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Moving home removals

Who hasn’t ever dreamed about Austria? We see it in movies, in decorative posters, in travel agencies and in art expressions as an unearthly place of romance and indescribable charm. As one of the oldest Western European nations, Austria has made every romantic soul on Earth sigh at least once. Those who listen to Austrian music, taste its cuisine or take a look at its beautiful landscapes of country and city, understand that there is something just wonderful about this place. Its unique culture has spread around the globe, never losing its signature style and sophistication.

Austria has a place for everyone. From the peaceful countryside with beautiful villas and merry farms to the vibrating metropolis of Paris, the center of arts and businesses, Austria provides endless destinations both for tourism and for settling down. 

As German is often taught at language academies and there are plenty of online courses available, the language isn’t usually a barrier for those who really wish to live in this country. It is said that the German people are quite eager to speak in English with foreigners, so maybe beginning a life there isn’t very simple if you haven’t mastered basic German, but the silky, elegant sound of the German words will slip inside your brain in a matter of days. Sooner than you expect, you will find yourself speaking these wonderful sounding words, those who make any phrase sound like a love poem.

Why would people move to Austria?

Well, why not? As a developed, first world country with a great cultural heritage, a charm that knows no match and strong business opportunities, Austria is a great destination to start a new stage of your life. In fact, it is one of the most popular destinations for Britons who emigrate, the second most popular country of the EU after Spain and the fourth country worldwide - after Australia and the United States.

The fact of the matter is, thousands are fleeing Briton to Austria every year. And it isn’t just a local phenomenon: thousands of Germans also fleeing to Austria, and there is a similar movement in other countries. Now, unless an insanely large amount of people are systematically wrong about emigration destinations, there is definitely something really good about Austria.

Studies show that the main reason for Britons, as well as people from other European countries, to move to Austria is work. There is a little bit of a brain drain in the United Kingdom, as many people with graduate degrees or some other professional certification move to Austria looking for better job opportunities or for a greater experience.

Now that the world is highly globalized, it is very common to travel around other countries in order to gather work experiences and qualifications to stuff our resumes. Of course, moving to a new country is especially challenging, but it also has the great advantage of giving you great experience as a human being as well. You learn a new language, make contact with a different culture and meet very distinct people. It makes you grow as a person and enrich your life.

Another good reason for Britons to move to Austria is professional expats who retire and want to spend the rest of their lives in a beautiful villa in the Austrian countryside. And who wouldn’t? Great landscapes, a peaceful life, amazing cuisine, a culturally rich society, and a stable economy. Sounds like paradise, and it somehow is. 

Shipping to Austria 

Austria has very active ports, with ships coming and going every day, full to the top with all sorts of items and raw materials. As there is a very reasonable coastline, most transportation of goods is carried out via the ocean, and people who travel to Austria sometimes choose to sail from their homelands to have a unique experience. Of course, when it comes to removals, shipping is the number one chosen method to transport all people’s belongings to the country. It is much cheaper than by plane, and trucks aren’t an option for overseas nations such as the ones in the United Kingdom. Luckily, most places in Austria are connected to a port by some main highway or railroad, so transportation to the final destination is extremely easy.

There is no limit in sight for the growing shipping activity in Austria. As statistics show on removals from several European countries to the United States, there is only a promising horizon for this business. People will continue moving to Austria, looking for a peaceful retirement, job opportunities, experience, successful businesses, family settlement and many other things this amazing country has to offer.

A powerful shipping industry... or not?

Perhaps there isn’t a geographical name that shouts "relevant shipping industry" more than Oceania. This southern continent is completely made out of islands, some of them very prospere, and therefore there is a great volume of maritime transport carrying goods to and from the Oceanian countries.

One of the biggest sources of export products is Australia. With the longest coastline in the whole continent, sea shipping constitutes the 99% of all Australian international trade. As you can imagine, shipping is a huge source of national income and jobs for the Australian people. Surprisingly, this sector isn’t growing as fast as desired or expected, though it has a great economic potential for this nation. 

