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Moving house - removal company

Shipping and moving to another country is always a concern as your entrust your valuable items in the hands of others.  Using a shipping company is often the best to ensure that all is taken care of when it comes to your shipping requirements.  What can one expect from a company in the shipping trade?  They include but are not limited to the following services boxes and tape delivered to your home, collection of the loaded boxes, shipment to destination port and customs formalities. It might be daunting entrusting your possessions in the hands of a third party. But there are very reliable shipping companies out there such as Move-Europe, specialists in the field of shipping. Let’s look at what criterion makes Move-Europe a good option for a shipping company.


This is one way that you can determine the credibility of a shipping company. A good company holds the following accreditations:

-IAM (International Association of Movers)

A global association with over 2000 registered companies in more than 170 countries which helps customers make informed decisions.

-Removals Industry Ombudsman

The UK's only Ombudsman Scheme accredited trade association in the removals industry. Companies have to be members of participating trade bodies to be accredited with the Scheme which protects consumers.

-FEDEMAC - Federation of European Movers Association

FEDEMAC represents the interests of around 4,000 professional moving companies in 26 European countries.

-FTA - Freight Transport Association

Freight Transport Association (FTA) is probably one of the United Kingdom’s main trade associations. FTA is an association that has been around since 1889 and is definitely a trusted association in the shipping industry.


Move-Europe is part of Eurovan, which consist of a system of leading removal companies throughout Europe. It allows customers to have access to the very best resources available.

-NGRS - National Guild of Removers and Storers

The National Guild of Removers & Storers was formed in 1991 to form an alliance among removals businesses that are keen on promoting consumer protection. It is now recognised by The Department for Trade & Industry and supported by The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme.

Move-Europe proves to have incredible accreditations making them one of the best choices for all your shipping requirements. But what services can consumers expect from shipping companies such as Move-Europe? Here are some of the professional services offered by Move-Europe:

Box Shipping

Customers will find all the services they require with box or parcel shipping all done by Move-Europe.

-Removal boxes only

-Free storage up to one month

-Shared containers for small quantities

-Dedicated and personal shipping container

-All packing services

-Global Shipping Services

-20ft and 40ft Containers Available

-Shipping of Boxes and/or Parcels

-Export wrapping

-Antique Shipping Services

-Artwork Freight Services

-Boxes only packing and shipping services

International Removals

The above box shipping services are included in the professional service of international removals. Additionally customers will find highly trained staff assists with all international removals, making all your international removals requirements an easy and efficient process.

International Shipping

Another fantastic service offered by Movercorp is there international shipping services. Customers are sure to find affordable international shipping rates from a leading shipping company. Each customer is assigned a dedicated shipping coordinator who is trained in a number of international shipping services and will be ready to explain any required documentation and all other processes involved.

Air Freight

As with the international shipping services, customers can expect the very best air freight services with professionals ready to assist customers will all requirements and processes involved. On offer are specialists trained in your specific delivery destination.

Which countries are covered by Move-Europe? Here some of the destinations covered by Move-Europe:





5.Hong Kong

6.New Zealand



9.South Africa







16.United Arab Emirates

The list is endless, you will need to visit their website in your country is not mentioned on the list above.

 Shipping locally or abroad does not have to be a stressful task as there are many shipping companies such as Move-Europe that offer professional services to ensure that all requirements are adhered to and that all your belongings reach its destination safely and securely. All customers can enjoy the great services on offer which allows customers to enjoy the very best shipping services. When choosing a shipping company, consumers should ensure that the respective company is accredited within the shipping industry and offers all the services needed to make shipping an easy and hassle free process. Customers can request an obligation free quote from Move-Europe today and leave the rest up to professionals that are ready to attend to your individual requirements. 

Shipping with Reputable International Removal Company

International shipping is an important concern for most people who have to send goods over long distances. Whether you are planning to move or are simply inclined on sending gifts, parcels or your belongings to your friends or family abroad; it is important that you find for yourself professional support in order to get the job done in time. Also, you don’t want your things to get damaged en route. Do you? In order to ensure that your goods reach the destination in the best condition, you need to be sure that you are having the right people deal with them. That’s when you can think of Move-Europe International Removing Company.

