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International house removals

Overseas relocation of the goods and the belongings is carried out by a huge number of removal companies these days. They not only help people in the relocation of their material but also businesses. The business of removal companies is blooming with the number of people hiring them being on the rise. Mostly the process of removal will include the use of vans. However, if there is relocation across the borders, then the movers might take up other means of transport such as special shipping containers. Packing isn’t the only work that is done by the moving companies. Many removal companies also offer assistance in packing but few companies offer complete assistance in the full packing services which includes handling the entire procedure in connection with the packing and moving. Many other companies have restricted services such as just packing and just moving.

The relocation of the self also includes the entire relocation of the luggage and belongings. After all, it is your hard-earned money that you have used to make up your house. The removal companies will include the complete work of removal of the carpets, rugs, wall paintings, lamps, furniture, electrical appliances, kitchen cutlery, wardrobe and clothing, footwear and much more. They involve taking up the responsibility of the dissembling of the furniture, wrapping up of the material, packing it with complete padding and protection, labeling the boxes and much more. They are completely professional and take up the entire packing process with care. You can be very satisfied with their service in terms of the packing and winding up the entire household in a day or two.        

The complexities involved in international moving:

Relocation is one such task that can give any person great stress and trouble. Shifting the business of the house is a tedious job indeed! From packing to labeling to remembering to keep things as planned includes few things that need to be taken up during your packing and moving process. Apart from the materialistic things, house removal also includes you to sit down and notify all the people associated with you in some of the day ways about your relocation.

In addition to all this, hoarded things in your area need to be removed. The things that you feel are not needed can be sold. This can be an extremely straining job and difficult to do it without any help from an expert. The packing and moving companies associated with removals are experts and trained professionals. Relocation within the same state might seem an easy task. However, relocation overseas is no easy task. International moving is a tedious job which can’t be carried out without the help of an expert.         

Moving on your own vs. Hiring a removals company

Moving on your own might not a very pleasant experience for most people. It will turn out to be a mind-boggling experience with loads of work and strain involved. Hiring a removal company will ease down your stress to a great extent by taking care of all the headaches leaving you with minimal and nil stress. With the removal company, you will find that the entire work would be finished rapidly, in the expected time and more organized. The stress felt would be much less when taken up the assistance of a professional expert than do it yourself. You can conveniently move things such as your vehicles and other important things hassle-free with the help of the packing and removing companies. You can go online and check the reviews about the people in regards to moving their belongings themselves versus the removal through the professional experts.       

Choosing the right removals company is important

When you have decided upon relocating your house or business, always keep in mind your requirements before you hire any removal company. There are a huge number of removal companies which give complete assistance in the packing, moving and rearranging. You can get the best deals for yourself by checking online or through word of mouth as well. Whichever company you choose, you must keep in mind that you give the company complete details about your requirements and expectations. We are one of the most eminent and popular international moving companies. We are famous globally with offices in a wide range of places as well as complete load removal, both are taken up by the companies through complete perfection and perfectionism. The rates of the services will differ from one company to the other depending upon the kind of services and also depending upon the place the material is relocated to.   

Sometimes you choose -or have to- move really far from where you were, even across the borders of your own country. Moving countries is always a great chance to change your life and unblock all projects and wishes that were stuck for one reason or another. Everything is new. Places are different, your house is different, your neighbors are different, but also the culture, the environment, the laws, and even the language, everything is different. It’s exciting, but it’s also challenging. It takes a lot of energy to adapt to your new world, and it also takes a lot to do the removal itself, with all it takes. Packing, unpacking, moving, making sure that everything arrives properly and nothing gets lost or broken in the way; paperwork, visas, transport, job and studies issues, finding a place, buying it or renting it, exchanging currency and millions of other details can surpass your own capacity, and it’s understandable. If you are planning to move abroad, you will need help.

Get someone you trust

Moving means transporting a lot of items that are precious for you, either because they are necessary, or because they have a great value -economical and/or emotional-. You will also need lots of logistics, regarding your own travel tickets, scheduling your route, and also transporting your luggage and all of your stuff. It requires great capacity and ample resources to get it all done correctly. If you are in the middle of an international removal, you will not be in full capacity to take care of anything of this. You’ll get distracted or confused, you’ll forget things or mess up. This is why it is highly recommendable to ask for help.

There are companies that specialize in international removal services. They manage the logistics of carrying around people’s goods and also the transportation of people from one point to another. They book tickets and even manage to ship your car away to your destination if you require it. They also offer advice for settling in your new place and getting done with your removal with as few complications as it gets.

These companies also provide services to other companies, who wish to relocate entire branches from one place to another. They manage the removals of all people involved, help them move, get their new homes, transport their luggage and do everything that it takes to get everything and everyone to the new place.

What is the British Association of Removers?

The British Association of Removers ([Webpage http://www.bar.co.uk/) was created over one hundred years ago to ensure the quality and professionalism of removal companies in the United Kingdom. On their homepage, they state their aims within the British removal industry. In a few words, they are meant to set high professional standards in the world of removal services and industry and protect the customer.

