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There are many reasons why Britons would like to leave their home countries and settle overseas. As a matter of fact, 1 in 20 Brits are currently considering moving abroad. This trend has been present for quite a few years now, and people born in the United Kingdom are starting to cast their eyes across the ocean, looking for a new place to live.

Among the favorite destinations of the British people, the United States and Australia are tied on top. Over a million Britons are currently living in each one of these countries, and they remain the number one option of most who are still settled the UK. The reasons of these choices seem fairly simple to understand: same language, quite similar culture, historical links and good economical situation. 

Thousands emigrating to Australia every year are calling the eyes of researchers from public bodies and private organizations, which want to understand why each year hundreds of thousands of Britons choose to make such drastic change in their lives. 

Reasons for leaving, reasons for returning

Britons who have moved - or want to move - to Australia have reported several reasons for this decision. Improving their life quality seems to be the number one of them. Australia is high on list, for Britons dreaming of a better life with lower costs and a stronger income. These expectations are heavily based in reality. As a matter of fact, Britons who settle in Australia do find themselves in a better life situation. They are looking for a change in their lifestyle and increased prosperity. Some of them even emigrate for a few years with the intention of working and saving money for later.

The great performance that the sterling pound has had in the last few months has favoured expats who earn in foreign currency. Some Britons have even transferred their life savings or retirement funds, and the exchange rate is making them richer and richer. Moreover, the average salary of expat Britons is around half a thousand pounds above the average salary of UK-based Britons. Better wages and taxes are also among the reasons why Brits look abroad expecting to find prosperity and fortune.

Changes in lifestyle are also a reality. Expat Britons have reported to have a much better health level than those who still live in the United Kingdom. 

Main reasons that push Brits to move abroad include work, study, volunteering and retirement. Young Brits are attracted by the economical and financial opportunities of living outside the country, at least for a few years. Older adults, of retirement age, move to other countries to enjoy a peaceful life in a nice place, with the extra benefit of exchange rates on their favor when they make use of their retirement funds.

What is important to note here is that not all Brits head overseas forever. Many of them come back after a few years of living abroad. Some of them had planned to do so; they have gathered some experience, saved money, and/or learnt about different cultures, and now, satisfied, return home to move on with their lives. Others simply find that life in another country isn’t as much better as they expected it to be, and the call from home is too strong, hence they return.

The British brain drain

Most Britons who plan to move outside the country are educated professionals and have some kind of degree. Some people see this trend with concern, as Britons brightest leaving in brain drain is taking place right now. All the economic and job opportunities listed above are pulling professionals to move abroad and try their luck in another country, were they are usually better paid. This creates a void in the work sphere in the UK, which is quickly filled by the other side of the coin: immigration.

There is a bit of a complaint by some people, as professionals are called expats, low skilled workers are immigrants, as if they were in a different level as human beings. The fact is that there is a strong trend in UK migration: highly skilled professionals head abroad, while low skilled workers or unemployed people arrive to the Isles by hundreds of thousands each year. It has been proven that the famous promise made by David Cameron to cut the immigarion figures down isn’t going to become a reality any time soon. 

As long as better oportunites are yet to be created in the United Kingdom for highly skilled professionals, this movement will go on. Even if there are less and less British expats each year, which has been seen as a step up in Cameron’s compromise, the net migration remains possitive for immigration. 

Relocations are never easy!

Whether you are moving from one city to another in the same country or to a different country altogether, relocation is never an easy task. One has to go through a number of hoops before they are finally able to settle in their lives in their new home. For instance, if you are moving to Australia, there is a ton of paperwork to go through in addition to packing the stuff and arranging to have it transported to your new home. If you want to avoid the hassles that are usually encountered during relocation to Australia then choosing an international moving company is the best option available to you. international moving companies provide people the chance to move overseas without having to worry about logistical issues as all of it is handled by them.     

Benefits of Choosing International Moving Company

An international moving company provides services for overseas relocation. It offers you the chance to sit and relax while they handle the task of packing your stuff and transporting it to the country you are relocating to. The following are some of the advantages that you can avail by choosing an international moving company to move to Australia. 


