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If you are shipping heavy or numerous items to Poland, you may want to consider using freight services. Freight services to Poland are the best way to deliver such items as they occupy so much space and cannot go through other channels such as the post office. There are a couple of factors that you must consider when freight shipping such as cost and the time your parcel will take before it arrives. Here are some titbits of helpful information about freight services.

About Incoterms

Incoterms simply refer to international commercial terms. Before you do international freight shipping to Poland, it is critical that you familiarize yourself with some of these terms. These terms dictate the responsibilities and rights of those who are shipping as well as those of the various service providers. The terms are classified into E, F, C and D terms. These terms are not exclusive to freight shipping; some are applicable to other international destinations.

Delivery Points

This is a very important factor to think about when shipping to Poland. The delivery point is usually indicated on the price list and for most Poland deliveries, it is often marked as ‘exworks, factory’. The incoterms will therefore inform you that your delivery will be complete once your goods arrive at the factory and are ready for you to pick them up. Pick up from this point onwards is entirely in your hands.

If you decided to choose sea freighting, you have to look for a truck that will pick them up and move them to the port. Here they have to pass through export authorities, get onto the vessel which then ferries them to the port of entry. They go through customs in their destination country and are then loaded onto a truck to their destination address.  The process is exactly the same for air freights and ground freights.

Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping to Poland can vary from one situation to another depending on the following factors:

The weight of your cargo
The type of items you are shipping
The final destination of your items
The method of freight used
The volume of the cargo
The amount of previous business you have had with the shipping company

It is always a good idea to insure your items before they are shipped to Poland. Insurance provides you with the peace of mind you need when your items are in transit. Your shipping company will brief you on their insurance packages during your negotiations. Insurance also ensures that you get compensated in the event that the shipping company handles your items poorly.

Methods of Freight Shipping To Poland 

Air Freight
  Air freight comes in very handy when you are dealing with time sensitive items. In such circumstances, always confirm that you can take advantage of same day deliveries. Air freight services are not exclusive to time sensitive cargo. Sometimes goods are just easier to transport by air. Its biggest downside is the amount of money involved. This method is extremely costly and should only be used if there is no other way.
Land Freight
  Land freights are generally cheaper although what you end up paying will largely depend on the distance the truck(s) will have to cover. Always use a truck company that has lots of shipments to avoid paying for an empty truck.
Sea Freights
  If your goods can go via sea to Poland then by all means let them. This is the cheapest way to get your cargo to Poland although it takes quite a bit of time. Polish post does deliveries of up to 20kgs via sea freight. The delivery is door to door and what you pay largely depends on the weight of your package. The rates of payment are usually standard, fixed and most importantly published.

Restrictions When Shipping To Poland 

You may not ship any items that are not allowed in the country. Sending urns with human remains for instance requires you to get an import permit from Polish authorities. There are of course restrictions on arms and other weaponry, drugs, coins, currency and bank notes, radioactive substances and infectious biological substances. 

Complying with such restrictions is very important because failure to do this can lead to lengthy delays at customs or worse yet, jail time for you. Your shipping company will know what is allowed and what isn’t so find out from them and verify from relevant authorities before shipping. It is always advisable to research on any undertaking before you commit yourself, and shipping is not exception. If you pay keen attention to all the above pointers, shipping to Poland should be a very simple affair. 

Freight Shipping to Denmark

Denmark is a country located in the European continent. Denmark is among one of the most visited countries in Europe and every year thousands of tourists step in to explore the place. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is among the most visited and loved tourist spot in Europe. 

In the 8th century, Denmark emerged as a country while including Jutland peninsula and a handful of islands. This made Denmark accessible by seaways from all the sides and hence just perfect for trading – including both imports and exports. Denmark has couple of sea ports which are actively engaged in trading with neighboring countries as well as with other continents. The country stands on the 39th place in the world when it comes to exports which clearly show that despite being a small country with merely about 5 million population, Denmark still has a lot to offer when it comes to trading.