It is always a sign of trustworthiness form a company to be a member of the British Association of Removers. BAR also provides special resources and support to said companies, making them even more capable of fulfilling their duties towards their customers properly.

 If you are planning to move to another country, make sure to hire a service provider who will handle all the issues involved in such a great task. Additionally, check-in the British Association of Removers to ensure the quality and accreditation of the service that you are willing to hire. There are many things that are put in the game in international removals, most of which have a great value. It is not worth it to risk personal belongings or practicality. International removals usually happen very few times in our lives. You must do what it takes to make it the great, promising change in your life that it could be. Let qualified professionals take care of the million details that it takes, and focus on what awaits forwards. It is the best that you can do for yourself and the ones by your side.

Moving can be a daunting experience for anyone, no matter how many times he or she has moved or how organized the individual is. This should not come as a surprise – mental health professionals have proven that moving is one of the most stressful experiences anyone will ever go through and it has been likened to going through a divorce or death in the family. This is why so many people are reluctant to move. Packing and cleaning can be daunting tasks for anyone after all. Then there is the fact that you will probably have to adjust to a new environment. Whether this is a new home down the road, town or even country does not take away from the fact that adjusting is tough.

If you have decided to move to another country you are in for the most stress and everything you experience with regards to moving will be far more acute. No need to worry, we care about more than just getting your belongings safely across to your new home, we want you to be happy and do well when it comes to adjusting and dealing with the stress of moving. Want to know how to make the most of a rather stressful situation? Keep reading...

Tip #1 Do Your Homework

Most people hated homework at school and did it as quickly as they could. Assuming you managed to pass and get to wherever you are in your career, this is fine. However, when it comes to doing something as dramatic as moving to another country, you need to do your homework and not slack off. Find out as much as you can about the country you are moving to. Everything from the currency, industry and what people do for fun is important, this is very important. The more you know about the country you are moving to, the less likely you are to be surprised by things you are not familiar with (think of customs and the like). The best place to find this kind of information is through forums dedicated to ex-pat living in a particular county. With the rise of social media, Facebook is a great place to start looking for this kind of information - pages and groups are where your go-to here. By getting in touch with other people in your situation you are creating a support group for when you arrive.

Tip #2 Find a Decent Shipping Company

Okay, so this is probably one of the most important things you will do in preparation for your move. You need to find a reputable company to move your belongings to your new home. The best way to find a trustworthy company is to check their references and reputation. Reputation is about more than price but includes the all-important customer service aspect as well an organization’s ability to deliver your belongings intact and on time. While one cannot predict the weather and the sea, in particular, is notorious for this kind of behavior so it is important to remember that accidents do happen. The easiest way to find out what type of reputation a shipping company has is once again to go online. Customer complaint websites are a fantastic source of information as is the company’s official Facebook page (just change the settings to see posts by everyone instead of just the company). Also, do a search for them on Twitter for more information.

Tip #3 Go in with an Open Mind

Moving to another country is one of the most exciting experiences you can ever have. Living in another country is very different from simply passing through as a tourist. Go in with an open mind and be willing to learn as much as possible. This attitude will come across to locals who are more likely to be helpful when it comes to basic queries (and trust me, there will be plenty of these in the first few months).

Tip #4 Prepare for Homesickness

This will definitely happen at some point in the first year, normally after the first few months when the honeymoon phase has worn off. This is why you need to be on those forums mentioned in Tip #1. Other ex-pats will be able to help you through this period and not pack up and run home when things become a little daunting. Once the homesickness period has passed you should be a well-adjusted member of the country you have decided to call home

Getting Prepared 

International shipping is an important concern for most people who have to send goods over long distances. Whether you are planning to move or are simply inclined on sending gifts, parcels or belongings to your friends or family abroad; it is important that you find for yourself professional support in order to get the job done in time. Also, you don’t want your things to get damaged en route. Do you? In order to ensure that your goods reach the destination in the best condition, you need to be sure that you are having the right people to deal with them. That’s when you can think of MOVE-EUROPE International Removing Company.

Whether you are moving or just shipping

MOVE-EUROPE International Removal Company is a highly trusted, professional organization that has accreditations from some of the best industrial standards in moving just about anything locally, within the European Union or internationally. The company offers expert services that will leave you wondering if moving or shipping your things over long distances was even a thing to worry about. The fact is that the company has a well-organized system that ensures international standards ensuring that your goods reach your destination in exactly the condition you sent them. This is the assurance you seek. Don’t you?

MOVE-EUROPE offers a variety of services when it comes to moving and shipping in order to accommodate your specific needs appropriately. You can opt for box shipping services or part load if you do not have much that needs to be shipped. In the case of the part load, you tend to share the space of the container with other people who are shipping their goods to the same country and pay you only for the space that you actually used in the whole container. This helps you save money considerably while ensuring that your goods are safe. If you have the need, you may use a full range of sizes with a dedicated removal vehicle. The options are many, you just have to be wise to choose the right alternative.

