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Moving companies - International shipping

New Zealand is a beautiful country and is considered a heavenly place for anyone who loves nature. Even though it is not a very big country in terms of area and population but everyone who goes to New Zealand talks about the peace and serenity about the place and how people in the country are really warm and caring. 

While it’s a great country to visit and to go to for a holiday trip with friends and family, planning on living in New Zealand as an immigrant is an entirely different decision. However, the good thing about New Zealand is that it’s a great place to live permanently too. Since the economic fortunes for New Zealand are intrinsically linked to the fate of the Chinese, there is not a lot to worry about as far as the New Zealand economy is concerned. The Chinese juggernaut is not even close to stopping any time soon and till then the New Zealand economy would prosper as well. 

There is a lot of encouragement for immigrants due to actions taken by the current government. A lot of changes to New Zealand immigration rules to increase the countries prospects have been made by the government and all the changes are encouraging immigrants to come to the country and to find a living in different parts of the country. One such change is directed at encouraging people to apply for emigration in cities other than Auckland so that other cities can see similar growth as that of Auckland. So, if you are planning on immigrating to New Zealand, you would improve your chances of getting the application approved if you would apply for a city other than Auckland. 

It’s obvious that when you would immigrate to New Zealand, you will need the services of a shipping company in order to ship your belongings to New Zealand too. 

Prices for Shipping to New Zealand

Before looking at shipping companies to ship goods to New Zealand, it remains a good idea to take a look at the shipping prices. You wouldn’t want to ship too many items if the shipping prices to the country are high while you should look to take all your items if the shipping prices to the country are low.

New Zealand basically consists of two primary islands and therefore, there is no land route for shipping goods to New Zealand. That means that you can’t ship anything via truck. So, that leaves you with two options i.e. air shipping and water shipping. 

Air shipping is extremely expensive all over the world and if you want to ship really heavy items then you would have to pay a lot of money to get those things air-lifted. Shipping via the water route remains the better option as it is the more viable option for a country like New Zealand. Since it is basically an island of sorts, the water route would be best for shipping your goods to New Zealand.

When it comes to prices for shipping through water, you would be pleased to know that shipping to New Zealand will be cheaper now. This is because there is a lot of competition between port companies in New Zealand and this competition has led to a drop in prices. 

So, if you want to ship your goods and want to do them on the cheap, you would be best suited to find a shipping company that can ship goods via water. 

What to Look Out for in Shipping Company?

There are a lot of things that you should consider when choosing a shipping company. They include:


 Travel Insurance

It’s important that all your goods should remain in good shape throughout and this would only be possible if the shipping company offers travel insurance for your goods as part of the package. This would ensure that even if the goods get damaged for any reason, the insurance would cover the costs. 


 Multiple Shipping Options

The shipping company that you choose should offer multiple shipping options. This would help you in choosing the option that would suit you best. For instance, if you don’t have a lot of goods to ship than using a shared container would be a better option as compared to using an entire container. The option of hiring an entire container, on the other hand, would prove useful if the goods you want shipped are large in size. 



It’s important that the shipping company you choose should enjoy a great reputation not only in New Zealand for its shipping services but should also have a great reputation in the country from where you will be shipping the goods. 

How to Ship Your Contents to New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most serene and peaceful places in the world with the people very loving and friendly. The country is full of places of scenic beauty and there aren’t many who would complain about living in the country. Even the individuals who leave New Zealand are of the opinion that the country is great overall and has opportunities for everyone to grow and prosper. 

If you are about to move to New Zealand either because you have now got a job in New Zealand or because you feel that it would be a good move for you personally then you should know that you are in luck. New Zealand is one of the safest and happy places in the world and a move to the country would be great for you. 

When it comes to moving to New Zealand, you would be looking to take your household contents to the country too. Whether you want to take everything to your new home or want to take away only the essentials is up to you. The thing that matters is that shipping to New Zealand isn’t as simple as there are no land routes for moving contents into New Zealand. So, your only option is to ship the contents via air or water. 