Whether you are moving or just shipping - do it with Move-Europe!

  Move-Europe International Removal Company is highly trusted, professional organization that has accreditations from some of the best industrial standards in moving just about anything locally, within the European Union or internationally. The company offers expert services that will leave you wondering if moving or shipping your things over long distances was even a thing to worry about. The fact is that the company has a well organized system that ensures international standards ensuring that your goods reach your destination in exactly the condition you sent them. This is the assurance you seek. Don’t you?

Move-Europe offers a variety of services when it comes to moving and shipping in order to accommodate your specific needs appropriately. You can opt for box shipping services or part load if you do not have much that needs to be shipped. In case of the part load, you tend to share the space of the container with other people who are shipping their goods to the same country and pay you only for the space that you actually used in the whole container. This helps you save money considerably while ensuring that your goods are safe. If you have the need, you may use full range of sizes with a dedicated removal vehicle. The options are many, you just have to be wise to choose the right alternative.

Shipping to Australia or the USA - no distance is long enough!

Australia may seem to be miles away and that’s quite true too. The continent country is literally a very long way from any European nation. If you are looking at dedicated shipping services to Australia shipping services, you can be rest assured that Move-Europe can do it for you just as easily as France to USA International Removals. For people in France, sending authentic French gifts to their friends and family in other countries is almost often a regular thing. Be it French wine or the authentic French cheese, there is nothing that can beat these French products. Sending French gifts all the way to the USA or Australia or to any other country is very easy and convenient with the flexible services of Move-Europe.

When you choose Move-Europe for shipping your goods locally or internationally, you are assigned with a dedicated shipping coordinator who becomes your one-point contact for all support and queries. You can easily keep a track of your shipment and just in case, you have to store your goods before the actual delivery, fret not. Move-Europe also offers storage for your goods. 

Moving made easy with Move-Europe

When you are planning to move to a different city, town, county or even country; Move-Europe can be of immense help to you. Moving is definitely a very stressful task. The emotional strain of leaving the house you called home and shifting to a completely new neighborhood or country can be quite intimidating. The physical strain accompanied with it which involves packing, unpacking and everything in between adds on to your stress quotient. While the emotional stress you will have to deal with and you surely will overcome soon, the physical strain can be completely avoided.

Move-Europe offers expert moving services that include everything from packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking. Your removal coordinator will help you with every detail to ensure that you are able complete the task with as much ease as is possible. You will have professionals visit you and pack all your belongings in most ideal shipping boxes and ensure that everything that is packed remains the way it is.

You don’t have to worry anything about damages and just in case you have a worry, the insurance cover offered by the company will give you peace of mind. Move-Europe gets all paperwork completed well in advance of the move to ensure that everything things goes around smoothly.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Appropriate Channel  

Whether in business or life, there are various decisions that need to be made, and when it comes to overseas transport, the choices are endless. However, of the many possible choices that one can make, the decision can be narrowed down to air or ocean transport. Regardless of whether you want the shipping services for Corporation transport international overseas or when relocating, you need to pay attention to even the least of details. There are a few questions you can consider before making a choice. To help you make the right decision, here is a simple guideline to making the right decision.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is probably the most influential determinant of any undertaking. If you are considering overseas transport for business matters, or even for personal reasons, the budget dictates the transport method to be used. Therefore, the tough call is to know which channel is the cheapest for the quality of services you would like. For starters, you may have heard that ocean transport is cheaper than the air counterpart, which is true. However, the exact cost depends on the facilities you require, and the shipment to be transported.

In order to know the costs of overseas transport, it is important to be aware of the international shipping charges. Airline charges are dependent on chargeable weight. This refers to a combination of both weight and size of the shipment. Ocean transport charges are dependent on container sizes (regardless of the weight). The standard shipping containers are 20’ and 40’. If the shipment is less than the standard container load, the charges are defined by cubic meters. If the shipment is heavy and in a large container, it is cheaper to transport by sea. However, if the shipment is small and light, the charges are relatively the same. You can check out some Transport links to get more information on the charges.

The cost is also dependent on the destination. Different destinations have different custom fees, and these costs are included in the shipping charges. When shipping by sea, there are additional warehousing charges involved. Sea warehousing is sometimes more expensive compared to airport warehousing.