Hassle Free Transportation 

An international moving company can relieve you of the tensions that are associated with the transportation of household contents to Australia. You will no longer have worry about how the household stuff is going to be packed and shipped to your new home. All of this is going to be managed by the international moving company. They will see to it that the contents of your house are packed carefully and then transported to your destination in a timely manner. This can free you of having to worry about the logistical issues associated with transportation of cargo and you can enjoy your journey to your new home.  

No Paperwork to Worry About

The biggest difficulty that people face when moving to Australia is that of the paperwork that is required for shipping their cargo and household content to the country. An international moving company can sort this problem out for you. They will take care of the necessary paperwork and will ensure that all of the regulations for shipping to Australia are followed during the transportation of your goods. 

Insurance of Household Stuff

When trying to manage the shipment of your cargo from one country to another yourself, you are bound to encounter a number of problems and there is a high chance that some of your stuff gets lost or damaged during the transportation process. An international moving company can help you in avoiding this. They take extreme care of the cargo during transportation and ensure that it is delivered safely. They also provide insurance of the household content as well so that if any of the cargo gets damaged, you don’t have to bear the losses.  

Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Removal Company

Having realized the advantages that you might gain by hiring an international moving company you would be tempted to hire one when moving to Australia. The following are some of the things that you must look out for if you want to use a removals company. 



Experience is one of the basic criteria that you must check when choosing a removals company. The company must have been providing these services for a long time. The reason for this is that experienced service providers are capable of handling the issues that might arise during shipment of cargo from one country to another in a better manner than fresh companies with no experience. 


Quality of Service

Quality of service and on-time delivery of the cargo is another important consideration that you would have to make. Make sure that the removals company you hire offers the best services and guarantees that you cargo will be delivered to your home on time.  


Reputation is another thing that you must keep in mind when choosing an international moving company. The company must have a flawless past record of providing quality services to its clients. You can check the reputation of a removals company by taking a look at the testimonials that they have received from their previous clients. 


Removal companies that offer insurance are a better option than those that don’t offer it. The reason for it is that it gives you an added protection that your household items will be delivered to you safely and if things go wrong and some of your items go missing, you will be compensated for the lost goods. 

Thus, whether you are moving to melbourne or sydney or canberra, it is a good idea to hire the services of an international moving company and avoid all the problems that are associated with international relocation. 


The Britons Down Under

How many British people do you think are living in Australia right now? This is one of the preferred destination for Britons who move abroad, and perhaps you will be surprised to find out how many of them are currently living Down Under. The answer is: over a million. Try to imagine that. How many people live in London? Or in other big cities in the United Kingdom? When you think about that, the size of that amount suddenly strikes you.

A question could rise. Why do so many British people choose to live in Australia? What is it about that country that calls them and attracts them, so they leave their old life behind and engage in a long, hard and expensive operation to get their belongings shipped all the way there? Why would they start over with their lives in Australia?

This country is actually the second preferred destination for British expats, after the United States of America. The main reason seems quite obvious. Besides the British nations, the United States an Australia are the most prosper English-speaking countries in the world. Britons feel the cultura connection with them and see how they could live a good life there. Language and customs wouldn’t be such a great barrier; Britons who move to Spain, Germany, France and other popular expat destinations, have to deal with these issues while in the US and Australia it’s easier to get by. 

Is it easy to ship to Australia?

As 100% of Australian borders are coastline, it is easy to imagine how important the shipping industry is in that country. As a matter of fact, many ports are currently in functions, and every day many ships arrive and depart from them. Maritime trade makes up to no less than 99% of the total volume of Australian international trade, and vessels communicate the Australian ports with all coasts of the world.

Finding companies that ship to Australia isn’t difficult, either in the country itself or any other one. The Australian ports are very active and you should find no trouble getting a ship to carry your belongings there.

Good news for British expats is that a new bill is due to be discussed until next year in Australia. This bill, if approved, would make international removals easier as it would lower the expenses and paperwork needed to transport your belongings there by sea. 

