and opened up at its destination. Further improvements in technology inside the haulage truck add up to the security and simplicity of transportation. 

International shipping companies use haulage containers because of their indisputable usefulness. Some of them even offer the client with the possibility of choosing the container size that better suits their interest, or even share a container with other clients of the company in order to cut down costs. The Haulage Company is a good example of this.

With the use of haulage containers, transported goods are best preserved and protected from all risks to which they are exposed when on deck, storing grounds or the road. This is definitely a great addition to international shipping.

The issue of border immigration is a major concern not just in the UK but also in many other developed and developing countries. Despite governments setting up stringent laws and tightening security at borders, there are still cases of goods entering countries illegally. This poses a huge threat not just security-wise but also in terms of free trade. The movement of goods and people across these said borders is hampered significantly and companies in the logistics industry bear all the brunt.

Why It Is Important To Shield the Logistics Industry from Immigration Threats

The logistics sector in the UK is a major revenue earner and a major source of employment. Apart from this, many other types of business flourish because of the facilitation offered by international logistic services. Growth in the logistics sector is therefore good for the government, citizens and the companies involved. It is because of this that the UK government is always striving to make conditions as favourable as possible for people in the logistics sector.

Partnering With Government Bodies

But what are the companies doing? Government efforts go a long way in providing the necessary working environment for logistics organizations but it behoves these companies to also make an effort from their end. The first and most evident measure taken by companies in the industry is forming partnerships with government bodies that regulate border immigration. This is important to ensure that all persons and commodities crossing UK borders at any one time have been vetted and thoroughly scrutinized by both parties.

Incorporating Security into Operations

Logistic companies are adding a much needed security aspect to their scope of work. Freighting can be rendered useless by insecurity. It is therefore necessary for all logistics personnel to be conversant with security procedures at borders. Employing security detail to verify information and documentation presented is now part and parcel of logistic company operations.

Delegating Auxiliary Duties

It has become necessary over the years for companies to partner with recruitment agencies as well as consultancy service providers as these entities deal directly with international removals. Such partnerships enable logistics companies to operate with speed and efficiency since most verification procedures are devolved to third parties.

Training and Sensitization

The logistics sector and more specifically the haulier industry is perhaps the most affected by border immigration and the threats that come with it. Goods sometimes get on board trucks and other vehicles in an effort to cross borders unnoticed. Security checks set up by the government almost always smoke such items out cause a lot of delays for others waiting for the same services. The logistics industry is of course very time sensitive and such hold-ups lead to all sorts of expensive delays that eventually get dumped on the consumer in the form of crippling bills. To prevent such scenarios, logistic companies are training their employees to better deal with such matters. Thorough checks are carried out before and during transportation.

Promoting Enactment of Immigration-Friendly Laws

Negotiation is a tactic that is not alien to the logistics industry. While border control laws are set for the benefit of citizens, some of these laws cause more harm than good. Logistic companies are constantly lobbying for more immigration friendly laws which do not overtly antagonize because after all not all immigrants are illegal. Checking and cross checking documents is a good example. Some of these exercises have been reported to last not just hours but days. Expediency without endangering business or the security of the country is a matter that logistic companies are in constant negotiation about.

Proper Remuneration Packages for Employees

Human trafficking, drug smuggling and the transportation of sub-standard products are direct results of uncontrolled border immigration. Sensitization of employees and constant training by logistics experts is necessary to help curb these ills. Proper remuneration of employees is at the core of this solution. Most border immigration crimes occur as a result of monetary incentives being presented. Compensating employees sufficiently for the work they do is one of the ways through which logistic companies are dealing with the border immigration threat.

The border immigration problems in the UK and elsewhere in the world cannot be solved overnight. Putting in place proper mechanisms to continuously deal with the immigration menace is important as opposed to hoping that a one-time solution is possible. Now while the government does its part, logistics companies must do their own by complying with set standards and best practices. Familiarising employees with changing legislation and handing over suspects of immigration crimes to relevant authorities are all effective measures that logistics companies can take. Immigration affects numerous sectors in the economy. Its ripple effect can be prevented if the above efforts by various global companies are concerted.

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