Shipping to Australia or the USA - no distance is long enough!

Australia may seem to be miles away and that’s quite true too. The continent country is literally a very long way from any European nation. If you are looking at dedicated shipping services, you can rest assured that MOVE-EUROPE can do it for you just as easily. For people in France, sending authentic French gifts to their friends and family in other countries is almost often a regular thing. Be it French wine or the authentic French cheese, there is nothing that can beat these French products. Sending French gifts all the way to the USA or Australia or to any other country is very easy and convenient with the flexible services of MOVE-EUROPE.

When you choose MOVE-EUROPE for shipping your goods locally or internationally, you are assigned a dedicated shipping coordinator who becomes your one-point contact for all support and queries. You can easily keep a track of your shipment and just in case, you have to store your goods before the actual delivery, fret not. MOVE-EUROPE also offers storage for your goods. 

Moving made easy

When you are planning to move to a different city, town, county or even country; MOVE-EUROPE can be of immense help to you.

Moving is definitely a very stressful task. The emotional strain of leaving the house you called home and shifting to a completely new neighborhood or country can be quite intimidating. The physical strain accompanied by it which involves packing, unpacking and everything in between adds on to your stress quotient. While the emotional stress you will have to deal with and you surely will overcome soon, the physical strain can be completely avoided.

MOVE-EUROPE offers expert moving services that include everything from packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking. Your removal coordinator will help you with every detail to ensure that you are able to complete the task with as much ease as is possible. You will have professionals visit you and pack all your belongings in most ideal shipping boxes and ensure that everything that is packed remains the way it is.

You don’t have to worry about anything about damages and just in case you have a worry, the insurance cover offered by the company will give you peace of mind. MOVE-EUROPE gets all paperwork completed well in advance of the move to ensure that everything things go around smoothly.

Five Essential Tips on Proper Planning Before Picking International Removals Company

What Are You Moving?

This should be the foremost query as you plan on picking an international shipping company.  Are you shipping your whole office? Is it your furniture, antiques, piano or is it your whole household? Having the above in mind not only gives you the mental picture of the expected bulk but also aid in choosing the size and shipping method to use.


For international shipping, it is advisable to have the exact place where you require stuff to destine. This helps to reduce the chances of loss. A good example is if shipping your office from Kenya to the UK; pick a UK company that is registered and well established on the job market.


What exactly can you afford? It is a huge mistake to pick up a shipping company that is beyond your economic class. A fair price, offering discounts and affordable services should be a priority. This saves you the weep of overspending beyond your creditworthiness.


Do you have a specific place you are going to store the goods after you have shipped them? If not, what are your plans?  Are you hoping to get portable storage, moving office or a warehouse? What is your model of operation? These are just a few of the questions you should answer as you get into shipping. Having permanent storage facilities is advisable. However, if you don’t, you can arrange to arrange for temporary storage as you plan to move your stuff.


Are you able to afford all the documents you require to legally ship from one state to another freely? This is not only for legal purposes but also to limit chances of fraud, mismanagement of your property or even seizure by the host state. It gives you the freedom to move around with no restriction or discrimination and harassment. 

Six Considerations When Choosing an International Shipping Company

It is a requirement by the law for any shipping company to be insured. Therefore, try to get the most comprehensive insurance as it limits loss from theft, accidents, or damages. On the same note, be keen to take a policy that has the highest probability of occurrence and that favor the quality of property been shipped. An agreement is signed by the client and the company to cater to at least 30% of damaged goods during transit.


It is only ideal to use professionals to pack your luggage to limit damages and breakages of the property. Allow only skilled personnel to decide on the type of wrap and container to use, the size and the shape. Items such as chinaware and glassware are delicate and thus their packaging differs from that of wooden furniture and plastic materials.


Client reviews will give you an idea of how safe the shipping company is. If you find that one company has more complains than recommendations, chances are they will do a shoddy job for you too. Pick a company whose majority of clients are happy with it.

Convenience In Terms Of Resources 

A proper removal company is that which has sufficient resources and tools to facilitate fast and convenient movement. This may include boats, motor vehicles or cars. With such facilities, even the most remote locations can be accessed. A ship to the port or a craft to the airport has only serviced you halfway, consider the effort you require to ship to your doorstep.


Based on your bulk, you can determine the cost of shipping. Ensure that the containers used are not too large to create excess unused space which only boosts costs. Go for a company offering a hand-build pallet that is uniquely made to accurately measure the weight before loading. Live within your means.


A proper removal company is that which has a professional and accessible customer care services, ready to offer professional advice and willing to assist you whenever you are in need. The customer care attendants should be available anytime you need them. 

In conclusion, international removal companies are many but licensed professional companies are limited. You are the decision-maker: keenly discern the appropriate one from the imitations. 