So, when it comes to moving, your two biggest problems would be about deciding how to pack your contents and then what mode of transportation to use in order to ship them. 

How to Pack the Contents You Want to Ship?

There is a lot of commotion during shipping and it is possible that your contents may get damaged or broken if they are not packed correctly. A good option would be to simply sell items which are of a delicate nature and then buy new ones when you reach New Zealand. However, if you can’t sell those items and want them shipped then it’s important that you pack them correctly. 

You should first grade your belongings according to how strong or weak they are physically and how prone they are to damage. Items which are large and can withstand a small amount of pressure should be kept on one side and items which are of a delicate nature and can get damaged quickly should be packed separately. 

A good way to ensure that delicate items don’t get damaged is to pack them while putting clothes between them. The clothes would ensure that the pressure is not felt by the items and is absorbed by the clothes. This is a widely used technique and proves successful for people when they move houses. It’s also great in the sense that there is no need to ship the clothes in a separate box which would then take more space and cost you more money. 

Once in New Zealand, you should get a home contents locker so that you can keep away the things which are of huge importance to you safe. In this manner, these items would stay safe at all times. 

How to Choose the Shipping Company?

The first decision you need to make is whether you want to ship to New Zealand via plane or via a ship. A ship is usually the better option as ships can carry more weight and you can send anything you want. While cargo planes can do the same, the cost of moving items via plane are way higher than the costs of moving things via ships. 

Once you have decided which route you will take, then it becomes important that you shortlist shipping companies which provide shipping service from your homeland to New Zealand. Once you have shortlisted the companies and need to choose one of them, you should keep the following things in mind. 


Flexibility in Plans

The shipping company should provide flexible packages so that you can pick the one which would suit your requirements the best. For instance, if you have a lot of items to ship then a private container would fit your requirements while if you are shipping a couple of items only then a shared container would be a cost-saving option. 



Shipping costs are very high and you would be unable to ship too many items if you would choose a company which charges a lot. So, you should keep an eye on each company’s rates and choose the one which is the cheapest. It’s important to remember that you must shortlist companies based on their reputation so that at the end of it all, you are left with a company which enjoys a great reputation and is cheap as well. 

Since there are more shippers to take your gear to New Zealand than ever before, you would have a lot of options so choose wisely!

Needless to say, moving is a hectic undertaking even if you are relocating to take up a better job. The physical, mental and financial resources required to make the move can be quite overwhelming. Every stage of the moving, from packing to shipping, while working with tight deadlines may demand that you get professional assistance. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of fragile, valuable and antique pieces. Professional removal companies who operate in Birmingham or in your locality can help with the packing while you concentrate on other aspects of the move such as ensuring that the travel documents and accommodation facilities are in order.

What to Consider When Hiring a Removal Company

There are a few things that can make moving easier, and one of them is getting the right removal company. But how do you get the best? Well, here are a few pointers to getting the best.

The Quote

It should be clear from the onset that price isn’t everything. What is more important is the service that is attached to the price. However, it is important to get quotations from different companies. If you have no idea how much the move can cost, you can always make a simple search online. There are numerous removal firms online that are willing to give you free quotes so make good use of that.

When getting a quote, make sure you get an itemized cost of everything from the cost of packing to shipping. This will help you get a clear picture of what is included in the price, and help you make a more accurate budget.

Make Enough Time

Moving takes time, and it can get extremely hectic if you do not have enough time for it. Therefore, allocate enough time to arrange for the necessary legal documents, pack, as well as time to search for the best removal firm. This will give you enough time to sort out between the companies, get to interact with them as you gauge their professionalism, customer service, as well as their competence. Always go for the company with a reputation of delivering on their promise.


Yes, this is one of the big ones. You need to go for a company that adequately insures your items against loss and damage, as well as covers their workers should anything go wrong. Before you sign a contract with any company, make sure you understand what their insurance policy covers. You may want to go with a company that insures your items from the onset until it is delivered to your destination. 


