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Corporate responsibility and green energies

Environmental awarenes is on the rise as a response to the development of research about the impact of human activities in our planet, as well as the increasing manifestations of changes that we make to the world for the worse. Climate change has been around for quite a bit and concerns about how air pollution is affecting the weather get stronger and stronger. All over the world, extremely high temperatures are changing the surface of the biosphere, endangering species and putting our life quality at risk. Also, global heating has derived weather consequences such as terrible winters and massive floods that cause huge losses, both human and economical.

First world countries have tended to look too much on the economical losses and too little on the human losses, and they often express the size of this damage in dollars so it seems more important to them. However, corporations have started to make actions in order to protect the environment not only to avoid government penalizations or gain tax deduction, but because of an increasing compromise with the environment.

It is vital for corporations to let their greed aside at least for a bit so they can make room to chances concerning our planet, otherwise the cost to the short term economical growth of a couple firm owners will he the heath, lives and welness of the global population.

The Clean Energy and Corporate Responsibility Award

In order to reward companies in the United Kingdom that go the extra mile to protect the environment by swithching to clean sources of energy, the Ravenagh Lawrence Society, founded in 1967, bestows a yearly award denominated the Clean Energy and Corporate Responsibility Award. The purpose of the Society is to encourage big and small companies into using green energy, in order to contribute to the fight against pollution and global warming, and to develop a new industry model based on renewable energies.

The Ravenagh Lawrence Society has been making a great job at showing how clean energies can help both our economies and our health through their panels and workshops that they offer in several institutions in Northern UK. The work of this Society is in tune with a general trend in the UK and other countries to think more about clean sources of energy, like installing solar panels on residential homes and switching from fossil fuel powered vehicles to electric powered vehicles. As a matter of fact, a few months ago Bracknell Forest for the Council's use, which shows that even local governments are starting to make a change.

As a matter of fact, the Ravenagh Lawrence Society has been working in the last few years on supporting and spreading the work about the latest developments on vehicles powered by clean energy sources. In other countries, the interest in electric powered vehicles has been growing, even in most cases this growth is still diminutive in comparison with the fossil fuel market. In example, electric bicycles are increasingly popular in China, one of the most polluted countries in the world. Even across the ocean, more electric cars to be produced in the USA by Volkswagen, after a scandal that arised when hundreds of thousands of vehicles by this German company were found to emit up to 40 times more polluting chemicals than allowed by law.

Arrowlogistics, a clean company awarded

The 2016 edition of the Clean Energy and Corporate Responsibility award took place las February with a list of over 15 companies nominated, all of them of different fields in the United Kingdom. In his acceptance speech, Gregory Stanton, CEO of Arrowlogistics, stated his company's compromise with clean energy and environmental awareness.

"We know that we live in a beautiful world, and it must stay just like that" Stanton said. "Taking care of our planet is everyone's responsibility. We at Arrowlogistics want to make our part in protecting the Earth, because this is our only home."

Arrowlogistics had been operating with 3 electric vans among a fleet of over 20 vehicles, the rest of which were fueled by diesel. Last year, the company made the decision to invest in clean energies and replaced all diesel vans with electric vans. This was a bold movement which required a big money investment, so few companies dare to do such a thing. The Ravanagh Lawrence Society wanted to reward Arrowlogistics for this decision and encourage other companies in the sector to do the same thing. According to a Society's spokesman, "we hope that some day all companies in the UK and the world will be moved by the same ideals as Arrowlogistics."

What is happening to our environment?

Our world is a beautiful place to live in. Nature has truly blessed us with everything that we need to live and enjoy our lives on this earth. Over the years, technological advancements have also enabled us to mold Mother Nature and all that she has to offer in order to make our lives easier and to fulfill our wants and needs. However, technological advancements have been on of the leading causes of environmental issues ranging from frequent earthquakes, draughts, floods, volcanic eruptions and changes in the climate. Environmental changes can be deadly and has even lead to the extinction of many species from Earth.