What to do When You Have to Ship Goods Internationally?

International shipping is a different kettle of fish when compared with domestic shipping. The main reason for the difference is that there is a possibility that there is no land route between the country where you live and the country where you intend to ship the goods. In any situation where this is the case, there would be the need for using the aerial route or the sea route to reach the destination. That’s not just the only difference though. During domestic removals or shipping, there are no restrictions and there is often no need for paperwork too. So, it shouldn’t be a problem to ship something from London to Manchester. However, once the shipment needs to be sent across a border between two countries, a lot of formalities like paperwork and clearances would be required. This is why how you should approach an international removal or international shipping should be different from how you normally approach domestic shipping. So, whether you are moving to any other country other than the one in which you currently live then the course of action you should take is as follows. 

Choose a Very Reliable International Shipping Company

There are a lot of companies that can manage domestic shipping as it’s rather easy. However, the companies which can ship internationally are smaller in number. This is because the scale of operations for any international shipping company is way bigger than any company which only offers domestic removals. It’s not just the company that would have to employ an entire unit which would look over the paperwork etc that becomes necessary with international shipping, it is also about having staff in different countries so that the shipments can be managed in all countries with ease. A shipping company isn’t all about taking the goods at a sea-port or airport and dropping the goods at another sea-port or airport. An international shipping company would be able to pick up the goods from your home or office or any other location and then drop it all off at your described destination. This would require offices in all the countries where the company offers shipping services. 

While the number of choices won’t be as high if you would look out for one company which can ship internationally to all the countries in the world, you would have a bigger circle to choose from if you would look for a company which ships internationally to a few countries (including the name of your current country and the country where you want to ship your goods).  For instance, if you want to ship goods or vehicles or anything to the US then you would be better served to look for a company capable of doing international removals rather than looking for a company that can just ship worldwide. 

Once you have narrowed down your search, it becomes imperative that you choose a company that offers you a lot of variety in the way it can ship your goods. For instance, a company that can only ship through a sea route via shipping containers would limit your options when compared with a company that can ship through both air and water. 

When you are down to a couple of shipping companies, you should then simply decide on the basis of the company’s reputation and its track record as far as international shipping is concerned. There are serious risks and you would do well to avoid all such companies which don’t have a good track record. In short, the company which promises the most security for your goods and enjoys the best reputation should be your top choice. 

Choose a Package That Suits Your Shipment

It’s not just about choosing the right shipment company, it’s also important that you choose the right kind of package for your shipment. International shipping companies offer different packages and if you will choose the package which would suit your shipment, you would be able to save money. 

Part Load Service

When the goods you are shipping are small in size, you should use the part load service. In such a service, your goods would be placed in a container where other goods would also be placed. This means that you would hire part of a shipping container while other people who are shipping items would hire other parts of the shipping container. You can ship items on the cheap in this manner.

Boxes Only Service

The boxes only service is another cheap option when it comes to shipping goods. However, it is only good if the items being shipped can fit into small boxes.

Packing and Unpacking Service

If you are moving with your family and want to take a lot of your household goods with you then this service would suit you the best. All your goods would be packed first by the company and then they would be unpacked at your new home in the country of your destination as well. 

Expanding your opportunities

If you are under 30 years old, it is very likely that you are somewhat used to international networks of any kind. From communications thanks to the Internet, to international businesses and business travel, global connections are a part of your world now. However, not so long ago, international connections were much more limited. It wasn’t as easy to get communication with other countries or regions, and all messages would take much longer to get to their destination. Today, if you want to find out something or contact someone, you are one Google search away from pretty much anything. Social media are here to help you contact millions of people in a couple of clicks, and the Internet allows us to have real-time conversations with people at any point on the planet with Internet access. 

This flow of communication allows us to create and develop international businesses, and distribute the stages of a productive process across many nations and continents. It has also become very common to have business travels within and beyond the boundaries of our own countries. Some years ago, the means of transport weren’t as developed as they are today, so it wasn’t likely that a manager would make a 2 days trip to the other end of the world just to be there for a meeting with a client or a business summit. Now, it’s something that happens all the time.

In fact, travel and short term relocation abroad has become an excellent job opportunity for some people who have proven to their employers to be worth the investment. Working abroad strengthens any CV and makes it more competitive, which is something invaluable in this world. Some ex-pats from the United Kingdom and other countries actually take chances by themselves and move abroad to try and find employment to grow in their careers. Others are even hired from a different country or sent from their very own.

International headhunting and international removals

Every day, hundreds of potential employers search the Internet, looking for the perfect CV profile in social networks and job boards. It has happened, and it will happen more and more often, that they find a great fit for their job requirements in another country and they arrange a relocation. If the person in question is interested in the offer and decides to move abroad, then the removal is set in motion, with all the perks and logistics complications that it means, as well as the reward of a new, potentially prosper stage in the person’s life.