The reasons why this happens are quite complex. In fact, other countries far away, such as Germany, are facing a similar problem. The pre-crisis economical boom boosted investments in this sector and many vessels were bought to Korea and other ship manufacturers. Now, after the crisis, the demand has lowered and Australia is facing an over-capacity issue. In other words, they have bought more ships than they now need. According to the laws of economy, the more companies offer the same service, the lower the prices get. Now, Australian ship owners can’t charge their clients too much, or they’ll lose them to the huge competition.

Also, Australian exporters watch competitive advantage erode as shipping rates plunge in the world. This phenomenon is, as many things in economy, a double-bladed sword. Cheaper fees mean a possible increase in the total flow of trade, which would help tackle the over-capacity problem that haunts the Australian ports nowadays. However, they also make shipping companies from other countries look more attractive as the price breach narrows, and countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean are currently experiencing a high rise in their demand.

Waltzing with the law

In order to try and tackle this over-capacity problem and strengthen cabotage, the Australian government introduced a trading act in 2012 which meant to protect national shipping and trade companies. Tax facilities and support were offered to Australian shipping companies, while foreign ones would have to play even and operate under the same conditions and work law as Australian companies. This act also strengthened control over vessels, requiring several reports and permissions, to ensure fair play and equal opportunities for everyone.

In order to maximize their benefits while still being free from all these restrictions, many ship owners decided to implement the flag of convenience strategy. Even if they are foreginers, they register their ships as Australian, so they are in a somewhat legal gray zone where they can fill up spots in Australian ports while not respecting the work regulations that prevent crew exploitation and the safety requirements. Because of all these issues, as well as the resistance to the tight control measures, the 2012 act received criticism. After the government changed, a new trade bill is currently being discussed in the Parliament. Of course, it receives criticism as well, but from other sectors.

Protection of national economy

A bill meant to introduce more changes to the coastal shipping regime in Australia is currently under development in the Australian Parliament. Its goal is to make up for the failed attempt of the 2012 act to boost the shipping trade in their country. Official studies project that the Australian shipping will experience much less growth than other sectors of their economy, even if it represents almost the entire trade volume.

Those who oppose the bill project argue that Australia plans for domestic shipping risks thousands of jobs,. The desregulation of this sector will lift the protection cloak that covers many national shipping companies. If companies from other countries, especially flag of convenience ships, have a greater freedom and a better position to take a place in Australian ports, the local ship owners will be economically threatened. It is estimated that about 10,000 of work positions will be at risk if the new bill is enforced.

This economical threat isn’t only placed upon Australian ship owners themselves. Local seafarers use domestic products and services, thus boosting the national economy. Also, the taxes they pay go back to the Australian government, instead of a foreign state. 

Whether or not the new bill will be approved in the Parliament is something that we will find out in 2016, the year it is due, and the consequences of said bill if applied are yet to be seen. This is again another reinstaltment of the old-as-time battle between economical protection and economical freedom, and as History tends to repeat itself, perhaps there are clues in the past on what will happen next to the Australian shipping industry. 

Best Shipping Services to Australia

If you’re on the lookout for shipping services to Australia, there are a number of considerations that you need to make before you can narrow down on the right service provider for your shipping requirements. Shipping and Freight Transport are highly specialized fields, and you always need to opt for the services of a shipping team or shipper that has ample experience and expertise in the particular geographical zone. For instance, if you need to send a valuable shipment from London to Australia, you cannot rely on a shipping agency that does not have an established track-record. From the knowledge of customs and freight legalities, to the technicalities of long-distance shipping, as well as having a strong logistical network, a good shipper always has these fundamental parameters in place.

Try these shippers

Shipping.co is one of the most reputed and trustworthy shippers that provide customized shipping services to all major cities of Australia. In addition to shipping to Australia, the company also provides highly efficient European Removals that include countries like Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and so on. Amongst the countries that are under the purview of its international shipping services, the list includes not just Australia, but New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, Canada and USA. The highly efficient services of Shipping.co have won it global acclaim, and its fabulous and competent team has set benchmarks in the worldwide shipping industry.

