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Dubai is probably the most sought after tourist location in the world and rightly so. There is so much cultural diverseness in the city while there are a number of great man-made wonders to admire to. There is hardly anyone in this world who loves to travel and hasn’t either travelled to Dubai or has no intention of travelling to Dubai. On first look, you may wonder as to what is to like about Dubai since it’s basically a desert? Actually, the fact that Dubai is a desert and has been transformed into something wonderful and stunning makes Dubai all the more attractive. 

It’s not just Dubai is a great spot for spending your vacations with friends or family. Dubai is the epicenter of business and anyone who gets the chance to go to Dubai to do business or to hold a job that will lead to a rather permanent stay in Dubai is considered lucky. You not only get the chance of working at some great places and of enhancing your career but you get the chance to do so in a wonderful and beautiful environment. 

However, even though Dubai is a great place, you shouldn’t start packing your bags and start to find a shipping company to transport your household goods just yet. 

Economic Conditions in Dubai

The recession in 2009 devastated Dubai badly and there was a number of people who had to leave Dubai because of the deteriorating economic conditions at that time. However, the situation has taken a turn for the better quite quickly with Dubai once again regaining its status as the epicenter of business in the world. 

Dubai’s economic health can be analyzed by taking a look at the property market. A property market’s health actually points at the overall health of the country’s economy. If the property market is flourishing then it means that investors are ready to invest in the country and it’s an indication that the economy is going great. However, if the property market is seeing a decline then it means that the investors are coy and want to keep their money in their bank accounts. Therefore, a poor state of the property market usually indicates that the economy is not exactly healthy.

Dubai’s property market has dipped but is not expected to fall to 2009 levels. So, is this an indication that Dubai’s economy is suffering? Well, you could take it that way. However, you must understand that Dubai sets itself very high standards and this means that even though Dubai’s economy isn’t exactly flourishing but it is still going really strong. Dubai reached its low-point in 2009 and if the experts believe that the property market’s condition isn’t going to worsen that much then one can believe that Dubai’s economy would stay out of troubled waters in the years to come. 

Cultural Problems in Dubai

Dubai has no real defined culture but since it is a part of the Arab countries, there is a certain level of Islamic influence on the city. The culture is also dictated by Islamic values and therefore, it is perceived that people who would go to Dubai from countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK or other European countries would find it difficult to settle in such a cultural environment. However, if you will ask people from these countries what it is like to relocate to Dubai, they will give you a very positive response.

The thing is that while the Arab countries are Islamic, Dubai is one of the cities which has a very diverse culture which isn’t dominated by Islamic values as much. The majority of people here are Muslims but the laws of the land are pretty much like the western world. The night life in the city is very vibrant while bars and clubs are usually open too. The people are also very welcoming and since there are many people from around the world living here, there are no problems for people who come to live in the city. 

Prices of Shipping Goods to Dubai

So, it’s easy to see that Dubai is a great place and if you have a chance to move to Dubai then you shouldn’t hesitate at all. However, before you start to move all your household items, you must take a look at the shipping prices so that:

  If the shipping prices to Dubai are very high then you can leave a lot of the things which you can buy in Dubai behind.  If the shipping prices to Dubai are low then you can even take things which you were leaving behind with a heavy heart.

Interestingly enough, shipping prices vary hugely. However, if you look at the story in which Nanny stole and shipped more than Dh200,000 worth of items from sponsor in Dubai, you would see that shipping to Dubai isn’t exactly that difficult and doesn’t cost much too. 

Shipping to Dubai

Dubai is one of the busiest cities in the world and attracts people from all over the globe. The city is the financial hub of the Middle East and is one of the economical capitals of the world as well. The fact that global economy’s health is often measured by the state of Dubai’s economy shows the city’s importance in the world. It’s no wonder that Dubai is the 5th fastest growing city in the world right now!

It’s not just all about financial activities when it comes to Dubai though. There’s a lot more to Dubai than just businesses. People from all over the globe not only come to the city to make their careers but also to enjoy landmark buildings and state-of-the-art parks and entertainment centers. Since a great portion of the city’s population is made up of foreigners, there is a great mix of culture found in Dubai too. This makes the city culturally vibrant and anyone who visits Dubai would be amazed by the cultural diversity. 