This is why the seriousness of the degradation of the environment has been considered an important point in debates all across the world. Governments are already doing their bit to make sure that our activities don’t harm the environment we live in; however, it is also up to us as persons as well as business owners to do what we can to make sure that our activities are not harmful to our environment. 

Logistics Businesses and the Environment 

Logistic businesses have a major impact on the environment because they come into contact with natural resources in bulk on a daily basis. More specifically, logistics businesses are directly connected to various forms of transportation that run on fossil fuels which have harmful impacts on our environment. In addition, the amount in which we are burning fossil fuel is much higher than the rate at which it is being produced. This is why going green has become a global movement for all businesses including logistics businesses!

Clearly, going green is the need of the hour irrespective of the business you are involved in. Some of the logistic businesses have already started doing their bit by making the maximum use of natural resources, avoiding wastage and considering healthy environmental practices.

Why go green?

Going green is a term which refers to making use of environment resources in a manner that they can be used to their full potential. Apart from this, it also focuses on enlightening people how they can avoid practices which may lead to depletion of the environment.

There are individuals as well as businesses that are willing to go green but do not actually know that what they should exactly do for it! Here is your basic guide to going green!

3 steps for going green!





Reduce the use of natural resources as much as possible. If you are picking up your vehicle to go short distances then try taking a walk instead. This will keep you as well as the environment healthy. See if a natural resource can be used again in order to make sure that you use it to its maximum potential. For example, a cloth doesn’t needs to be thrown after a single use and can be reused for dusting, cleaning etc. Recycling is to reproduce something from waste and use it again. Glass is an ultimate good which doesn’t needs to be thrown and can easily be melted and recycled. So is plastic and many other things which can be recycled to produce new goods.

How can logistic companies go green?

As we discussed, logistic companies have also started going green. Here is an examples of this. 

• Recycled Cartons

One thing that every logistic company makes use of during moving is cartons. Your goods are packed securely into to cardboard cartons and then loaded for movement. Carton not just provides safety to your precious items but also helps you in systematically packing your things as per your moving plans. These cartons can be easily reused rather than throwing them away after a single use. Some movers have started this practice and stats reveal cartons which were demolished after a single use are now being used for making up to 4-5 moves!

• Nitrogen helps save

Roadways is still the most popular form of moving as it is cheaper and easier as compared to any other form. Filling up your vehicles’ wheels with nitrogen instead of air helps in saving up to 10-15% fuel. This is a tried and trusted method of saving fuel. Apart from this, nitrogen stays in the longer and also increases the life of the wheels which makes sure that you even make use of your fleet’s tyres for a longer period of time.

• Better forms of fuel

Usually petrol or diesel vehicles are used for carrying goods. These include heavy trucks to small vans which are used for the process of moving. Companies are shifting gradually to better forms of fuel which are environment friendly as well as cheaper. These include CNG and LPG gas. Getting your fleet fitted with CNG or LPG gas kits is going to be just a onetime expense which will pay you and the environment back in future.

The Importance of the Logistics Industry

Logistics is a very important industry in this day and age and there are a number of logistics companies fighting it out for a major share in this ever growing industry. With people able to connect each other even when they are physically far away with the internet, people tend to send gifts and goods to each other consistently as well. While they can connect online, they can’t send each other anything online. It’s here that transportation and logistics companies come into the picture and arrange for the transportation of the goods to people who are miles away even though they look very close over the internet. 

The market for logistic companies is huge and this is why a number of logistics and transportation companies are looking to get a hold of this market. This means that the competition is tough and the logistic company which combines quality service with proper use of technology might gain the needed edge over the rest to dominate the market for a number of years. 

How Technology Has Changed the Game?