Whoever has moved before is well aware of all the headaches and expenses that an international removal means. Short term relocation implies acquiring new goods and furniture at the offshore destination and storing the others back home, while long term relocation requires people to ship all their belongings, furniture and sometimes even vehicles, to their new home which could be thousands of miles away.

Who covers the expenses?

If you are going to move to a different country, maybe even a different continent across the planet, you face the challenge of moving with as little expense and risk as possible. Shipping costs aside, transporting your belongings across the globe is dangerous for them; they can break or become damaged with water or any other environmental hazard that they come across along the way. This happens in any international removal; the idea here is that the reward that awaits you at the other side of the immigration agency is worth it.

This process, as you may imagine, is usually very expensive. Now, when you move to another country. Do you do it? Does someone else? Certainly, if you have to cover the costs yourself, the possibility of moving abroad suddenly becomes less tempting.

Even if there is no written law about it, it has become common practice that the company that hires you or sends you abroad pays for the relocation costs or at least a fraction of them. This way, they increase their likelihood of getting a positive response from the potential employee in which they are interested.

However, if you are relocating abroad by your own means, and not because someone has hired you or sent you, you will always have to cover the expenses of the relocation yourself. Some British ex-pats decide to take a chance and relocate somewhere else in order to find a good job or educational opportunities, and they do it as an investment for their own professional and personal lives.

The Major Difficulty Faced During Removals

Removals are a big part of any individual’s life as moving has now become a constant for many people. Whether moving your house is a necessity because you have been posted somewhere else or because you have found a new job or whether moving places is necessary for career growth or for a better lifestyle, there is no point in resisting moving from one place to another for any such reason. There are certain difficulties attached to removals with the biggest one being the decision to leave familiar surroundings for a new place. However, if you would keep the bigger picture in mind then this won’t prove much of a problem as you can always make new friends and become familiar with your new surroundings with time.

The major difficulty faced during removals is purely logistical as it requires a sort of upheaval of an entire house, then its movement to the new destination and then settling it in the new place at last. It’s an extremely hectic job and if you would try to take on the job on your own, you would struggle big time. It might actually prove impossible in case you are not moving from one city to another city but are moving to an entirely different country.

The thing that separates domestic removals from international removals is that the paperwork and all other formalities involved with international removals are a lot more. You would just need clearance from a couple of authorities to gain access to move your entire luggage to a new city within the same country. However, the paperwork involved when you would have to move a lot of items to a new country either by air or by ship or by land would be immense. Every country has its own laws too so there is a difference in the kind of clearances required as well. If you are moving from France to the UK, the clearances would be different while you would be moving from the UK to France; the type of clearances required would be different.

It’s not just about getting through the paperwork; it is also about arranging a mode of transportation of all your goods. Mostly, the options would be through air or water in case of international removals and getting hold of such transportation isn’t easy.

This is why it’s best to make use of the services of an international removal company which won’t only be able to arrange a good mode of transportation and get you through all the paperwork but would also be able to provide you peace of mind by picking up your goods from your house and then dropping it off at your new home. 

How to Find the Right International Removal Company of Your Choice?

The thing about finding the right international removal company is that not many of your colleagues or friends would know any international removal company so you can’t depend on them to get a good referral. This leaves you the choice of internet and you would have to do thorough research in order to even come up with good international removal companies for your shortlist. 

It’s not just important that you find international removal companies but also concentrate on finding a company which would help you in moving from your country to the country of your choice. For instance, if you need removals from the UK, it’s necessary to look at companies that can do that. All international removal companies won’t provide removals from France to the UK or UK to France so you have to be a bit wary about that. Some companies market themselves as capable of removals from the UK to France but often such companies provide this service even though they may not talk about it. So, search for variations of your needs. For instance, rather than just searching about companies that do removals from the UK to France, also look for companies that do removals from France to the UK. 

Once you have compiled a shortlist, it is important that you don’t give a lot of consideration to the price of the service at first and concentrate on finding a company that is reputable and has a long list of satisfied customers. The best way to find about a company’s reputation is to search it online and then check the reviews on review aggregator sites, check about mentions of the service on social media and check what has been said about the company on blogs and forums. If you don’t find anything about the company online i.e. what people think about the company then that is not good and while if you find too much negativity then that is not good either. A company which is popular and is popular for the right reasons should be your first choice. 

Maritime haulage

Every day, thousands of ships sail across the oceans of the world hauling all sorts of goods from one point to another. Hundreds of ports on every coastline are active, and right now countless workers and machines are loading containers in vessels in order to ship them around the globe. We are so used to international shipping that we rarely stop to think about it. How many "made in China" items do you own or have you seen in your life? How many times have you checked for "shipping fees" while shopping online?

Most things you have right now can only be there thanks to the extensive network of maritime routes that allow the transportation of goods to and from all ports or the world. Overseas haulage has existed for thousands of years, and the advancement of shipping technology has allowed us to increase the speed of transportation as well as the success rate. Now, if you want to ship goods anywhere in the world, all you need to do is find a company that will do it for you - a very simple task in the UK -, agree and pay for the service. If everything goes smoothly, the next thing you’ll know is that your parcels are piled up in the country of destination.