Transport to Australia

Australia has the second-longest coastline in the world, and therefore provides huge scope in the realm of maritime trade. Shipping to Australia is the forte of Shipping.co and the company has been providing its clients with exceptional services over the past many years. The services include the clearance of customs as well, thereby providing complete door-to-door service. The management understands the stressfulness of relocating or shifting one’s abode across cities, countries and even continents. As part of its no-fuss, high-value services, Shipping.co allocates every customer with shipping requirements to Australia, with a personal shipping expert, who will be the one-point contact for all their requirements till the time the shipment has been delivered successfully. Therefore, not only does the shipping company aim at providing top-notch shipping services, but also aims at alleviating the stress of relocating.

Various Modes of Freight Transport

As far as the different modes of shipping or logistics or freight transport are concerned, the prime modes of transport are by air, ground or sea. There are certain types of freight transport systems or services that make use of more than one mode of transport, and they are classified under the fourth category- the intermodal shipping services. Freight Transport via ships is one of the most cost-efficient methods, especially if there are bulk goods to be transported. Even waterways like rivers and canals can be used for the purpose of freight transport. Based on the road network and rail network of a particular country, the viability of using land transport for freight transfers comes into picture. Despite being cheaper than air transport, the road and rail systems play a key role in determining the efficiency of this mode of freight transfer. Cargo Airlines come into the picture when valuable commodities have to be transferred. Also for goods that are not bulky and need to be delivered fast, this form of shipping is used. Of all the three prime modes of shipping, air transport is the most expensive and fastest mode as well.

Details of Shipping Services to Australia

Shipping.co aims at providing its customers with premium shipping services at affordable costs. In addition to regular shipments, the team also specializes in shipping fragile items that are part-packed, artwork, cars, motorbikes, boats etc. Also if you’re shifting base to Australia and you want to take your pet along with you, but the airline does not allow you to do so, Shipping.co will be more than pleased to transport your pets to your destination, absolutely safe and secure. With Shipping.co, the last thing that you need to worry about is transit damage. This is because the expert professionals are trained to effectively carry out export shipping of furniture, so that your furniture is safely transported with zero transit damages.

Opt for the Best Shipper to Australia

The internet is flooded with companies that provide shipping services to Australia. But always remember that it takes a great deal of credibility and experience to provide you with exceptional shipping services at nominal prices. Shipping.co offers you a world of convenience and hassle-free relocating with its amazing services.

Shipping Options to Australia

Shipping your personal belongings to Australia is an integrated part of the process of relocating to Australia from the United Kingdom. Moving house can be a very stressful experience, especially if you are moving with your family and with all of your personal belongings. There are so many different things that you need to take into consideration to make sure that your personal belongings arrive safely to your new home. 

There are a number of shipping options available to you if you need to ship your personal belongings from the UK to Australia. The most common shipping options are: shipment by air or shipment by ocean. The method of shipment that you choose will depend on a number of factors including:


Shipment by air is more expensive than shipment by ocean.


If you have a few items, you can easily ship them by air.


Fragile and breakable items are better shipped by air.


Air freight is always faster than ocean freight so if you need your belongings urgenlty, then air would be teh better option.

Hiring a Removal Company 

It is always advisable to hire a removal company to handle all your needs if you are moving with all of your personal belongings from the United Kingdom to Australia.  There are a number of ways in which you can benefit by hiring a removal company to ship your items to Australia. What exactly does a removal company do?

Services Offered by a Removal Company

When you hire a mover, there are a number of duties and responsibilities that they will carry out on your behalf. They will be responsible for more than just transporting your personal belongings from the UK to Australia. It is important that you understand what their responsibilities are in advance so that you know what to expect from them. You can hire a full service mover who will take care of each aspect of the move or you can hire a partial mover who can take care of specific services that you need from them.

Partial Movers can include:


If you hire packers you can be sure that all of your goods will be packed quickly and efficiently


If you choose to pack yourself you might want to hire loaders who will help you to load your items in the truck and to unload them into your new home.

Specialty Movers

They will transport specific items that such as piano and art work which has sentimental value and should be transported without any damages.

Before and During the Move

Before the move, the removal company will need to conduct an in-persona assessment to create an inventory of all items in your home so that they can give you a proper estimate for the total cost of the move.

During the move, their main responsibility will be to making your that your items are being transported from your old home to your new home. In the case of moving from the UK to Australia, the movers will be responsible for shipping your items and making sure they arrive at your new home on time. 

How to select a removal company?