Denmark for the Freight Industry

Denmark has been a great market for those in the freight industry. As imports and exports from the borders of the country are frequent, the freight industry flourishes really well in Denmark. Though, when it comes to Denmark, shipping via ships is recommended to be the best way of sending freights. This is due to the fact that the country has 7,314 km of coastline as it is a peninsula and has over 407 islands (Jutland). Another fact is that every city in Denmark has coastline around it and that too not more than 50 km away.

Freight Rates in Denmark

The freight rates in Denmark are pretty dynamic and can vary from region to region. This is mainly due to the huge competition within the freight companies. One will need to get quotations as per their requirements. The major factors which affect the rate of freight in Denmark include:

• Form of Cargo

• Weight of Cargo

• Mode of Freight i.e Ship, Air etc.

• Distance the freight has to cover

How to get the best freight rates in Denmark?

One mistake which most people make during choosing a reliable freight company is the lack of comparison. Going for the very first person you find for freight straight away will often end up making you overpay for the same. The best way is to get in touch with handful of shipping companies in Denmark and get quotations from them. Compare the following in the quotations which you get from them.

Insurance Offered


Delivery Period


Track Record

See how much amount of insurance the freight service provider is offering. Is the amount sufficient to cover all the goods which are being sent in your shipment? If not, how much extra you will have to shell out in order to get comprehensive cover? Insurance matters in order to ensure safe and financially secure delivery of your consignment. Hence consider as an important point while comparing quotations.   Your shipping provider will provide you a delivery period in black and white and also promise to deliver your shipment in time. If your shipment is urgent then it is advised to go for the provider who promises to deliver it as per your requirements.   It is always preferred to go with a freight provider you can rely on. See if someone in your circle is already happily using the services of any existing freight provider. If so, don’t hesitate to go ahead!

 Price or Quotation


Mode of Transport 

This is the foremost thing to compare. Go for a quotation which offers the best of everything at the most affordable price but make sure that you don’t compromise with the quality of service by choosing someone who offers it too cheap.   The price quotation which you are going to get for your freight depends on the mode of transport that you choose. So the prices is affected by the 

Another piece of advice here will be to look for a company which has got its own fleet, its own network or channel of reaching your destination. This way you will avoid delays due to delays in communication within the companies (in case you are going to a company which has tied up with other companies for carrying goods).

Shipping Hubs in Denmark

Denmark has got shipping ports in nearly every city around its coastal areas. So getting freights delivered from any direction to any city is favorable! You can Google a little to check which port lies around the city you are willing to get your freight delivered to so that your items can be delievered to the most suitable hub. Remember to do sufficient research on the freight provider before agreeing to do business. 

Trading History of Holland

Europe is the most versatile continent in the world consisting of approximately 51 countries. The continent comprises people from so many cultures who speak different languages and yet remain united under the European Union. One country in Europe which is quiet popular worldwide for a no. of things is Netherland. Netherland is the land of the Dutch people having Amsterdam as its capital city. 

When one flips the pages of Holland’s history associated with trading and commerce, one will be surprised to know that the Dutch explorers play an important role in finding sea routes to other continents. With Vasco Da Gama finding the sea route to India, new horizons for trade opened up as Europe got connected with Asia and started importing and exporting goods of all types ranging from spices, jewellery etc.

Slowly and rapidly, the trading grew more and more and today in Twenty First century, Port of Rotterdam (in Netherland) is one of the busiest ports in Holland where ships from various places around the world come every day bringing in cargos, shipments and freights.

Freight Shipping to Holland

Freight refers to shipping which involves movement of goods or cargo from one destination to the other via sea. Goods are moved via ships hence the term shipping is used for freight shipping. Holland, being perfectly surrounded by water bodies, is a perfect place for the freight industry to flourish. Over the period of time huge no. of shipping companies have grown up in the region offering freight services to and from Holland. Most of them have their own fleet of ships that reach out globally to connect the world with Holland. In addition, the Dutch are being more and more innovative. This Dutch innovation is increasing their freight services capacity handling allowing them to offer better shipping and handling services. 

Freight Charges in Holland

Freight charges for imports and exports where Holland is concerned aren’t really fixed and vary hugely once you move from one shipping company to the other. A little research and you will come across that whether you are looking to get goods exported out of Holland or getting them imported in, shipping charges will always seem to be on the higher side.

What determines the charges for freight?