Removals vs. commercial transportation

Some people recur to international shipping for personal purposes. Mostly, removals. In these cases, the purpose of transportation isn’t commercial, so they must take different things into account. Some are the same, like prioritizing quicker shipment or lower costs. In their cases, it is best to compare different companies and pick the one that provides the best service. Personal recommendation is a good source of information, but there are also independent websites that will offer reviews on shipping companies as well as a quote comparison service that will very often be for free. You should compare at the very least three different quotations in order to get an idea of what you should expect to pay for international shipping.

In the case of removals, something that will require your attention is the packing method. You can pack yourself, which will consume a lot of your time and energy but might help you save quite much in your costs. However, many companies won’t offer insurance of your goods unless they can verify that they have been properly packed, and for this, you will usually need to demonstrate that the packing was handled professionally by a trusted company. Insurance is something you should take because many things can happen to a container during their journey, and its contents could become damaged due to hits, sudden shaking, weather conditions, and other possible situations.

Get informed

What you will need to do if you want to ship goods internationally, whether it is for personal purposes or business purposes, is to learn about and understand all the legal and economic implications of the route of your choice. You will have to deal with import and export regulations, which are different from one country to another. For example, if you want to ship a container to Germany, you will need to learn about the German laws for bringing goods into the country, which could include permits required, restrictions, taxes and fees, paperwork and other things of the like. You aren’t likely to learn this by yourself, but the remover should be able to inform you of all these aspects of shipping and give you advice on which options to pick in order to avoid hassle and keep costs low.

Learn all this in advance and have all the paperwork needed at hand when your container arrives at the country of destination. A good remover will instruct you to be present, or at least at reach when your content makes it to the port since there is where inspectors will check on it and require all paperwork and fees. If you fail to comply with their requirements, you could have trouble and, in the worst of scenarios, you could see your container shipped back to its point of origin. If you follow instructions and are correctly advised, you should have no problems.

Regulations change from time to time and new laws and arrangements could drastically change your route of convenience and paperwork required. For this reason, if you plan to ship soon, or are a regular trader, we suggest that you stay informed by subscribing to our news list which provides information on international shipping monthly.

Worldwide Shipping

Since the very first moment a human being learned to float on a piece of wood, the desire of reaching new lands has been present. We have developed ships and boats in order to satisfy our hunger for adventure and prosperity. Today, thousands of years after, we have managed to build a very complete, very complex science around ships that have taken us to all coasts of the world. Add some GPS, tracking, positioning, and weather report technology to the mix, and you will have a very strong and flowing worldwide network of maritime routes and successful journeys by sea.

International trade has been using naval technology from its very beginning. Companies and individuals use shipping companies to connect all ports in the world, and even all inland destinations thanks to the extensive network of roads and railroads that cover the planet. There are virtually no places on the surface of Earth outside the reach of international trade and transportation.

Many problems arose when people tried to conquer the sea. However, when there’s a wish, there’s away. New solutions were implemented and new discoveries made in order to take the shipping activity to the next level, once and again. The development of containers has made maritime transportation - and all long-distance transportation of goods in general - much easier and cheaper, with a higher rate of success. For as simple as these giant metal boxes might look, the technology and fine-tuning behind their design has been improved decade after decade and is still evolving towards absolute perfection.

International Removals

Many people who move overseas choose to ship their belongings to their destination. Some people won’t even cross waters, but find it practical to have their goods shipped around the coast. The main reason behind this is the price. Many places can be accessed through water, with no need of an existing road or railroad, and maritime transportation is much cheaper than air freight - as well as much slower. As international removals are usually very complex and very expensive processes, with many fees involved, most people will want to cut down costs even if it means to spend a few days or weeks without their furniture and personal items. Besides the cost of shipping their things, they will have to considerate import fees, and even professional packing, without which not all companies will provide insurance.

The main advantage of containers, for removals as well as for other purposes, is that there is no need for loading and unloading at every stage of the journey. You can seal a container in Brighton and the next time you open it, it’s in Sidney. Containers are designed to fit many vehicles and storage spaces, so they are compatible with all major forms of transportation. They can be carried around in trucks or trains, loaded on ships, and piled up in ports with little effort. They are very practical and save lots of costs, so they have become by far the preferred way to ship goods around the world.

Commercial Transportation

Every year, a huge volume of goods is shipped for commercial purposes. Globalization has allowed products from one country to be consumed in any other country of the world, and this is only possible when there is a global infrastructure for transportation. Ships have been crossing the waters for centuries, thus establishing the first long-distance trade routes. The introduction of the container in the modern era has revolutionized this international trade, increasing the volumes of goods shipped as well as the success of the shipment, while bringing down costs.