Till a few years back, experience was the most important factor in the efficient operation of logistic companies. One needed to have the experience of loading containers, of maintaining vehicles and of knowing the routes through which packages can be delivered to ensure efficient operation. However, technology has changed the game drastically. While there is nothing more valuable than experience, the experience of employees alone isn’t enough to cut down costs and ensure that the customers get great service. Technology has brought improvement in every field of transportation and logistics. The improvements are in the fields of:

Load Management

Till a decade or two ago, experienced individuals who had seen the loading of containers for a number of years were necessary to properly load containers. However, with load management software, there is no need for any experienced individual to be on hand. All one needs to do is to basically enter the weight and size of the items to be loaded and the software would then decide the best place for each load to be placed so that it stays safe and so that the space in the container is used efficiently as well. According to estimates, the software usually saves 10-20% more space than the designs of an experienced employee while the load management is done in such a manner that the chances of the items getting damaged during transportation go down by around 5-10% as well. This means that the company saves a lot more space and can thus accommodate more goods. This translates into more revenue for the same operational cost. This also means that the chances of goods reaching their destination safely move up and thus, company avoids expenditure due to damage to goods during transportation. And companies which use technology to achieve this would basically be able to invest more in their business and thus, establish themselves quicker and gain an edge over their competitors. 

Route Management

You needed a person who has travelled the world and knows of most routes to decide the best route through which items could be delivered a few years back. However, with exact maps available and with software programs that can calculate the best routes to deliver the packages safely and quickly, it is easy to see how technology has changed the game completely. Even an experienced individual won’t be able to analyze the different routes present and also see which route would be safest and which route would get the package delivered in the shortest time possible. Technology not only ensures that logistic companies can provide realistic timelines but also ensures that logistic companies save costs by taking routes that utilizes the least amount of fuel. 

Customer Service

With tracking systems available, it’s easy for logistic companies to actually provide up-to date information to customers about the place where the package is and the timeline in which the package would reach the desired destination. People normally want updates and get happy when the company provides the information promptly and then promises a timeline which it adheres to. This is what customer Service is all about.

Who’s winning the Race of Using Technology to their Benefit?

The answer to this question is to simply look at the companies which are dominating the logistic market right now. Reputable companies have got a stronghold on the market these days and this is an indication that these companies are using technology brightly and are saving on operational costs and are using those savings to invest more in their business! And it’s this investment that is helping them gain a bigger share in the market!

The Role of Transport Companies

Transport companies have a great role to play in the ever expanding world where the mindset of staying at one place for your entire life has changed. The world has become a global village and people are not afraid of taking up new jobs in different cities and are not hesitant in moving houses when they see a better opportunity. The fact that businesses continue to move places and continue to establish their presence in different parts of the world also benefits transport companies.

Whenever you look to send someone a gift and whenever you look to move to a new apartment or a new city or a new country, you need the services of a logistics company. With the world becoming a smaller place, people continue to send things to each other even if they are continents apart. This approach from people can only bear fruit if the logistics company can ensure that the recipient gets the stuff people send. 

The thing to be understood though is that while people are now not afraid of moving and are not afraid of living in different parts of the world, it doesn’t change the fact that the world is physically just as huge as it was previously. It also doesn’t change the fact that there are physical boundaries and that a lot of people need to work tirelessly in order to ensure that the transportation of the goods takes place smoothly regardless of how long the distance is. 

Transport Companies and the Challenges they face

Transport and logistics companies overcome a number of challenges during every assignment. A number of rules govern the transportation of goods and items from one place to another and it’s about ensuring that the rules and procedures are followed and it is ensured that everything happens on time. Some of the challenges faced by transportation companies include:

• Following Rules and Regulations of Different Countries and States

When you want to transport items and goods from one country to another or from one province to another, the laws that govern entry and exit of goods need to be abided by. Transportation companies need to know these rules very clearly as it’s their responsibility to move goods from one place to another in a totally legal manner. From preparing the necessary and relevant paperwork to coordinating with authorities to ensure that the packages are not stopped or held at any stage, transportation companies need to arrange for everything that the law of the given country dictates. 

• Arrangement of a Fleet of Well-Maintained Vehicles and Staff

It’s important for transportation companies to have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles in every country where they provide their service. It’s not just about renting or buying the vehicles, it’s also important to keep them in top shape so that whenever an assignment comes up, they can adhere to the timeline provided to the client. Availability of drivers and relevant staff is also a must in these cases and it’s necessary for the logistics company to arrange everything so that every assignment is processed quickly. 