The amount of money one may have to shell out in order to transfer their cargo to Holland majorly depends on many factors. From the distance to be travelled, amount of goods to time in which they need it to be delivered. Here is a list of factors which are going to affect how much you would have to pay for your freight:


The weight of the cargo is the first and the foremost thing your shipping company will ask you. More the weight, higher will be the cost of freight and vice versa. So you got to send only what you need to send. The goods need to be packages properly with the right amount of padding as to ensure that you don’t overdo the padding part and make the final package bulky.



Your shipment’s origin also affects your freight quote. The closer you are to your destination the cheaper will be the freight charges while they will increase if you are farther from the distance. For example, the price will be cheaper if you are shipping from any country from Europe to Holland while it will be costlier to ship intercontinental.


Various shipping and freight companies have got their own pricing policies. Some are budget ones while other don’t compromise with their charges due to the quality of service or brand name and image that they have built. So you can choose one freight partner as per your preference. 


Size of shipment

The larger will be the area that your shipment will occupy on deck, the higher will be the shipping charges. So now you know what they asked for the length, breadth and height of the package!

Delivery Type

Companies offer various delivery type options to their customers as per their preference. Normal deliveries will be charged normally but in case of express deliveries or emergency shipments, the charges may be on higher side.


Nature of Goods

Goods that are fragile often have higher freight rate due to the need of insuring them or for the extra care that will be given to the package in order to ensure that no damages occur.

It is advised to take quotation from no. of businesses that are involved in the freight industry in your region before you book your shipment for Holland. After all who would mind saving a few hundred dollars?

Luxembourg is one of the smaller nations in Europe but it has one thing going for it; its massive population. With the Oesling region in the north and the Gutland in the south Luxembourg has a total population of over half a million people. This is why the haulage industry is quite vibrant in Luxembourg although most go to the south or the “good country” as it is popularly known.

There are many freight shipping companies in Luxembourg. Barrington freight for example operates in Luxembourg every single day. They operate in all major cities including Luxembourg, Vianden, Howald, Petange, Rodange, Dudelange, Esch, Diekirch and many others.

The Growth of the Freight Shipping Industry

The industrial sector in Luxembourg has grown in the past few years with focus being placed largely on rubber, steel and chemical products. This rapid industrial growth is what has contributed to the growth of the freight shipping industry which is fast growing and earning the country quite a bit of revenue. There is a lot of commercial activity going on and this creates a necessity for shipping in and out of the country.

Types of Freight Shipping Services in Luxembourg

There are several types of freight services in Luxembourg. Depending on what you need moved you can choose air freight services, road freighting or even sea freights. The freighting method you choose depends on a number of factors including the urgency of the cargo, the size of the load being shipped as well as the nature of items being transported. 

Road Freight Shipping

For time sensitive road freights Luxembourg has a number of freight service providers who offer dedicated vans just for this purpose. You can opt for a full load or part load service when using road freight shipping. The road network in Luxembourg is quite good and modern so deliveries are always on time and you can be sure that your cargo will arrive safely as long as you partner with the right freight company. 

Air Freights to Luxembourg 

You can choose to use air freight services when the items being shipped are extremely time sensitive. Companies such as the Luxair group often take care of all the handling when it comes to goods shipped through the airport. Fully equipped to handle air freight cargo of all sizes, this company and many others like it in Luxembourg, ensure that your goods are safe upon arrival and final pick up.

Sea Freight Shipping

When you have too many heavy packages to ship to Luxembourg then you might want to consider sea freighting. There are several international logistics companies that can help with the shipment regardless of where you source your products from. The biggest disadvantage of this method of shipping is that it takes quite long and can only be used for non-crucial shipments.

Cost of Freight Shipping To Luxembourg

The amount you pay when freight shipping to Luxembourg varies depending on a number of factors. First the method of shipping you use will determine how much you pay. Air freights are usually the most expensive. For sea freighting services, the volume of your cargo will determine how much you pay unlike in road shipping where the space occupied by your pallets determines the total cost. For most companies in Luxembourg there is a minimum amount payable and this is often charged depending on the weight of your cargo.