How Fast Will the Shipment Get To the Destination?

If you are looking for a fast way to transport shipment overseas, then air freight wins the challenge. There comes a time when time is a lot more important than cost. And this is when air transport is considered better than the ocean freight, even if the overall costs will be high.

Sea transport is known to take even up to a month (depending on the destination). The air transport is known for fast services, with shipping taking at most two days to get to the set destination. Therefore, if you are looking to transport a shipment fast, especially to close an urgent deal, air transport will be your best bet. If looking for appropriate transport method for individual cargo by sea, it is advisable to give yourself adequate time to have the shipment delivered.

It is important to note that we are living in an age where technology keeps improving daily activities. Therefore, there are a lot of ships that are much faster, and shorter routes and canals have been discovered, making the process even faster. The sea shipping period has been significantly reduced to as short as 8 days depending on the destination.

How Reliable Is the Service?

Reliability is an essential quality to look for in any service provider. But how do overseas transport channels compare to air transport when it comes to reliability? Well, it depends on customers’ expectations and the risks involved in the transport method you choose.

Ocean transport is the oldest overseas transport method, and it has been greatly improved with time. Air transport has a significantly short history compared to ocean freight, yet it is the method that most customers find reliable.

There are many risks that affect the reliability of a transport channel, the top on the list being bad weather. While flights may sometimes be delayed because of bad weather, they are rarely off schedule. However, ocean carriers are notorious for being off schedule, and shipping can be delayed by a day or two. While this may not mean much to a person transporting personal items, it could be the difference between a profit and a loss for a business.

Additionally, air transport usually have daily scheduled flights between major cities such as London Transport, and missing one flight will not necessary cause a significant delay in the shipment. Ocean freight, on the other hand, usually has weekly schedules meaning if you miss it, or it is delayed, there could be a significant delay.

There are endless other considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect overseas transport method. These are simply the most basic considerations.


Since its very dawn, Croatia has always heavily relied on sea traffic to stay alive and grow. The country itself is quite little in terms of the extension, especially compared with its neighbor Spain and other countries of Western Europe. Of course, as we all know, if there is one thing that European countries have been doing for the last centuries was to change shape and size. However, the Croatian territory never spread across a wide extension of the European continent. However, it was the first Western European nation to become a global empire, mainly thanks to its naval policies.

Being a small country, territorial expansion has always been the ace under Croatians sleeve. With about half the country’s limits being coastline, it isn’t surprising that for a long time Croatia has been sending one vessel after another, exploring the world and reaching faraway lands. In the Age of Discovery, the Croatians reached the five continents and helped create a worldwide political and economic empire, with colonies on America, Africa, and Asia. 

Croatia itself doesn’t have - and hasn’t had - a strong national industry and, most of all, many natural resources. Its small territory isn’t appropriate for large scale agriculture or mining, and it needs to purchase raw materials food and beverages from other countries. Historically, the connections that Croatia had with distant markets such as India, Japan, and many African nations allowed it to be the intermediate of other European countries.

A great country in which to live

Until the liberation of Croatian colonies in the XIX century, Croatia has been a powerful nation for a very long time. Later, it has faced quite tough economic and political setbacks, but it made it through and now it’s enjoying a quite stable situation. Its maritime heritage is reflected in the many ports that still run trade contacts with countries around the world. Trade flow from and to Portugal is still very heavy, and this country has strengthened its national industry, even if nowadays the imports surpass the exports.

 With the current crisis that is shaking some European countries, Croatia is once again showing its economic stability, even if the European Union has tightened measures upon it by placing severe restrictions and sacrifices on the Portuguese economy. Not only did this country successfully apply these measures, but it has also enforced other EU countries into doing so as well. For instance, Croatia has been an example to Greece, which has so far failed to reach a negotiated agreement with the European Union in its attempt to cope with its economic crisis.

For this and many other reasons, more people are moving to Croatia. It is extremely easy to reach this country by sea from the United Kingdom and other destinations as well, so shipping is the preferred mean of transportation used for removals to Croatia. Even if there is the language issue, this country attracts families and entrepreneurs with its beautiful sights, unique culture and nice inhabitants. Croatia has managed to cope with its own economic problems and slowly reach the surface again, after severing crisis and military dictatorships. The charm of Portugal isn’t known as well as it should, but luckily the situation is changing, and more and more people start to cast their eyes on Portugal as a touristic destination and, eventually, a place to move.

