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Why do people choose to move to another country? What pulls them to put all their belongings inside boxes and have them shipped away to a different nation? Why would they change their lives and leave everything behind in order to start a new stage behind the borders of another country?

There are many reasons why Britons decide to engage in an international removal. British expats are spread around the world, even if some specific countries stand out as preferred destinations. It isn't difficult to imagine which ones are on top of the list; English-speaking ex-colonies like the United States of America and the southern land of Australia house hundreds of thousands of Britons right now, and many more will move there in the next years. Some of them are in for a temporary residence, perhaps while they pursue a study or gather some work experience; others, are there to stay.

If you are thinking about moving internationally, you have to know how complex the task is. Of course, you do know that it's a lot of work and money, because that is what common sense says. However, the actual perks of international removals are more complex than most people imagine. There are some key elements that they must bear in mind when choosing an international removals company, doing the paperwork and the packing, and getting everyting in place before settling down in their new homes. 

Removals to Germany

Germany offers many opportunities for different sorts of people, and it's an all around efficient and rich country, both economically and culturally. Therefore, it is an attractive destinations for Britons to settle down, be it temporarily or permanently. Many British expats choose Germany as a work destination, moving to this country in order to gather further work experience, make businesses grow and find new opportunities. Some choose to study in German universities or postgraduate schools, and they need to move there as well. There are Britons who even decide to live the rest of their lives in this European country, taking advantage of all it has to offer - which isn't little.

As many people are opting to emigrate to Germany, several companies are offering specific services for international removals to this country. Good news is that, as Germany is a top destination for Britons, there is a lot of possibilites and information for expats who want to make it into their new home. You can check many different services, each of which will have their pros and cons, evaluate, and decide what you best option is. For less common destinations, with fewer routes and companies offering to work there, your possibilities are narrower. 

Things to consider

Choosing the right removal company is vital to make sure that the whole process will be carried out properly and with as little hassle as possible. International shipping or air freights are more complex than they seem, and lots of things can go wrong, from paperwork issues to bad container handling. Good removal companies should have those risks covered, as parcels are handled by trained professionals who will be careful enough to deliver all your belongings to destination in the scheduled time, and in the right conditions.

In order for the removal to be completed successfully, you're going to need a removals company that provides quality service without overcharging you with hidden fees or bad pricing. Impartial reviews and the word of mouth are usually the best sources of information on which is the best company to handle your removal. However, there are many companies out there that could provide a good service but you don't have access on this sort of information about it. It is easy to lie in the Internet, and all of the companyes' webpages will tell you they're the best in the market and have the lowest fees. How to tell which ones actually fulfill their promises and which ones are a scam?

Ask for free quotations and always make sure they are also free of obligation, and compare at least three different companies. Another good idea is to ignore those companies that offer extremely low prices; you get what you pay. 

Also, compare different services from those companies. Some of them offer special solutions or packages that are more convenient for your particular needs, and you can save money without resignign much service quality. Cheaper options are usually slower, but if you're not in a hurry, they could be a good choice for you to save some money. There are other ways of cutting down expenses, like hiring only half a container - this is called part load and you get the same service for less money.

People choose to move to different parts of the world for different reasons. Some choose to go for work reasons while others go there for personal reasons. Of all the countries to immigrate to, Germany is the second most common country to immigrate to. The United States is usually the most common place to immigrate to. Most people believe that the grass is greener on the other side but it isn’t uncommon for people to be disappointed when relocating to a country. Visiting a country while on holiday and living there is two completely different things. The way you are treated as a tourist and a resident can be drastically different. If you decide on relocating to Germany, there are quite a few things that you need to think of, especially if you are relocating from a different country or continent.

There are so many things that you need to take into account before you start the process of relocating to a different country. In the European Union the most populous country is by far Germany. In Germany there is a completely different type of culture and language. They are people with their own unique history and identity.  Germany has since the 1950’s been totally dependent on immigrant workers to help the economy grow. A relocation to Germany isn’t easy but many immigrant workers stayed in Germany and earned their citizenships. The country is now classified as a country that has regulated immigration.

Planning Ahead

There are a bunch of things that you need to take into account when you decide on relocating, especially if you are relocating to another country. You need to make sure that not only are you going to have a job in the country you are relocating to but that you also have a place to stay beforehand. It takes a lot of meticulous planning in relocating to a country. It takes months of paperwork etc. depending on which country you want to go to you will need to follow their strict rules when relocating. Some countries require a certain amount of money in your bank account and some may even insist that you don’t have any debt. There are some countries that insist that you either have work in the desired location or that you have blood family in the area. It isn’t always easy to relocate to a country but in some cases it may be better than the country they are currently living in.

How About Your Belongings?

Once all your paperwork is in order and you have a job and a place to stay you may need to start thinking about your belongings. Some may decide to sell the bulk of their belongings while others will decide to ship everything that they have. You will need to make sure you find relocation to Germany that will be able to handle the move and ensure shipping reliably to Germany. If you decide to sell all your belongings or to sell the bulk thereof that you will have what you need when you arrive. The worst thing could be arriving in the country and you not having any furniture etc.

Things to Know When Relocating to Germany

Every country has their own rules and regulations that need to be followed before you will be allowed to relocate to a country. In Germany there are a few rules that you need to follow. If you are planning to stay in Germany for more than three months you need to apply for a residence permit. You need to not only be up to date with your taxes in your home country but you will need to pay taxes in Germany especially if you are earning a German salary. 