Containers have been designed to meet all needs for transportation, which is important because some goods require special conditions in order to arrive at their destination with their value conserved. This is the case of fragile objects and perishable products such as food and flowers. The development of refrigeration systems in containers took much more time and effort than people imagine. Now there is a worldwide chain of cold that allows products to stay refrigerated for long periods of time as they are transported from one place to another. Not so long ago, it wasn’t uncommon to open a container after a long journey and find out that all products were rotten or, on the contrary, stone-cold frozen and thus ruined. Plenty of money and commercial opportunities were lost, so there was very intense research on how to perfect these containers. Now, they are so strong and weatherproof that spare containers are used to make houses.

International trade

We are no longer in the days when local economies were the key to prosperity, and items manufactured or brought from faraway lands were always luxurious and very rare. Nowadays, no economy can have a good chance of development and success without the international exchange of goods. This has allowed reconfiguring the economic organization of the world, with the international division of work and interregional collaboration. Of course, this cannot be possible without the physical capacity to move millions and millions of tons of commercial load from one point of the world to another, in fact, this is one of the key factors that have actually pushed our economical development forwards. 

International shipping is the base of globalized trade, and it potentiates all businesses as well as it constitutes a business itself. Cities and towns that are located on the coastline have a chance to build ports and exploit them economically. In some countries, there is an actually good profit from this sort of activity.

It is very complex to establish and manage an international shipping network, due to logistics issues as well as any issue that may arise during the transportation, and the constant dealing with international regulations, law and shipping security norms. However, in spite of all the competition, this is a growing industry which, according to experts, will increase in the next years.

Technological development in shipping

All this activity and this growth have been made possible thanks to the development of technology that allowed it. This is seen not only in the ships themselves but also in the logistics and tracking systems, labeling and proper packing materials, forecast systems and communication technology, among many others. There are many technological advances that have allowed us to establish a new era in businesses and the overall economic dynamics. Here are just a few examples of them.


GPS and other satellite tools play a big part in helping navigation. Very a few centuries ago, even if boats were able to know their own location with some exactitude with astronomical tools and compasses, there was no way to know from the shore where they were and when they would arrive.



The development of new materials and building techniques allowed us to create bigger and more complex vessels in a shorter time. Vapor-powered ships were an improvement from sail vessels, and now gas-powered engines allow ships to reach a much higher speed, thus reducing delivery time.



We have also been able to develop better security measures when building and designing ships, thus preventing accidents, leaks and many other events that could potentially harm the load, the ship itself and/or the environment. For this reason, parcels are more likely than ever to arrive in proper conditions to destination.


Moving companies

It is in the nature of technological development to continue in time, as one discovery or invention opens the door to new possible discoveries. International shipping companies are now testing many of these new technologies, looking for ways to bring down costs and delivery time, increase security and improve the overall performance of their businesses. It is really interesting to stay in tune and find out about the latest developments in shipping technology, and for that, we suggest you subscribe to informative pages - we find some to be particularly complete and friendly to the reader.

More modern and sophisticated navigation systems, engines and storing techniques have helped improve the performance of international commercial vessels, and there is quite a revolution going on right now as 3D printing is being presented as a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional manufacturing circuits. However, perhaps the most influential factor by far is the introduction of informatics and the Internet.

Computers and satellite communications allow all ships to exchange information in real-time with each other as well as inland control quarters and even the company’s clients. Also, computers themselves are very powerful tools to improve the performance of international shipments. Satellite weather forecast helps ships plan their routes in order to avoid conflictive storms. Also, there is software available that supports shipping by running simulations on data provided by the ship’s systems as well as satellite control devices. Also, the Internet is now indispensable to put customers and companies in touch across country borders.

The Logistics of International Shipping

The shipping industry is one of the biggest industries in the world amount in trillions of dollars in mere international shipping. International shipping covers each and every piece of land on the globe via sea routes. International shipping bridges the gaps between continents through ships and sails the goods over the water. The first and foremost reason for businesses to prefer international shipping of their goods via sea rather than transporting them by air is that shipping is far more economical and safer as compared to sending a consignment via airmail.

Shipping internationally reduces the cost of shipping which further leads to a lesser price of the goods and helps in offering goods to ultimate consumers at a much cheaper cost. This indirectly influences and boosts up sales too! 

The amount of trade between nations has always been on the rise ever since humans were able to improve transportation and cut down on its costs. This has lead to a significant increase in the demand for international shipping over the last decade. The demand is ever-growing and this can be well witnessed on any seaport. Shipping companies have already begun filling more and more no. of ships to their fleet. A no. of them have also started operating in new regions and expanded their area of operations. New routes have come up due to more and more companies getting into the business. This has enabled and provided customers with options of shorter routes to reach their destination which not only saves them on the cost but also on time.