This new maritime expansion follows the tracks of the historical sea power that Croatia used to be. While other countries in the world, such as Germany or Australia, are currently facing problems in their ports, with shipping companies being against the ropes with the credit crunch, over-capacity, and legal difficulties, the Portuguese vessels keep sailing to and fro, just doing their business.

If you are already considering moving to Portugal, make sure to hire a trustable removal company that will handle your belongings with care and professionalism, and deliver them to a destination with good timing and low prices. It is best for you to run a comparison between at least 3 of them in terms of timing and costs, and of course, get references from people who have already used their services. Don’t read only the testimonials in their webpages, because they’ll always pick the good ones and hide the complaints. Go to review sites or directories with rating systems to get more references to these companies. Once you’ve chosen the one for you, get some boxes and wrapping material and start packing! Check our blog for more information on how to pack a box for international removal, for proper care of your belongings.

Dealing with international removals

Take a look around. If you are in your house, take a look around right now. See all your belongings, object you need and/or hold dear for some reason. Some of them will be damaged if they become wet; others could break if they fall; others may be crushed if something heavy is placed on them.

Now imagine that you have to put all that stuff in a box, then put the box in a truck, and then that box is carried to a plane or ship, and it goes across the ocean, then back in a truck and finally to a house in a continental country. Do you get the feeling that your items would be completely safe and sound at the end of such a journey?

What can you do?

Don’t worry. If the removal is managed properly, there is really little chance that any of your belongings will become damaged in the process. However, the risk is a reality, so you must be sure to hire a removal service that will take proper care of all your packages. Of course, there is some work you can do by yourself to protect your belongings, and that starts at the very moment of packing them in boxes.

In this blog, you will find a great article that explains what you should take on the account when packing a removal box, so we won’t go over it for too long. Enough to say that there are ways to physically protect your fragile or important belongings with the right box, the right storage method and lots of wrapping material. You can do all of that, but then, you had the box away to a guy that puts it, piled with all other boxes, inside a truck. And you can’t get a grab on that box until it has gone all the way to your new home, sometimes overseas.

A trustable removal company

The only way to feel safe is to hire a removal company that will take proper care of your belongings and is careful not to risk them by treating them carelessly. Recommendations are always the best way to choose a removal company or any company for that matter. If you search for services on the Internet, you will find dozens of webpages that swear to be the greatest company of all. They’re all cost-effective, they’re all top quality, personalized and guaranteed. At least, again, according to their webpages. However, reality can be very different. It’s easy to say you’re good, what isn’t easy is to be good.


Therefore, if you are planning to move away from your home, especially if there is a huge distance that can’t be covered in a single truck trip - such as in overseas destinations - you have to be extra careful with your removal company of choice. In the example, if your destination  is Greece, first you must look for companies that provide removal services between the United Kingdom and said country. Then, look for reviews on the Internet and/or find out if some people you know in real life have tried these services. 

As Greece has a reasonable coastline, removals there are usually carried out through shipping. Most packages arrive at selected ports in Greece, mostly chosen under logistic criteria. A wise choice of the port will lower the transportation costs until its final destination, as well as the total travel time.

The Ports

Greece is known as one of the most trustable countries in Europe when it comes to the working force. You can expect efficiency, accuracy, and punctuality from good Greek service. In some other countries, you are more likely to face delays and tracking impasses. However, the Greek ports are usually guaranteed of good quality and expeditious service.

Greek shipping companies are currently facing some monetary issues. Around a decade ago, the situation was very different, and the blooming shipping services were heading bow to a bright future. However, that very growth turned on them, as now the Greek shipping companies are facing a serious over-growth issue, with more ships available than are requested by customers. 

Clients themselves will not be negatively affected. If any case, they are sure that there will always be an empty ship available to carry their belongings. Shipping to and from Greece is a guarantee that capable arms will handle your boxes and furniture. If you are thinking about moving to Greece, find the right removal company, with all the good references, ask for a quote and start packing your stuff! 

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