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International Removals

Changing your place of work or residence can be very difficult and stressful. This especially rings true if the removal involves a new place abroad. There are a lot of complexities that come with a removal process and you require a competent firm to handle your move without any hiccups. We shall discuss the logistics involved in the removal process in this article as well as what your company of choice should do for you.

The Packing Process

Packing is the most integral stage of removal. Once you identify the moving company you would like to work with, you must ensure that they can package your items no matter the size, material or shape. A proper removal firm will provide custom packing for very fragile and unusual items to make sure that the move is safe and secure. No damage should come to your items. As soon as the packing process is complete, the firm should furnish you with an inventory so you can stock take.

Transportation of Items

The type of transportation you decide to choose for your removal depends on a number of things. These include: 

Where you are moving to and how far it is

The total weight to be transported

Expected Time of Arrival

Some of the available means of transportation include road, ship and air transport. For the UK, road transport is mostly used for in-country removals and other moves within the continent. Air transport is mostly used when the items being ferried require speedy delivery or when the individual moving is in a hurry. Shipping is best suited for intercontinental removals.

Documentation and Deliveries

Any credible firm handling a removal often takes care of all the necessary import/export documentation. Permits are sometimes required especially if you own elaborate works of art like paintings. You also need not worry about the delivery of your items. They should be brought to your new location and unpacked for you.

Insurance for Removal

Insurance is a very sensitive part of any removal process. Your removal firm should provide you with a comprehensive cover in case of any damages. Often your policy will be unique to your situation because removals are client specific. Each has unique aspects and must, therefore, be handled differently.

Storage Matters

As earlier mentioned removals are very complex and one complication that often arises is the need for storage. A good firm will have all its bases covered no matter how much storage space is required. So when would you need storage space? Well sometimes some items take too much time to clear at customs and a few days may be required to allow for clearance. You may also need storage space if you need some time to make room for certain items in your load. This requires storage that is safe and secure. Always discuss the possibility of storage with your service provider to avoid misunderstandings.

Record Keeping and Management

It is absolutely imperative that the firm handling your removal keeps proper records of all transactions and items in their possession until the termination of your contract with them.  As part of your move, you may need to destroy certain documents. This has to be done the correct way. Most removal firms offer document disposal as part of their corporate package.


The cost cannot go unmentioned. Your move will cost you but what determines just how much? Several factors come to play including the following:

How big your load is

The mode of transportation you choose

The season (peak or low season)

How valuable your items are

The distance involved

The expediency you wish for the removal

How much special packaging is required, etc

Never accept to work with firms that give you estimates over the phone. A professional company will request a site visit to see what the workload entails before giving any estimates. Make sure that the invoice they offer you correlates correctly to the banking account they request payment too. Any changes in banking name should ring alarm bells as bad companies will have many tradenames and official company names to confuse prior bad practices such as prior liquidations. 

How to Choose a Proper Removal Firm

With all the logistics discussed above, it is left to you to make a wise choice when choosing the right company to handle your move. The first question you must ask is whether or not they are a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). At least with this, you can expect a certain level of accountability and responsibility.

Questions You Must Ask

Do you offer comprehensive insurance covers?

Who are your references?

How long have you been in operation?

Do you have a physical office I can visit?

How long will the removal take?

What security measures can I expect?

If you pay keen attention to all the above and make use of the tips discussed then removal should be a pleasant process for you.

Moving to a new country can be both exhilarating and daunting, and Australia is no exception. Despite the sense of adventure, the excitement of discovering a new place as well as the prospects of a better life or excellent start over, moving to a new country can be downright terrifying! However, in order to tone down the effects of a move, you need to be well prepared. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Things to Remember Before the Move

There are a few things you need to get right from the start. Here are some pointers.

Packing and Moving

You will need to pack on time and look for the most reliable international logistics company. Some companies offer packing services so make sure you look around before settling on any one service provider.

Visa Processing

This is a process that can take 6 months. Therefore, when planning your move, keep that in mind. 

Housing Options

When new in a country, it is advisable to rent a place for at least a year as it will give you a better idea of what to look for when buying a property.

Research on Location

Before you move, think of why you will be there. Consider the schools, amenities, and the costs of living in specific locations

The Finances

Moving is costly, and especially so if you are going to an entirely new country. Therefore, plan your finances and make sure you have enough to last you a couple of months if your income was to stall. If you are headhunted for a job (if you are not relocating to take up an offer), and sort out your assets (house, car, and other properties you own).

A Few Pointers to This Country Called Australia

Australia is the 6th largest country yet it only has 21 million people. With over 3m sq miles, the small population allows the rest of the country to be well dominated by natural beauty as opposed to suburban landscaping. The diverse natural resources, wildlife, plants and pristine wild beauty of the country make it perfect for potential ex-pats. Before you get all excited, here are a few things you need to know.