Significant Names in the International Shipping Industry

Two significant names that have been there in the industry for quite a while now. They are one of the biggest shipping companies too and employee millions of people worldwide. According to their report, the demand for international shipping is going to increase by more than 2.5 times in the next two decades. This will be due to the increase in technology and methods of production which will lead to higher production and hence boost the demand for shipping. The spokesperson of the company further stated that has always been there ever since. The major problems are related to scheduling a loading, packaging and assuring on time and safe delivery. The current scenario in the market requires more and more ships to be added to the fleet to fulfill and meet the demand of the industry. This also opens up the horizon for the shipbuilding industry in the coming future.

Reasons for the increase in demand for shipping

• Increased production of goods

• Increased demand for goods

• Shipping is a cheaper source of transferring goods

If you are looking to shift internationally then shipping is the best option for you too! One can imagine the cost of moving all your house furniture and goods via air. Well, don’t even think about it. Chances are that you will have to finance your relocation. This is why shipping is the best option at such a stage. It is cheaper, convenient, safer and doesn’t take much time too. Another good thing is that most shipping companies now days are offering house removals and relocation services whereby they are going to manage everything for you. From removing the goods from your house to storing them till the time they are scheduled to be loaded on a ship and packing them safely before loading, they are there to do everything for you.

You can get a quotation from a no. of shipping companies around you before finalizing the deal with one. They are going to visit your place for inspection of the goods. Chances are that they are going to measure or weighing the goods in order to evaluate and come to an estimate of the cost of shipping. To inquire about their storage facilities and whether they are going to offer insurance coverage within the quotation they offer or will be charging it separately.

DO NOT forget to insure your house goods at any cost while shipping because such a loss is hard to recover. Shelling a few hundred dollars to ensure their safety is a better option in any scenario so make sure that you ship with a reliable provider. 

New tools to expand businesses

Being ahead of the competition and walking into new horizons has always been a key factor in business success. These advantages have now increased their weight in a more dynamic market, thanks to globalization and communication technologies. The arrival of the new millennium brought what is arguably the main technological tool for today’s national and international market, which is e-commerce. An increasing number of logistics companies from several countries of the world are engaging a new stage in an attempt to reach new markets and spread their range of potential customers.

The more technology is available to a certain population, the easier things can get to people. Logistics companies are now facing the challenge of becoming increasingly competitive in this field, as consumers from dozens of countries use the Internet to purchase products online. As when it comes to the Internet, the physical distance between consumer and provider is no longer of importance, e-commerce is a great tool to boost international purchases, which then increase the flow of items across country borders. This is challenging as international logistics means dealing with foreign and international regulations for parcels and shipping, sanitary controls, paperwork, and legal compliance, and they can also make tracking and item recovery more difficult. However, the expansion of businesses is an advantage too good and too tempting for many companies to let these disadvantages discourage them.

The UK, ahead

Many countries are facing these challenges and, according to our research, each one of them has to deal with particular issues regarding their own legislation and political-economical situations. However, if there is something that we in the UK have been doing for a long time, is overseas commerce - and other maritime affairs. It should surprise nobody that we still find ourselves ahead in the battlefront of commercial shipping, and this includes being on the frontline of e-commerce. As a matter of fact, the United Kingdom is the number one country for online purchases according to a recent report of the Office of National Statistics. Since the early 2000s, a wide proportion of the UK population had purchased online, and that number increases from year to year. 

Thanks to its strategy of investing in improving the purchasing experience and the marketing approach to customers for online sales. Indeed, purchasing online could seem very simple at a first glance, but there are in fact many details that could critically change the outcome of a potential transaction. In the last years, more companies in the UK have hired IT specialists than the average EU country, and it shows in the results. 

International recognition

The leading role that the UK has in e-commerce has drawn overseas companies into closing very important commercial deals with us. International logistics require deals that help overcome legal obstacles and open gateways for transportation, and for that reason, these agreements are particularly important in order to provide the client with the best experience. Otherwise, next time the customer is likely to purchase something, they will think twice before using the same channel for an international transaction.

One of the advantages of overseas commerce is that one country could satisfy the needs of another one, which isn’t in proper conditions to produce goods that its population is willing to consume. This, as well as the notorious predominance of the UK in European international logistics, has pushed logistics mega-giant company Alibaba into looking towards the United Kingdom. This allows British products to reach the Chinese market. The overwhelming population of China is increasingly interested in acquiring overseas products and goods from the UK to match their requirements. In an example, a recent sanitary scandal in China doubled Scottish exports of seafood to this country. These exchanges will become much easier, cheaper and more efficient thanks to the huge logistics support that Alibaba could provide to British retailers. Last year, Alibaba organized a "Double 11", a 24-hour long massive sale similar to an American Black Friday; that day, the company’s sales jumped tenfold. 

New agreements and international collaboration will allow UK retailers to expand their business internationally, but this possibility will only come to full fruition if UK companies keep investing in improving their online platforms and IT infrastructure. As technology keeps evolving at breakneck speed, new trends arise and companies must be ahead of the curve if they want to overcome their massive competition. Many see mobile commerce or towards a more massive introduction of e-commerce, and UK companies are already working on spreading their activities to that new online niche.

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