If you want to ship something to Dubai, it can be due to two reasons. One might be that you are moving to Dubai because you have been transferred to Dubai by your current employer or because you have found a job in Dubai or because you simply want to spend a few good months or years in Dubai. If that’s not the case then you would be sending your family member, friend or relative in Dubai a gift or sending something they requested. Regardless of the reason, there are a few things that you should know about the process of shipping anything to Dubai. 

Travel Insurance is a Must

This is something that’s not just exclusively true when you would ship items to Dubai. Whenever you need to ship anything to any part of the world, travel insurance is necessary. The insurance cover would make sure that your valuable item remains safe and that in case it gets damaged because of any reason, the insurance would pay for it. This would make sure that your valuable’s safety never gets in doubt during the shipping. 

Rather than insuring everything you ship, a better option would be to choose a shipping company which offers travel insurance. Choosing such a company when shipping to Dubai for example would make sure that your items, whether you are moving them to your new home or are sending them to a loved one, remain safe throughout. 

You Have Different Shipping Options

A lot of people don’t realize that there are a lot of choices available when you have to ship anything and knowing about these choices is the first step to picking the right option according to your needs. These options include:

If you need transportation of cars and household contents, your best would be to get an exclusive container. This option allows you the opportunity of having a shipping container all to yourself. This would ensure that all your items are shipped in one container without any other item being packed with them. This would give you a peace of mind as you would know that all of your items are in one container and when the container would safely reach Dubai, you would know for sure that all of your items have reached Dubai safely. The option is obviously only great if you have a lot of items to ship. 

The option of using a shared container is best for people who are only shipping a couple of items at max to Dubai. For instance, if you are sending a gift to someone in Dubai, there is no need to have an exclusive container for that item. You can always make do with a shared space. In this arrangement, you would only pay for the space that the item you are shipping occupies. It can save you a lot of money. 

Shipping Costs are Going Down

Dubai is a port and there are always companies ready to ship items to Dubai. Various shipping companies offer services to Dubai and since there is a lot of competition in the market, the costs of shipping to Dubai aren’t as high as shipping to another city or country. 

There is more good news too! There have been headlines like ‘Dubai Ports Undergoing Major Expansion’ and this is an indication that Dubai is going to become an even bigger battleground for shipping companies. Since the competition is only going to get higher, the prices are going to get down even more. 

So, if you want to ship to Dubai, you should be able to enjoy lower prices than prices for international shipping to any other part of the world.  


The prospect of taking up a new job and living in a whole new place can be exciting. And for a moment, you forget just how draining relocation is. Even if you are looking forward to a higher pay and a step up the career ladder in your dream city, all the excitement cannot erase the challenges of relocation. 

As draining and hectic as moving can be, it is pretty common today. With the world becoming a global village and the economic systems becoming more interconnected, expansion is inevitable. And with expansion comes global relocations of employees. While the relocations are common and contribute greatly to business profitability, they are time consuming, costly and difficult. However, a moving company does make things easier.

Main Challenges of Relocation

There are several challenges that come with moving, especially with global relocation. These challenges differ greatly depending on the arrangements the company had made for their employees, the country of destination as well as the entourage of the employee making the move. There are a few challenges that cut across the board. These include:


This is one of the biggest headaches, right after packing. Moving requires a handsome financial backing right from purchasing packaging supplies to sorting out other legal and financial issues. You will need to sort out the lease or the mortgage, or even sell the house and other household items. You will also have to settle all outstanding bills.

Housing and Living Arrangements

Regardless of how attractive the salary package, the house in the destination city or country will never be the same as the house you are leaving. It may be smaller, bigger, with more or less amenities, cheaper or costlier, nearer or farther from the office, and a host of other differences. You may be used to a quiet suburb setting only to get relocated to a noisy, city apartment. Regardless of the size and amenities that come with the house, it is still an adjustment. 