It is important to go with a company that is well accredited with the relevant authorities. You need to ensure that the company you pick is a member of the National Guild of Removers or British Association of Removers. This is because members of these bodies are governed by codes of conduct that ensure professionalism and safety of your items. 

Duration Of Moving

You need to know how long the removal company will take to deliver your items. This is because in many occasions, it is vital to have the items delivered on time. For example, if you are moving to a new city to take up a job, you will want to get settled as soon as possible. This means that you need a company that will deliver your items fast ad safely. Therefore, before you sign any contract with any company, it is important to know how long they would take to handle the removal.

Recommendations and Online Reviews

One of the best ways to get reputable removals company is by recommendations from friends and family. If any of your close associates have used and liked the services of a particular company, you can engage them. If you do not get any recommendation, you can go online and read the review of people who have used the services of the company that best appeals to you. This will give you a clearer picture of what to expect. You will fie that some removal companies deliver aid to refugees, which adds to their expertise as well as communicate their CSR.

Scope of Operation

If you are making an international move, you may want to hire a company that is experienced with the logistics and legalities of international removals. If you are not familiar with the custom regulations of your destination country, you need to hire a company that does. Therefore, look at their credentials, membership with international moving bodies as well as their experience.

Final Words

Moving is not easy, but it is a lot less hectic with adequate resources. Therefore, make sure you have allocated enough resources (time, money, manpower, expertise, etc) to make the move easier.

The logistics industry today isn’t as it was sometime back. The market demands have changed, solutions to challenges have become more reliant on technology, and business efficiency is dependent on global networks.  One thing still remains; clients want reliable, affordable and timely services. In their quest to adapt to the extremely fluid market needs and operational challenges, logistics and international removal companies encounter few challenges. You can check out removal companies in the news to get a feel of it. Some of the most common challenges include fluctuations of costs such as taxes, differing quality assurance standards as well as varying customer expectations. Let’s see how each of these impacts the removals company.

The Varying Clients’ Needs and Expectations

Let us be honest here; preferences change from one person to the other. This means that in order to give satisfactory service, you have to tailor-make each logistic solution to fit the customer. For example, if a client is moving oversees, they might want you to help in the packing in addition to moving. Another client may want just the removals services. Some may prefer a package inclusive of all costs so that they deal with only one company when moving while other cost conscious client may want such services as insurance in a package different from the removals quote. Therefore, you need to know exactly want your client needs.

The Pressing Delivery Time

As much as the company is committed to meeting the timelines provided by the client, there are usually a myriad of unforeseen circumstances that can cause delays in the shipment of the cargo, especially when dealing with overseas removals. For example, there could be work slowdown due to a variety of reasons such as strikes in the destination country, festivities on the day of delivery etc. However, being adequately informed about the situations in the destination country and adequately plan for eventualities. Reputable service providers understand these eventualities, and are in the best position to offer advice.


Although many international removals companies have merged to use the same vessels for international removals, infrastructure still remains a big hurdle. One of the biggest reasons is that many terminals are not well equipped to handle big vessels. This causes congestion which leads to delays as well as increased costs.  Additional delays can be experienced from weather related problems.

Removals Capacity

Ocean and domestic shipping capacity largely affect the removals rates. Since many international removals companies have merged to get large container carriers, they create oversupply for the removal capacity against the low demand. This raises the cost of shipping, especially if the cargo to be shipped if far less than the capacity of the carrier container.

Security during the Move

International removals companies sometimes liaise with local logistics companies to deliver the cargo to the specific address in the destination country. Security during shipping and when handed over to the local removals company is one of the main challenges. Other times the delays can force the shipping company look for warehousing services, which also adds to the security concern. The only way to counter this challenge is to work with reputable service providers, from local companies to warehouse staff.

Advanced Technology

Every new day brings advancement in technology and changes in how business should be done. This means that every company that wants to stay afloat must regularly update their software, systems as well as implement new technologies and improve business structures every so often. While it can be costly, it is vital to keep the business accessible by clients.

Do You Wish To Succeed In The Logistics Industry?