Be sure to choose a good removals company for this, because the best of them are always up to date with the latest regulations and maritime law of every country to which they ship. A removals coordinator or a client service agent will be able to explain to you the current situation of the shippings to Australia and advise you on what are the best measures to take in order to ensure that things go smoothly and you don’t face unnecesary expenses.

Choose only good removal companies

International removals are large and complex. If simple operations like transporting furniture across town or moving to another neighbourhood is complicated enough, imagine how much is in play in an international removal. Packing alone is a lot of trouble, and you have to consider many things in order to do it properly: what kind of wrapping material use and how to use it, how many boxes, how to organize the parcels, how to make an inventory and label all boxes and bags, where to start, how to do it, how to pile things up until the removal truck arrives. And that’s even before leaving your home!

If you decide to pack your bags and ship your house to Australia, you have to make sure that you choose a reputable company. We couldn’t stress this enough. Removals are expensive, long and complicated. We don’t say this to discourage you, of course not; but you must understand that you have to take them seriously and give them a lot of thought. 

Good international removals companies will mind a lot of things and release you from much of the stress that all removals cause. You have to think it thoroughly and make the right choice. There are many companies out there who claim to be the best of all, have the lowest fees, the fastest service and the highest quality of client support. You have to compare what they offer and, if possible, get reviews from independent third parties or ex clients of the company. With this information in your hands, you should be able to make a choice with a reasonable chance of success.

Australia is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country with a lot on offer. From the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Great Barrier Reef to the vast plains of the Australian Outback, it is hardly surprising that Australia has been popular for a long time. While you could go on holiday there for a few weeks and do some sightseeing, you might decide to make the next trip a permanent one. The sunshine and fantastic economic opportunities means that Australia has been one of the biggest destinations of immigrants for a long time – since its colonisation as a penal colony in fact (just don’t call an Australian a convict unless you are ready for a fight) so you will not be alone.

While immigrating to a new country is an exciting experience, it can also be very stressful. We all know that studies have shown that moving is as stressful as getting a divorce. Now that you are using your passport in your move this is only likely to become a whole lot more stressful. If you are a first time immigrant you may have a lot questions which we are here to answer. Forget about being in the dark!

Getting Your Possessions There

Unless you are prepared to start your life completely over again, it is likely that you will need to transport your furniture and other household goods from your country of origin to Australia. The fastest way to do this would be to have everything sent over by air cargo. If you do not have a lot of things to transport and want them to arrive as soon as possible, go with the air cargo option. Just be warned that you will be expected to pay substantially more for this service. This is due to the fact that the amount of space available on cargo planes is a lot less than that of cargo ships. Furthermore, the general cost of air transport is higher than that of getting from place to place by sea.

As a result, it is worth considering the alternative – shipping your household goods to Australia. Yes, it could take six to eight weeks but you will save a lot of money. This cash could be spent on getting to know your new home instead which we all know is a better option. If you decide to go with the shipping option and are emigrating to Australia, you probably need a removals company to help you get through this process.

Tips for Picking the Right Removals Company


It is daunting enough deciding that you are going to start a new life without having to deal with the added pressure of finding the right removals company. No need to have a mild or full on anxiety attack, there are a few tricks to make everything a lot easier.


1.        Go Online

The easiest way to find out if a removals company does shipping to Australia is to go online. Any removals company worth taking a look at will have the information you need on its website. If you are not sure whether or not a removals company assists with shipping, you can always contact them directly.

2.       The Cost

Once you have an idea of which removals companies ship household items to Australia, you need to get as many quotes as possible. Think of your budget and what type of container you will need first. If you have any questions, the staff at the removals company should be able to help you.

3.       Packing

Another factor that you will need to consider is whether or not you would like help with packing up your home. It might cost more, but will make your life much easier and allow you to focus on other aspects of the move. If you are worried about the reputation of a removals company go online to see what previous clients have to say about their shipping experience. There are a number of websites and forum that allow customers to rate their experience. Thanks to the internet, there is not a single company that can get away with bad service anymore.