When selecting a removal company, there are three things that you should focus on:


Here you need to focus on how long the company has been in existence as a company that has been established for quite a while will have greater experience and experienced movers.


Choose a mover that will treat your items with care and will take extra precaution with the fragile and breakable items.

Moving Methods

How efficient, friendly and well-structured their moving methods are and will they result in your items being delivered on time.

Tracking Your Move

In addition to the above three considerations, you should also consider if you should work with a company that does not allow you to track your move. It is very important that they have options for you to track the move especially since your belongings will be shipped internationally. You would want to know what the status of your belongings are. Especially if you arrive before your items and need them urgently but they did not arrive as yet. Being able to track the status of your move will be a good idea. Remember you can always turn to the Australia navy ships for additional information just in case anything happens to the ship while transporting your item. 

Some questions to ask the removal company you are considering to hire:

Are you registered? 

Are you a member of the Australian Removers Association?

What do your prices include?

Do you charge extra or for travel time?

How trained are your movers?

What type of insurance is include in your service?

What happens if I need to cancel the move?

Are you planning a move from England to Australia?  There are a few things to consider considering such as big move.  For example shipping and moving to Australia from Birmingham UK requires some attention to detail such as shipping of boxes and furniture and which companies to use to perform this daunting task.  Another aspect that might be of interest is Australia’s tourism.  After all the work of moving it is nice to know what awaits on the other side.  Here is a guide to some of the subjects mentioned above:

Choose a Reputable Company

Shipping and moving to another country is always a concern as your entrust your valuable items in the hands of others.  There are great benefits in using a capable and reputable shipping company to do all the work required.  To ship boxes to Australia from England can be done by employing professional help.  What can one expect from a company in the trade?  Most of these companies ship to all major Australian cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney.  They include but are not limited to the following services boxes and tape delivered to your home        , collection of the loaded boxes, shipment to destination port and UK Customs formalities.  There are some official formalities that you as the customer would have to complete in Australia and the process includes filling of some documents.  However if for whatever reason you may require assistant most shipping companies will have a consultant service to help you out, should the need arise.

Going to Australia?

When choosing a removals company Birmingham to Australia customers will have yet more options.  Some of these companies also offer the service of packing all your belongings for you.  This may have its pros and cons.  On the one hand if it is a reputable company it means they know the best way to pack and they will use all the correct materials to ensure that your belongings are safe.  They may go as far as marking the boxes that carry fragile or breakable items.  On the other hand you might not trust the discretion of the packers and find that it is better for you to do all this by yourself.  Either way it is good to know what choices you do have.

Best Option for You

shipping to Australia can be done by air or sea and this is a choice you as the customer would have to make.  The cost thereof is one thing to consider.  It is generally considered that shipping by sea is cheaper than by air but this may not always be the case.  Shipping by sea is calculated in terms of containers used whereas air freight shipment is measured by weight.  It can therefore be said that if you have a large shipment, shipment by sea might be the cheaper option.  And if you have a small shipment which will not necessarily fill a ship container, shipment by air might be your better option.  Another important factor to consider is the speed.  Air shipping is much faster than sea shipping and depending on when you want your shipment to be available; this is another aspect to consider.

And now that we have covered some important keys factors in shipping to Australia let us explore what waits on the other side.  Australia tourism boasts a wide variety of exciting things to do, places to see and world renowned sites.  Firstly new-comers to Australia should definitely consider a diving and snorkelling cruise of the Great Barrier Reef, this is something that you should try.  This is a full-day trip and is sure to leave all that experience it in total awe.  Another interesting option would be the Northern Aboriginal experience that will allow some insight to the rich history surrounding Australia.  Cable Beach is another must-see with its beautiful turquoise water and stunning sunsets.  There are additional walking trails and one can enjoy an evening camel ride along the sandy beach.  For some inspirational architecture and art, the Sydney Opera house cannot be missed.  It is a landmark of Australia and sure to impress all visitors. 

It is clear that a move to Australia has many things to consider from the shipping to the packing of the boxes.  There are however many reputable companies that can make this process substantially easy, especially when considering formalities of the shipping process.  After all this is done, there is a great opportunity awaiting in Australia and people that find that to be there new home will have some of the world’s most beautiful sites to see and countless exciting activities to venture to.

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