Pick Up Points for Your Cargo

Knowing where to pick up your cargo once it arrives in Luxembourg is a very critical component of the shipping process. You cannot afford any disconnect at this point in the shipping procedure. For companies like FedEx, DHL and UPS that have offices and pick up points all over Luxembourg it is fairly easy to have shipments delivered. If you use a freight shipping company with no office where you are located you might have to contract a removal company like Barrington Freight to get the packages delivered to you. When talking to your freight shipping company always agree on pick up points that are convenient to both parties so that the shipping process ends smoothly.

Shipping does not have to be a complicated process. If all the logistics are in place well before hand then you can expect smooth sailing all through. Choose your freight shipping company wisely so that you get the best value for your money. With just a few key strokes on your computer you can get quotes from various shipping companies in Luxembourg, compare prices and decide which one to work with. Ensure your shipping company has transit insurance to cover any unforeseen damages that may occur.


Moving to a place in the sun

A good number of Britons leave the UK every year and head towards many destinations abroad. Figures show that tens of thousands of Brits choose to spend the next years of their lives - even all they have left - someplace else. Their country of choice will of course depend on their goal, and there will be family and cultural factors that will have a weight on their decision. This is why the United States and Australia are the most common destinations for British expats: they can speak English, the countries’ economies are doing well, and there is even a chance there will be family there awaiting for them. Western European countries are also popular destination because of their prevalence in global economy as well as their geographical proximity to the United Kingdom.

Why do Britons leave the UK?

Education Work
Studying abroad is a great chance to make your resume shine and to becomea more competitive by acquiring knowledge that is usually not available in your country of origin. Graduate and postgraduate courses are offered in many universities for international students, and Britons sometimes choose to travel and relocate for a while oveseas while attending courses or post-degree education. Working abroad is another great way to build your career. There are many opportunities in different countries that can prepare you for bigger challenges, and you can also find in other places the position, or the remuneration, that isn’t currently available in the United Kingdom. Many Britons relocate to Europe because their positions are better paid there.
Retirement Family
Some Britons choose to spend their retirement abroad for many reasons. They want to enjoy a nice place with good climate and great people, but there is yet another advantage, which is that many countries are cheaper than the UK, so with the same retirement money you can have a much better life someplace else. Personal affairs can also lead Britons to relocate to another country. Some marry foreigners and move to their countries, or choose to raise their families in a place other than the United Kingdom.

Choosing Spain

p>Spain is one of the most favoured destinations for British expats. In spite of language and cultural barriers, this is a very welcoming country for relocation, be it temporary or permanent. It has many advantages and features that have been captivating British would be expats, as well as expats from other countries. 

There have been some worries about relocating to Spain, especially after its economy has suffered, with high unemployment figures and low national production. However, Spanish economy is recovering, and the IMF has even given it merit for its current growth. Forecasts on Spanish economy are even better than those of Germany and the United Kingdom. Another worry for Britons is the menace of Brexit, and some are concerned that they won’t be able to stay for long if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Yet this puts in evidence how happy many Britons are for living in Spain, because instead of coming back, they are looking for ways to stay, such as getting Spainsh citizenship or an Irish passport.

Reasons for moving to Spain

The money The people
Spain is great for retirement or living with a short wage because it happens to be cheaper than the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, living in Spain can be surprisingly economic, and property prices - either for purchase or rent - are very low compared to those of the UK, even in main cities. The Spanish people are by nature very friendly and nice to meet. They love to be social, they gather to share meals and activities and they are very open to foreigners. You are sure to have chances to make great friends and be welcomed in the community.
The land The opportunities
Spain is a beautiful country, with great landscapes and a fantastic weather. There is no wonder that so many people choose it for a holiday destination - now you can live at a holiday destination. Britons are glad and delighted to see the sun shine so many days a year, and they are sure to enjoy the beautiful environment. The most popular Spanish destinations are at the coast or the islands, including the Balearics and the Canary islands. There are many opportunities in Spain that are unavailable in the United Kingdom, even for professionals or college students. Over the past years, British professionals have been emigrating to Spain because they have more chances to get a job in their field - unemployment continues to decrease in Spain - and they are often better paid. There are also great chances for cultural exchange and education since Spain is home to some of the oldest universities in the world.




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