Cost of Living

On a general note, the cost of living is usually higher than what you may be used to, and there are statistics to back that up. The income may be lower than what you are used to and the tax bills higher. You can check out the country’s guide for more information.


On a general note, Australia is pretty hot! However, it’s important to note that different areas experience varying weather patterns. The northern part is usually tropical, characterized by hot and humid weather. The southern part is temperate, with clear seasonal distinction. The country experiences relatively low rainfall, making bush fires pretty common.


The official language of this country is English. If you are conversant with this language, you will find it easy to communicate and conduct business. While the Australian residents have their way of communication, you will find it easy to get around if you know English.

Career Options

Employment in Australia is pretty high, despite the global economic crisis. There are a lot of jobs for all education levels. However, as much as these jobs are in plenty, it’s increasingly difficult for people to get work permits and residency, especially for those moving from oversees. In order to get a work permit, you need to prove that you can offer a skill. But it is always advisable to work with career advisors to get you started.

The Culture

The Australian population is predominantly Caucasian with a few Asians and other cultures. The Australians, just like any other country, have their way of doing things. For starters, they love drinking, and their humor is dark and witty. They are a very social lot and are quite friendly to strangers. They love football and sports in general, and their banana bread is something you need to get used to because you’ll have it for breakfast almost every day. It’s quite delicious though. There are endless cultural knacks you should know about the Australian people

Quick Guidelines about Living in Australia

Here are key factors that every ex-pat should keep in mind

It is extremely important to take up health insurance. Remember that the cost of dental and optical care may not be inclusive in the price, but let the service provider clarify what to expect.

While the working conditions in Australia are enviable, corporations and companies offer maternity leave at their discretion. The country does not have a national maternity leave.

However, the account attracts a monthly ledger fee, as well as withdrawal charges every time you take out your money. Additionally, you do not earn any interest on deposits regardless of amount.

You may be required to re-sit the Australian driving test before you are allowed to drive. This is regardless of whether you have a valid license or your years of experience. 

Transporting furniture is a difficult matter as it is. Having to go long distances with your furniture in tow is even more taxing. There are very many logistics to think about and infrastructure to put in place before any moving can be done. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person then you may be able to do the move yourself with just a little help here and there. However, to prevent any damages to your furniture, it is often prudent to hire a good long-distance furniture removal company. Here are a few factors you must consider when moving your furniture.

The Distance In Question

The distance to be covered during the move determines a lot of other factors. For instance, the type of transport you will use is largely dependent on the distance to be covered. If the move is only a short distance, moving trucks will most likely suffice. Longer distances within the UK may use alternative means including railroad transport. Distance also determines the routes used during the move. If you hire a custom packaging, they will ask you for the collection and delivery addresses then determine the best and most efficient route between the two points.

The Season 

The time of the year is a very important factor to consider before you move your furniture. Dreary weather conditions such as heavy rainfall can make the job of moving furniture over long distances very hard. Winter is also particularly difficult especially if your move requires the use of road transport. Another reason why you must think about what time of year you want to move is because of peak and low seasons. 

The peak periods when most people move furniture is in the holiday seasons. If there is no urgency with your move then you might want to hold off until the peak season is over. The prices for moving are usually very high at this time and the roads are terribly crowded. If it is an urgent move perhaps due to work or school then you have no choice but to move.

Cost of Moving

Staying within your budget when it comes to moving is very important. If you are thinking of using a moving company then you must compare prices before settling on any particular firm. Be wary of overly cheap furniture movers as this may be an indication of inefficiency and lack of accountability. Never compromise on the quality of the service you get just to save a few pounds. Most furniture moving companies will allow you to get online quotes so that you have a rough estimate to budget with.

Type and Quality of Services

This is a critical factor if you decide to move your furniture using a moving company. They must have a wide range of services and their handling must be done by professionals. Always look up online reviews to get a glimpse of what to expect from your company of choice. Packaging and unpacking upon arrival are important when it comes to moving furniture. Always ask about insurance covers especially when delicate and expensive items are involved.

Storage Facilities

This does not always apply especially when you are moving within the country. For international removals of furniture, however, you may need some storage facility as you wait for your furniture to be cleared at the customs department. If using a moving company, ensure that you ask about this during the contract signing. Storage space may cost you an extra buck if you happen to need it but it is worth the trouble. A good moving company will clear your furniture at customs for you, handle all the documentation and deliver the items to your new address.

Long-distance moving, especially for furniture, is simple enough if you know what to look out for. Doing the job yourself is an affordable way to relocate. What you have to do is ensure that you buy packaging material such as boxes, carts, bubble wrap, and tape to secure your furniture properly. You may find that you need custom packaging for some of the items in your collection. If this is too much work for you then you may be better off leaving the work to the professionals. 