Finally, if you would like your furniture to arrive sooner rather later but without having to pay the exorbitant costs associated with air cargo, remember that some removals companies often ship to Australia on a regular basis. Your first choice of removals company might only be doing shipping in a few weeks while another one is leaving sooner and has space. If this is the case, you might want to take the latter option so you can enjoy your new home straight away. Either way, you will be down under before you know it!

The 2015 logistical awards ceremony is the perfect forum for companies and stakeholders in the freighting and haulage industry to recognize the efforts of key players. It also focuses on rewarding professionals in the logistics industry who aim at keeping their high standards consistent and ensuring that customer expectations are always met.

Apart from awarding industry leaders in the logistics industry, the 2015 ceremony also aims at celebrating great services as well as products, promoting healthy networking between members of the UK logistics community and acting as an impetus for other companies to step up their efforts in bettering their operations.

Why Attend the Logistical Awards Ceremony

The logistics industry is a vital component of the UK economy. It is perhaps single-handedly responsible for the continued success of several other sectors including health, education, manufacturing and many more. 

As a player in this industry this is a must-attend forum not just for the glitz and glamour it offers but for a whole lot more. First it provides a chance to rub shoulders with the “big names” in the industry. The awards ceremony is also a great opportunity to meet potential investors who can help you take your business to the next level.

You can get to learn what your competitors are doing to stay at the top and this can inform your strategic plan for subsequent years so you too can feature as a nominee.

Categories Recognised At the 2015 Logistical Awards Ceremony

Some of the categories that formed key points during the award ceremony were:

Warehouse facilities

Environmentally friendly operations

Rising star 

Third party logistics provider

Materials handling

Industry champion

Supply chain management

Specialist services

Air cargo operations

Staff development 

These were just some of the categories featured in the 2015 award ceremony with winners being picked in each and every one. 

Companies Nominated For The 2015 Logistical Awards


This is an international logistical company based in the UK. It offers clients excellent services and prides itself in its capacity to handle the huge workload it has to deal with. Nominated for more than one category for this particular award ceremony, Movecorp is definitely one of the key players to look out for in subsequent years.

The Shipping Company

This is a renowned freighting company not just in the UK but the world over. It has consistently offered clients top notch services and this is perhaps the reason why it has been repeatedly nominated for multiple categories over the years such as specialist services and rising star.

The Airfreight Company

Popular for its outstanding air, sea and road freighting services, the Airfreight Co. is definitely a rising star to watch. Despite being a privately owned entity Airfreight has been able to set itself apart from the rest by offering more than just a logistical option. It offers flexibility, convenience, affordability as well as reliability. Airfreight has also been a frequent name in the list of nominees for several years.

The Haulage Company

This has been able to place at the forefront in an industry characterised by cut-throat competition. Committed to excellence, the Haulage Company prides itself in innovative service provision to all clients. For the 2015 awards ceremony, the company was nominated for the innovations category as well as the specialist services category.

TNT Logistics UK

This is a world renowned brand that specialises in express deliveries. Road and air freights form the core business of this successful UK Company and it is therefore no surprise that it got nominations for the air cargo operations category and the industry champion award. 

The Goal of the Logistical Awards Ceremony

Several other companies were present at the colourful logistical awards ceremony. This annual function brings together multinationals and SMEs from all over the UK and provides the perfect platform for much needed networking. The awards ceremony aims at promoting the following:

Excellence and innovative service provision across board

Consistency in operations

Persisting high standards and best practice in all sectors

Use of technology for better service delivery

Promoting a green philosophy where operations look to minimise environmental pollution

Championing the logistics industry as a major player in the world economy

Creative ways of tackling the numerous challenges in the logistics sector

Areas of Interest 

All logistic companies nominated for these prestigious awards are benchmarked against certain specific standards. Areas of concern and which contribute to the success of leading companies include the following:

The proper transportation of hazardous substances

Safety especially in the case of road freighting

Routing and scheduling solutions


Attainment of proper Certifications 

All said and done, the 2015 logistical awards ceremony is the biggest event of the year for every stakeholder in the industry.

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Removals To Germany