Experts in global logistics are aware of the challenges that each removals company is bound to face, as well as the solutions to those challenges. Removals companies know that they need to solve their problems as soon as they arise because one mistake can lead to loss of revenue, effort, time, expertise and damage the reputation of the company.

One of the best ways to reduce the logistics nightmares is creating quality industry partnerships, for example, today logistic companies expect business from the deal in the Pacific. No one international removals company can make it on its own in the industry. Efficiency and effectiveness in terms of delivery time and cost are all strengthened by partnering with various service providers in the industry.

The global business environment is subject to innumerous driving forces, but there are smart solutions for logistic companies. The trick of the trade, and indeed in any other industry, is to keep up with the trends and using technology to help solve everyday business challenges. The global networks help improve efficiency as well as build local businesses and enhance local economies. A strong network also creates inter-sector linkages that form strong business capabilities globally. 

International trade for economical growth

We are no longer in the days when local economies were the key to prosperity, and items manufactured or brought from faraway lands were always luxurious and very rare. Nowadays, no economy can have a good chance of development and success without international exchange of goods. This has allowed to reconfigure the economical organization of the world, with international division of work and interregional collaboration. Of course, this cannot be possible without the physical capacity to move millions and millions of tons of commercial load from one point of the world to another, in fact this is one of the key factors that have actually pushed our economical development forwards. 

International shipping is the base of globalized trade, and it potentiates all businesses as well as it constitutes a business itself. Cities and towns that are located on the coastline have a chance to build ports and exploit them economically. In some countries, there is an actually good profit from this sort of activity, and it is one of the few Greek Industries that seem to work well, which is a lot to say. 

It is very complex to establish and manage an international shipping network, due to logistics issues as well as any issue that may arise during the transportation, and the constant dealing with international regulations, law and shipping security norms. However, in spite of all the challenges of international shipping, this is a growing industry which, according to experts, will increase in the next years.

Technological development

All this activity and this growth has been made possible thanks to the development of technology that allowed it. This is seen not only in the ships themselves, but also in the logistics and tracking systems, labelling and proper packing materials, forecast systems and communication technology, among many others. There are many technological advances that have allowed us to establish a new era in businesses and the overall economic dynamics. Here are just a few examples of them.


GPS and other satellital tools play a big part in helping navigation. Very few centuries ago, even if boats were able to know their own location with some exatitude with astronomical tools and compasses, there was no way to know from the shore where they were and when they would arrive.



The development of new materials and building techniques allowed us to create bigger and more complex vessels in a shorter time. Vapour-powered ships were an improvement from sail vessels, and now gas-powered engines allow ships to reach much higher speed, thus reducing delivery time.



We have also been able to develop better security measures when building and designing ships, thus preventing accidents, leaks and many other events that could potentially harm the load, the ship itself and/or the environment. For this reason, parcels are more likely than ever to arrive in proper conditions to destination.


Moving forwards

It is in the nature of technological development to continue in time, as one discovery or invention opens the door to new possible discoveries. International shipping companies are now testing many of these new technologies, looking for ways to bring down costs and delivery time, increase security and improve the overall performance of their businesses. It is really interesting to stay in tune and find out about the latest developments in shipping technology, and for that we suggest you to subscribe to informative pages.

More modern and sophisticated navigation systems, engines and storing techniques have helped improve the performance of international commercial vessels, and there is quite a revolution going on right now as 3D printing is being presented as a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional manufacturing circuits. However, perhaps the most influencial factor by far is the introduction of informatics and the Internet.

Computers and satellital communications allow all ships to exchange information in real time with each other as well as inland control quarters and even the company's clients. Also, computers themselves are very powerful tools to improve the performance of international shipments. Satellital weather forecast helps ships plan their routes in order to avoid conflictive storms. Also, there is software available that supports shipping by running simulations on data provided by the ship's systems as well as satellital control devices. The use of computer models for better understanding of collisions between vessels is a great tool to help develop better safety measures and prevent the loss of human lives, loads and money. Also, the Internet is now indispensable to put customers and companies in touch across country borders, and as such it has become a key factor in the success of e-commerce.

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