There are lots of long-distance furniture moving companies online. You can find them in online listings including reviews from previous clients. Never pay for moving services until you have paid a visit to the moving office and actually spoken to the employees there. A good moving company will ask you for payment only once the job is done and everything is in its place.

The Need for Shipping Providers

With the internet making communication throughout the world so easy, there is a huge need of service providers who can help you send and receive things in far corners of the world. Whether it be inter-continental business transactions or the sending of gifts to family members living in different parts of the world and whether it be moving from one place to another and needing help with your household luggage’s movement or the need to reach out to customers not living in the country where you are based, there is always the need to find a reliable logistics company which can arrange for the transportation of goods from one city to another, from one country to another and in many cases from one continent to another. 

Why DHL is so popular and Successful? 

DHL is one of the biggest logistics companies in the world and it’s renowned for its excellent service and worldwide reach. There is no doubt that the company’s reach is unmatched while its services are very reliable as well. The need for reliability is very high when it comes to logistic service providers as you need to be totally sure that the logistic company would ensure delivery of the sent items at your desired location within the time you want. If the logistic company can’t ensure that then it becomes a major problem. 

The major reason for DHL’s success and emergence as one of the leading companies as far as logistic support is concerned is that DHL is able to offer a level of reliability that is not matched by many others in the business. DHL’s successful track-record and a long list of satisfied customers show that the company should remain a preferred choice for all logistical needs. 

How to Find DHL’s Locations

When it comes to choosing a logistics company, one thing that you should make sure before selecting the company is to check for the company’s presence in the city or district where you intend to send your items. It’s not just necessary for the company to have some sort of presence in the country; there is a need for the company’s presence in the same city or at least in the same province where you intend to send your items. 

So, before choosing DHL for any transaction, it is important to locate the DHL office or presence in the intended location where you are going to send the goods you want. There are several ways to find DHL locations in any given country and you can try the following options to see if DHL is present there or not.

Conduct an internet search by writing DHL along with the country name of the country where the intended recipient is present. Once you find DHL’s presence in that country, start looking into the local website in order to see if there is an office or company presence in the city or district where the intended recipient is present.  If you don’t find any other DHL locations, you can always try calling DHL present in your country and ask for details. They should be able to let you know the closest office to the place where you intend to send your items and whether DHL would be able to make the transaction or not. 

Looking for Other Options like ArrowLogistics

The search shouldn’t be complicated and you would know within a few minutes whether DHL would be able to send your package to the place you want or not. In case you find out that the office is not close by, it’s a recommended option to also try a different logistic company too to see whether that company would be closer to the location or not. ArrowLogistics is one such service provider that has a great presence and has been developing a reputation as a very reliable logistics company. DHL has gained great popularity and the company’s reach is growing ever so more with every passing day. So, in case you find that there is no DHL presence very close to where you want to send anything or where you want to receive anything, you should look at ArrowLogistics and try to find whether the company would be able to arrange for logistics support for you in such a case. 

The company is reliable and is increasing its presence strategically so that it is present in areas where other companies are not probably as functional. This really helps and is one of the biggest reasons why ArrowLogistics is becoming popular among people all over the world. 

All in all, finding DHL locations is a simple task and you must make sure to look for other options like ArrowLogistics if you find that DHL is not as close to your intended location as you thought it would be. Often times when one thinks about international removals they will be considering factors such as how to pack, how to plan the move, which company to use and such other factors. While all these are very important when it comes to international moves, it might be time to reveal other crucial underlying matters that must be taken care of. Think of it this way; you have planned the move and have a reliable company handling the logistics. What else must you take care of? 

Legal Affairs

Before you finally move, you need a sit down with your attorney. Matters concerning the property you own, you may have outstanding loan payments, and many other legal matters have to be dealt with to avoid litigation. Your attorney will also help you to deal with anticipated legal matters which most people tend to ignore till they come up. Here are some legal matters that need to be addressed during an international removal.


Wills can be affected by your international move. Every country has its laws when it comes to matters of inheritance, bequeathing and all other issues contained in wills. You may need to make changes in your will of course under the advisement of your attorney. Additionally, dealing with matters of your will may be important because, in some countries, properties are subjected to tax upon the death of an individual.


Matters of citizenship can get extremely complicated if not addressed in a timely manner. Before relocating to your new country it is important to find out what their regulations are when it comes to matters of nationality. Citizenship by marriage, birth and other such grounds are not addressed the same in all countries. Cross border travel when it comes to children is also a very important factor to consider. If your children are relocating with you then they must be accompanied by parents or guardians as well as the correct documentation.

Documentation and Personal Paperwork

You will need various documents in your new country of residence for identification, licensing, obtaining permits and even to run a business if you are an entrepreneur. You must make several copies of important documents and preferably have them on our person as they may be required by authorities at borders and ports. Personal documents you may need to have handy include:

Marriage certificates

Passports including those of family members

Certificates (birth and education)

Photos of family members if any

Proof of insurance


Dental records 

Tax records for several previous years

Documents of adoption and child custody where relevant

Power of attorney documents

Certificates of citizenship

Employment contracts

Lease or other housing agreements in the new country and many others

Insurance Matters

Matters of insurance are extremely crucial when it comes to international removals. If you have an existing insurance service provider in your country then you must enquire to what extent they would be ready to cover you in your new country. If this is not a possibility then you must organize for alternative coverage. Find out about local eligibility and sort out as much detail as you can before the move. Health insurance is especially very important because medical emergencies often come unannounced. Always have some form of health cover ready, even if it is temporary.

Insurance for Your Move

If your company is moving you, then you might be in luck as most employers get special policies for such relocations. You, however, must also take up a degree of responsibility during the move. Expensive and unusual items in your luggage may not be covered by your employer’s policy. To address international removals, some insurance companies have special branches that solely deal with international relocations. Take advantage of such services to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible.

Shipping goods overseas

Today the world is more connected than ever before. I make transatlantic phone calls as if we called next door. We have friends all over the world that we got to know in a university exchange year, on a business trip or because of a social event. And it is possible to go on holiday to nearly any place on the globe. Another part of the international connection is that we can buy goods from so many places in the world. It is normal to buy bananas in a supermarket in northern Europe. You can buy European cars in South America. And everywhere in the world, you get electrical equipment produced in different countries in Asia.


But all these goods cannot be transported virtually. They are still material objects that must be brought from one place to another via material systems. In regions with a well-developed trail system, this can be done via trains. If there are no trains the transportation can be done by lorries. But if the distances get longer these two are not an option anymore. So if things must be transported very far they could be taken by airplane. But this is a really expensive option. Moreover transporting so many things via airplane would cause huge damage to the climate, as the pollution caused by planes is very high.


So the best alternative to have all our goods transported for longer distances is via ship! 70 % of the earth is covered by water so it is obvious that by ship any place can be reached in an effective way. As the water regions are so large on earth it is guaranteed that the transportation can be done in a smooth way: Even if a lot of ships are driving on the seas there is plenty of space and they do not hinder the circulation of the other. To be able to circulate without problems is certainly a dream for every lorry driver. In the ship transportation system, it is a reality!


Obstacles in the shipping system

Transportation with ships is fundamental for our daily life. There are many companies in the world that are specialized in this kind of logistics. But organizing the transportation by ship is not always easy. The markets nowadays are not predictable. Demand and supply are the two factors that govern the economic systems and they can change very fast. Trends in health, fashion or private transportation vary sometimes from one day to another and so the transportation system has to react. There is a lot of planning required to change the logistics fast and to supply clients around the world.


Another important issue is that government intervention has a big impact on the shipping industry. Sometimes intervention leads to the fact that legislation limits the organization of the logistics. So shipping companies try to negotiate with governments to get a setting that is favorable for the transportation and logistics system as this is important for all of us. The companies try to find a way to provide us with everything we need as fast as possible.


Shipping centers in Asia

In today’s international economic system the Asian markets get more and more important. Especially China plays an important role in all sectors of the commercial system. The Chinese economy is growing fast and China gets more and more important as a trading partner for many countries in the world. So it is no surprise that there are cities. As recently announced Shanghai ranks sixth in the world’s top 10 shipping centers. The Index evaluates several factors like the conditions at the port and its environment and compares the biggest ports all over the world.


Another clue that shows us the importance of China in today’s world economy is the development of the industry. Guangzhou has already a very long tradition in shipping. It has a geographical location that makes it very attractive in logistic considerations. So now is the time that the traditional shipping spot gets a center for worldwide transportation. The persons in charge of the development of the Guangzhou port are doing everything to get the infrastructure to the same level as the most important international shipping centers. The managers want to upgrade the system so that it is highly efficient and at the same time environment-friendly. This is the challenge of nowadays transportation logistics: to combine effectiveness with systems that do not harm too much our nature. The shipping industry as the modern industry is interested to face this challenge.

Parting Shots

Like with any move, a lot of planning is required. Most people tend to pay a lot of attention to packing, finding a shipping company and other such procedures. There is a lot more that goes on and the factors discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg. To avoid any complications and litigation in your new country it is very important to deal with all the intricate details. Matters of documentation are especially sensitive. In certain cases original paperwork may be required as proof of identity. If all these factors are handled professionally, your international move will be smooth and very manageable. You need this uneventful move if you are to settle in properly and make a new home for you and your family.

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