• Tracking Packages and Maintaining their Safety

In many cases, logistics companies have to rely on air or train services for the transportation of goods. In these cases, the challenge is to keep track of the goods they send through these services and the challenge is to ensure that they pick services which will keep their packages safe during the journey. This is a difficult challenge as everything is not in the hands of the transportation company. 

Costs of Operating a Transport Company

The costs of operating a transport company are basically very high especially seeing the challenges they face in transporting and moving goods. The cost of buying new tyres for their transport trucks along costs a lot as the constant traveling wears out the tyres pretty quickly. Small transport companies usually go out of business just because of the operational costs of transportation. However, as a business grows and establishes itself in different parts of the world, the revenue increases. Even the growing rates of tyres and the frequency with which they are required by each vehicle in the company’s fleet becomes a non-factor for growing companies as their revenue increases in proportion to the increase in costs of buying more tyres. So, while the costs increase, the revenue normally increases a lot more and the profits then drive the company to more success. It is therefore necessary for a transport company to always keep track of its costs and find ways to ensure that its revenue exceeds its costs. 

Freight shipping is a service that is used for items that are too big or voluminous. Such items usually cannot go through the post or parcel channels and have to be freighted to their destination using planes, or heavy duty trucks. Removals to Norway requires an intricate knowledge of the country. As a result you may want to look for a freight company with experience working in Norway. Experienced firms are already familiar with the Norwegian import regulations and this can save you a lot of time at customs offices. Such a company will also have various delivery depots within Norway to help sort out storage matters if the need arises.

Air Freight

Depending on the freight company you choose to work with, air freight services should include all major European airports. If your package is time critical then you must confirm that the company does same day deliveries. Next day deliveries are also usually available for less time-critical items. Air freight services to Norway can either be door to door or door to airport depending on your agreement with the freighting company.

Types of goods

A good freight company handling shipping to Norway should be capable of freighting all types of goods including those classified as “dangerous” goods. Household items and personal effects can also be air freighted for you directly to the recipients address.


When shipping to Norway you must be aware of security measures. All your items will be subjected to security checks at all points of screening. Some freight companies have long standing relationships with custom departments and can go through approved screening depots as opposed to the normal check points. This ensures that there are no delays and that your goods arrive on time. Transit insurance is sometimes necessary to ensure the safety of your goods till they get to their destination.

Pallet freighting

Pallet air freighting to Norway is a service that is important when you are shipping more than one package. This service ensures that your goods are screened as one and that they take the minimum time to get through customs. Pallet freighting also keeps your packages together preventing loss.

Road Freight

Road freight services are your other option when shipping to Norway. For this type of freight service you will find that most companies have daily deliveries. Depending on the size of your load, you can either pay for a whole truck or simply take up the space you need. You can load up the truck yourself or have the company do it for you regardless of whether you are doing full load or part load. Just like with air freight services, insurance and security need to be organised to ensure safe delivery of goods and compensation in the event of damages.

The Cost of Freight Shipping To Norway

Cost of freight shipping varies depending on a number of variables. The weight and size of your consignment determine how much you pay the shipping company. On the whole, road freight services to Norway are generally cheaper than air freighting. The only downside to road shipments is that they take quite a bit of time. Getting estimates on the cost of freighting is possible but the company will need to know the exact dimensions of your items. If packaged already then the dimensions of the pallets are what will determine how much you pay. Quote requests forms can be obtained online for most freight shipping companies to help you know how much you will spend.

Freight Time

If shipping from the UK to Norway, you can expect your goods to stay just one day in transit. This is true for air freight services done by companies that use all major airports in the UK. If you opt for road freighting then the same is true if you choose a dedicated vehicle. Part loads in shared trucks can take up to a week and this means you cannot use this for items that require speedy delivery. Remember that this might even be longer if the company timetable is full. Customs clearance alone can take up to three days if using road freighting and you must factor this in when considering your shipping options.

There are several companies online which offer freight shipping to Norway. Always look up a company’s credentials before signing up for their services. Cost comparison is important when window shopping for the right freight company to work with but watch out for suspiciously low cost freighting. You may end up paying more than you anticipated when your goods arrive damaged or very late.

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