In most international relocations, it is cheaper and easier to sell your furniture and purchase new sets in your destination country. This has a cost implication as well as the uncertainty of unfamiliarity with surrounding, especially if little children are involved. If you want to move with your furniture, you may need to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the destination country.

Safety and Security

It is always advisable to use a reputable moving company when relocating as it assures you of the safety of your properties. It is also financially sound to use a global moving company as it takes advantage of scaling which translates to lower moving costs as opposed to doing it yourself. When picking a moving company, make sure that your property is insured against damage or loss in case of any event. Additionally, reputable companies ensure that your property gets to you on time. Keep in mind that global relocations can involve several transport companies. Therefore, pick one that has a reputation of delivering on their promises as this means that their global networks are equally competent.

The Partner’s Career/Kids Schooling

One of the most challenging things about relocating for work is that you may be forced to move with the family as well. Sometimes the spouse may be forced to quit a high flying job to offer support, and things may not work out as expected once settled in the new residence. Additionally, school going kids will have to change schools, which can be equally traumatic. If these changes are not handled well, they may lead to serious problems. Counseling is sometimes necessary in these situations.

To overcome this challenge, it is important to research on possible opportunities beforehand. Sometimes you may move to a place that presents better career prospects, and other times the opposite may happen. In either case, prior research on possible opportunities in the new city can be very helpful.

Language and Culture Changes

It is important to prepare for the culture shock you may experience in your new place. You can research on the languages used in your destination country or city. The culture and language change can especially take a toll on the children. It is important to have all family members adequately prepared for the changes so that they can easily settle in their respective places. 

In A Nutshell

Is relocation the best option? There is a lot that goes into a relocation not just the money and time. Relocation can make or break a family if the members are not adequately prepared for all the changes that will take place. As exciting as a new job in a new town is, it is important to look at the bigger picture. Would the new job enhance the family or break it.  If it will be good for you and the family, then prepare well and go for it! You can check out some simple ways to make relocation easy.

Are you ready to re-locate?

This is the question that you will ask yourself if you have been offered a job in another city or country or if you want to provide a better life for your loved ones. Moving house is one of the most stressful occasion in a person’s life so when it comes to relocating, most people are a bit unsure. It is a fact that relocating means taking a leap into the unknown. For example, it might not work out at your new office or you might miss your family and friends. You might not have people around you to support you and adjusting to a new city or country might be a major struggle. So, research your options thoroughly before deciding if you should re-locate or not. 

How will moving affect your family and friends?

One of the first things that you need to consider when relocating is your family and friends. When you are single, it is easier for you to move to a new city or country without considering the consequences that it will have on those around you but when you have a family and great friends, you will need to consider how your move will affect them. Will your move be disruptive for your children? How will it affect their education? How will it affect your partner and his or her job prospects? So, one of the first things to consider is your family and friends before deciding whether you should relocate or not. 

What are the costs of moving?

Another thing to consider before deciding to relocate is how much your move might cost. There are a variety of things that you need to consider when moving. For example:

Will you ship your belongings?   Will you hire movers?
Will you pay for packing and unpacking your belongings?   Will you rent a truck?

It is important that you do all that is necessary to keep moving costs low if you do decide to relocate.

What are the cost of living once you have relocated?

Will the city or country that you will be moving to be more expensive than the city or country that you are living in? Will you be able to live a comfortable life with your current salary in a new city or country? If you are not re-locating for your job, will you find a new job so that you can take care of your daily living costs? It is important that you calculate your cost of living in a new city or country so that you can determine in advance if you will be able to support yourself. If you know in advance that it will be too expensive and you might not be able to afford it, you should not re-locate. There are many websites online that have cost of living calculators that you can use to calculate how much your cost of living will be in a new city or country.

What do you like and do not like about the location?

Location, location, location! Sometimes, the location alone is sufficient to determine if you should re-locate or not. When considering the location, compare it to the current location where you live. Does the new location offer the same benefits as your current location? Are there issues with your current location that will be solved by the new location?

Some things to investigate about your new locations include:


Some great locations to relocate to include: