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National removal companies

Every day, thousands of ships sail across the oceans of the world hauling all sorts of goods from one point to another. Hundreds of ports on every coastline are active, and right now countless workers and machines are loading containers in vessels in order to ship them around the globe. We are so used to international shipping that we rarely stop to think about it. How many "made in China" items do you own or have you seen in your life? How many times have you checked for "shipping fees" while shopping online?

Most things you have right now can only be there thanks to the extensive network of maritime routes that allow the transportation of goods to and from all ports or the world. Overseas haulage has existed for thousands of years, and the advancement of shipping technology has allowed us to increase the speed of transportation as well as the success rate. Now, if you want to ship goods anywhere in the world, all you need to do is find a company that will do it for you - a very simple task in the UK -, agree and pay for the service. If everything goes smoothly, next thing you'll know is that your parcels are piled up in the country of destination.

Removals vs. commercial transportation

Some people recur to international shipping for personal purposes. Mostly, removals. In these cases, the purpose of transportation isn't commercial, so they must take different things in account. Some are the same, like priorizing quicker shipment or lower costs. In there cases, it is best to compare different companies and pick the one that provides the best service. Personal recommendation is a good source of information, but there are also independent websites that will offer reviews on shipping companies as well as a quote comparison service that will very often be for free. You should compare at the very least three different quotations in order to get an idea on what you should expect to pay for international shipping.

In the case of removals, something that will require your attention is the packing method. You can pack yourself, which will consume a lot of your time and energy but might help you save quite much in your costs. However, many companies won't offer insurance of your goods unless they can verify that they have been properly packed, and for this you will usually need to demonstrate that the packing was handled professionally by a trusted company. Insurance is something you should take because many things can happen to a container during their journey, and its contents could become damaged due to hits, sudden shaking, weather conditions and other possible situations.

Get informed

What you will need to do if you want to ship goods internationally, whether it is for personal purposes or business purposes, is to learn about and understand all the legal and economical implications of the route of your choice. You will have to deal for import and export regulations, which are different from one country to another. In example, if you want to ship a container to Germany, you will need to learn about the German laws for bringing goods into the country, which could include permits required, restrictions, taxes and fees, paperwork and other things of the like. You aren't likely to learn this by yourself, but your haulage firm should be able to inform you of all these aspects of shipping and give you advice on which options to pick in order to avoid hassle and keep costs low.

Learn all this in advance and have all paperwork needed at hand when your container arrives to the country of destination. A good container transport haulage company will instruct you to be present, or at least at reach, when your container makes it to the port, since there is where inspectors will check on it and require all paperwork and fees. If you fail to comply with their requirements, you could have trouble and, in the worst of scenarios, you could see your container shipped back to its point of origin. If you follow instructions and are correctly advised, you should have no problems.

Regulations change from time to time and new laws and arrangements could drastically change your route of convenience and paperwork required. For this reason, if you plan to ship soon, or are a regular trader, we suggest that you stay informed by suscribing to reliable sources of information on international shipping, such as Lloyd's information or other websites or magazines of the like.

British expats around the world

Gone are the days when professionals would stay in the same city for decades, perfecting themselves in their fields of expertise with teachers, trainers and loads of books. People move, they come and go, and in every travel they learn something new and become better at what they do. Sometimes, they will travel for just a few days for some special training, workshop or congress. In these cases, there is little to no logistics to implement: they will simply drive ro take some form of transport to their destination, stay at a hotel, and then go back home.

But what happens when they take home with them? We are speaking about moving across the country and relocating in some other city for a mid- to long-term work opportunity. Some professionals will even move abroad, outside of the United Kingdom, looking for chances to develop their careers and/or improve their lifestyle.

Every year, thousands and thousands of Britons leave the UK and relocate in other countries, and many of them do so in order to find a job in their fields of expertise. For as surprising as it sounds, some professionals actually have a hard time being hired inside the UK. Also, working abroad always adds a great value to a professional's resume, so it is not only job itself but an investment for the future.

Is Canada a good place to move?

Why would so many Britons consider Canada as such a great destination for moving? It is much farther away than European countries, which have great opportunities for qualified professionals and superior education, so why would so many people cross the ocean in order to move there? As you can easily imagine, moving is a titanic task. As the ocean is in between the UK and the American continent, hiring a truck to move your belongings isn't an option, so you have no choice but to hire more expensive means of transport, like shipping or air freight.

Air freight is definitely way faster than sea transport, but it is also much more expensive. On the other hand, moving household contents in containers to Canada is logistically difficult. There may be less warehouse time required, but the delay is much greater. Also, if you're moving to any part of the country that is not around a port in the Atlantic coast, you will need to hire road transport anyway. 

What you could be surprised to know that box shipping to Canada has never been easier. Canadian shipping companies based in the UK as well as many British companies that provide international removals services are working to make things faster and less complicated for their clients. Moving abroad is always difficult and always expensive, but if you hire the right company, plan ahead and get informed, you shouldn't have much trouble relocating. Also, remember that if you are moving abroad in order to take a job opportunity, the company that is hiring you might cover all or part of the costs itself.

A promise for professionals

Canada is a nice country to live in. It has many advantages, geographically as well as politically and culturally. In fact, it is in the top 3 of preferred destinations for tech professionals. Yes, as you hear. Most UK tech firms would consider relocating to Canada, according to a survey. But why would that be? There are some obvious reasons, like the fact that English is one of the main languages there, so if you relocate to Canada you don't need to learn a different language just as you would if you moved to a country like Germany, Italy or Spain.

Canada itself is a very organized and peaceful country. It doesn't matter if you decide to live in a city or the countryside: you will have good living conditions, a reasonable relation work/lifestyle, a balanced climate and good job opportunities. The Canadian are very open to immigration, and as a British expat you will most definitely find a place there.

You probably did know that Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia, but what you most definitely didn't know is how little population there is there. We believe that Canada is a hidden gem for British expats as well as other people who want to relocate in the search for a brighter future. It has plenty of places to live as well as many job opportunities for both qualified and non-qualified workers. Required paperwork and immigration policies are also very immigration friendly, so you won't have much trouble moving there. The Canadians are happy to welcome people from other countries who could one day call this snowy and beautiful country home.

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world coming second only to Russia. Even with its vast area, Canada has a very low population and this makes it a preferred destination for many tourists, visitors and emigrants.

Even with the country on the verge of a recession, it still remains one of the most preferred destinations for emigrants. This country has everything to offer from scenic landscape to near-perfect weather. The winters are cold and the summers are hot but if you like something in between, Canada is still the place for you.

Why Move To Canada?

There are many reasons why emigrants are attracted to Canada. Even with allegations of waste management problems, Canada is still friendly to emigrants. Here are a few reasons why several people are choosing to move here as opposed to other parts of the world. 

Very low unemployment rates; there are numerous opportunities both for skilled and unskilled labour

Great weather; the climate  is varied and can work for a diverse populationA great healthcare planBrilliant education systemReasonable emigrant laws

Housing for Foreigners in Canada

It has been a hot issue for residents of Canada that housing units are so unaffordable especially in urban centres. Foreigners occupy most urban centres which remain out of the reach of indigenous residents due to high costs.

With politicians promising to sort out this issue of affordable housing especially for locals, the real estate industry in Canada is bound to change in the next few years. The major aim of the new policies being proposed it seems is to tame foreign buyers and provide more opportunity to locals. In the meantime though, buying real estate in Canada and finding housing is easier than in most places in the world.

Finding a Shipping Company

If you are moving to Canada with some household items, you will need to find a good shipping company. Safety and security for your items should be the top criteria when choosing a shipping company.

There are many companies online but not all of them can guarantee you bespoke packaging and transport services. Professional handling of your household items is important to prevent damages.

The cost of shipping is dependent on what you are taking with you. Most companies weigh your items and base their shipping charges on this. You can take advantage of shipping companies that offer discounts especially during off-peak seasons.

Insurance for your household items during shipping is crucial. Always insist on a written contract that assures you of compensation in the event of damage brought about by mishandling or accidents.

Another important aspect of shipping household stuff to Canada is the time it takes. Make sure you verify how long it takes to ship your items. To reduce cost of shipping sometimes travellers share containers with other people shipping to a similar location. Using a private container is more expensive but you stand to avoid delays and time-consuming mix-ups.

What Can You Bring With You?

As is the case in many other countries, there are dos and don’ts when you are moving to Canada. There are things you can carry and those you cannot. The most amazing thing about moving household items to Canada is that you do not have to pay duty on them.

Duty is the fee that the country charges you for shipping things into the state. If the household goods are new or have not been used however you have to pay import duty on them.

Items Exempt from Duty Charges

Here a few household items that you do not have to pay duty on when moving to Canada. 




Hobby items

Appliances e.g. refrigerator


Musical instruments

Antique items


Collections of stamps, coins e.t.c

Silverware and so much more

Items You Must Pay Duty On    

Vehicles especially those you intend to use commercially

Household items purchased on the way to Canada

Leased items

Equipment to be used in construction or manufacturing industry

More about Shipping Vehicles

If you are simply visiting Canada or passing through on your way to a different destination you may want to bring your vehicle along for ease of transport. In such cases, the Canadian government allows you to do so without complying with MVSA (motor vehicle safety act) regulations.

For other cases which then qualify as vehicles from outside to be used in the country permanently, you have to register with the imported vehicles program.

Canada is an emigrant friendly destination. However, failing to comply with rules as regards moving into the state with household items can land you in trouble with the Canadian government.

Worldwide Shipping

Since the very first moment a human being learned to float on a piece of wood, the desire of reaching new lands has been present. We have developed ships and boats in order to satisfy our hunger for adventure and prosperity. Today, thousands of years after, we have managed to build a very complete, very complex science around ships that has taken us to all coasts of the world. Add some GPS, tracking, positioning and weather report technology to the mix, and you will have a ver strong and flowing worldwide network of maritime routes and successful journeys by sea.

International trade has been using the naval technology from its very beginning. Companies and individuals use maritime services to connect all ports in the world, and even all inland destinations thanks to the extensive network of roads and railroads that cover the planet. There are virtually no places on the surface of Earth outside the reach of international trade and transportation.

Many problems arised when people tried to conquer the sea. However, when there's a wish, there's a way. New solutions were implemented and new discoveries made in order to take the shipping activity to the next level, once and again. The development of containers has made maritime transportation - and all long distance transportation of goods in general - much easier and cheaper, with a higher rate of success. For as simple as these giant metal boxes might look, the technology and fine tuning behind their design has been improved decade after decade, and is still evolving towards absolute perfection.

International Removals

Many people who move overseas choose to ship their belongings to their destination. Some people won't even cross waters, but find it practical to have their goods shipped around the coast. The main reason behind this is price. Many places can be accessed through water, with no need of an existing road or railroad, and maritime transportation is much cheaper than air freight - as well as much slower. As international removals are usually ver complex and very expensive processes, with many fees involved, most people will want to cut down costs even if it means to spend a few days or weeks without their furniture and personal items. Besides the cost of shipping their things, they will have to considerate import fees, transport container handling services and even professional packing, without which not all companies will provide insurance.

The main advantage of containers, for removals as well as for other purposes, is that there is no need for loading and unloading at every stage of the journey. You can seal a container in Brighton and the next time you open it, it's in Sidney. Containers are designed to fit many vehicles and storage spaces, so they are compatible with all major forms of transportation. They can be carried around in trucks or trains, loaded on ships, and piled up in ports with little effort. They are very practical and save lots of costs, so they have become by far the preferred way to ship goods around the world.

Commercial Transportation

Every year, a huge volume of goods is shipped for commercial purposes. Globalization has allowed products from one country to be consumed in any other country of the world, and this is only possible then there is a global infrastructure for transportation. Ships have been crossing the waters for centuries, thus establishing the first long distance trade routes. The introduction of the container in the modern era has revolutionized this international trade, increasing the volumes of goods shipped as well as the success of the shipment, while bringing down costs.

Containers have been designed to meet all needs for transportation, which is important because some goods require special conditions in order to arrive to their destination with their value conserved. This is the case of fragile objects and perishable products such as food and flowers. The development of refrigeration systems in containers took much more time and effort than people imagine. Now there is a worldwide chain of cold that allows products to stay refrigerated for long periods of time as they are transported from one place to another. Not so long ago, it wasn't uncommon to open a container after a long journey and find out that all products were rotten or, on the contrary, stone cold frozen and thus ruined. Plenty of money and commercial opportunities were lost, so there was very intense research on how to perfect these containers. Now, they are so strong and weatherproof that spare containers are used to make houses.

Moving Countries? Do it With Ease With ‘Moving Around Europe’

There is nothing more difficult to move countries as the are so many complications. To begin with, the simple idea to leave your current country which in most cases would be your birth land would be a pretty tough. There is no place like your homeland where you feel that you own everything and live with pride. While every country entertains people from all around the world, no country other than the birth land really feels like home. Moreover, the idea that you would have to leave everyone you know behind is pretty tough when considered. A new country while gives you a lot of hope with newer challenges but there is still that depression of leaving all your friends behind. Lastly, there is this matter of moving all your belongings to the country where you are going permanently. It may be that you are moving there because of your job or because you will find better business opportunities there but regardless of the reason, nothing is going to be easier for you.

While one can’t help with the depression surrounding leaving your friends, we can make sure that moving your belongings from one country to another do not bring you cause for concern. 

Moving Around Europe-Your Partner When You Move Abroad

We, at Moving Around Europe, understand that there are so many problems with moving to another country. This is why we strive in making at least one job pretty simple i.e. moving your entire luggage to the country where you are moving. Make no mistake, it is no simple task. From picking up all your heavy duty stuff from your home to getting it cleared from all relevant authorities and from moving it all from one country to another to placing it safely inside your home, we handle it all so that you would have one less thing to worry about!  

Features of Moving Around Europe

Moving Around Europe is considered the best removal companies for people moving from UK to Europe. You don’t believe the hype around us? Take a look at these features and you will sure be agreeing with our great reputation in the market.

Hassle-Free Movement 

From picking up everything that you want to move to your destination country to safely placing it inside your new home, we will handle everything. From deciding the most appropriate transportation route to clearing all the cargo from both UK’s authority and the destination country’s authority, we do it all in a hassle free manner.

24-Hour Customer Service 

You can get updates about where your stuff is at all times through our 24 hour customer service. We would gladly let you know everything so that you don’t worry about anything for even a minute.

Inexpensive Rates

We understand that moving countries is costly and this is why we charge minimally for our services so that you can make the move under your budget. 

Safety Guaranteed

We provide insurance for all your belongings so that in case of any issues, your belongings would stay safe. 

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