The German School System is not like other countries. If a student is at a level to study at a university level they will not be turned away just because they are unable to afford it. Parents are also able to get a child allowance once they reside in Germany. When something isn’t compulsory, we usually won’t do it but in Germany Liability and Health insurance is an absolute must. It is mandatory if you are going to stay in Germany for more than six months.

The scenery in Germany is beautiful and their roads are well maintained. In most sections of Germany there aren’t any speed limits but the other rules that Germany has are extremely important. One of the most important rules is the fact that you will need a driver’s license. If you already have a license that was issued under a European Union then it is likely that you won’t need a German license, whereas if you come from another country you may need to have your written test or driving test and in some cases you may need to complete both.

Moving is an exciting endeavour in anyone’s mind. The prospect of a new home brings up endless possibilities – how to decorate, what to put where and what needs to be bought ahead of the time to make it as comfortable as possible. Moving to a new home in your home town is stressful enough however; there is a whole lot more to consider when immigrating.

With the German economy being as strong as it is it should come as no surprise that many people from across the globe have decided to take plunge, pack their bags and move to the country that brings us great beer, amazing cars and an interesting mix of history.

Moving country can be stressful though and you need to have all of your ducks in order if you are going to have a smooth transition. If you are planning on shipping your household contents to Germany, you need to be even more on the ball. You don’t want things to go missing or become damaged. If this happens you will have to spend more money which is the last thing you want after taking the plunge to move to a new country. This will just add to your stress levels and make settling in so much tougher. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you if you moving house contents to Germany. Keep reading to find out more!

Protection, Protection

If you are moving furniture it is really important that you wrap things up properly. This way your furniture will not become damaged. Would you really like to have to deal with all of those repairs once you end up in Germany? You will be getting into your new job, making new friends and immersing yourself in your new environment after all. If you are not sure how to go about wrapping your goods, consider getting professional packers in. The extra cash spent is worth it considering the alternative – having to replace your furniture on top of the usual moving costs. This could easily end up being thousands after all.

Choose Your Shipping Company Wisely

When selecting a shipping company to go with, you really need to do your homework. Even though Germany is close by it doesn’t mean you can go on the cheap when it comes to choosing a shipping company. A lot can go wrong in a short space of time and life is unpredictable. That is something we all know to be very true.

Thanks to the advent of the World Wide Web, you do not need to go in blindly. Take a look at the different shipping companies that include Germany in their portfolio. You also need to think about what your needs are. How much are you planning on shipping? Do you live in a mansion or a studio apartment? The amount of goods you need shipped will be a determining factor in the company you use and the package you decide to take.

The next thing to think about is how  urgently you need your household goods to arrive. You can expect to wait a few weeks so be prepared for that. If it is urgent, consider flying some of your things over. However, be prepared to pay a considerable amount for this service.

Now that you know how much you need to ship and whether or not you will be transporting some goods by air, you need to suss the reputation of various shipping companies out. The best way to do this is to head online. Take a look at customer service forums and see what previous clients have to say.

You can also take a look at what has been happening on their Facebook page when it comes to safely of shipment. You will be able to see their policies as well as what insurance packages are on offer. If you are thinking of skipping the insurance, think again. You need to cover your household goods because as we mentioned, life is unpredictable. The sea is also her own individual who may decide to do something that will not be beneficial for you.

Immigration, Immigration

The stories of refugees entering from war torn areas are terrifying everyone. People are worried about job security and the stress on resources which is fair as the economy is going through a tough time – even for Germany. With this in mind, Germany blocking re-entry for immigrants, as many as 94,000 of them who have been seeking refugee status. Most people are from the Balkans. While the move is controversial, it should make you feel better about your job security. Enjoy Germany!

What is exactly meant by shipping?

Shipping is a term which you must have come across before. It initially referred to transferring goods from one place to other via sea. Goods are transported through a ship and that is why it is called shipping. Today, there are many different types of shipping methods. Businesses, especially those which are in manufacturing of some product or have got business ticking on globally, require shipping service in order to transport their goods from place of manufacture to place of ultimate consumption.

Different shipping methods are used to send products in bulk. Nearly cargos and cargos of goods are packed up, loaded in the ship for months and then shipped. The reason why manufacturers prefer shipping is due to its economical transportation service. It has the ability to carry more goods at a time and deliver them at a lesser cost as compared to using air as the mode of transfer.

Shipping as a profession and business

As the demand of shipping rose in the world with globalization coming in to play, different businesses flourished offering shipping services. Although, there are loads of reputable companies that offer shipping services.

The services of nearly all the shipping providers is remarkable as they deliver goods in time yet in the peak season for shipping business often find it hard to find a shipping solution which offers them on time delivery. At times the demand is so much that it becomes hard to find a shipper who is ready to take on your consignment.

When it’s the peak season of shipping, there are certain practices with packaging which you can practice to ensure safe delivery. Due to the peak hour rush, cases of lost, damaged consignments increase. The only way to safeguard your consignment is to pack it the way it should be packed.

Tips for packing during peak season of shipping

Here are a few tips for you which you must remember and consider while packing your consignment. 

 Less packaging can lead to more money

No no, we aren’t talking about the goods. We are talking about packaging less padding and other packaging material like cardboard, tape etc. The more the material you use for packaging, the more will be the weight of your container. This will lead only to add on shipping expenses and increase your cost of shipping while cutting them off right from your revenues.


Make sure you are using the right container

The practice of packaging unbreakable stuff like clothes in sheets, plastic is good enough as they don’t require much padding for protection. But in case of jewellery or any other breakable stuff like porcelain crockery etc, it is best to use a solid, strong box. Adding padding to all the sides while ensure added safety.



 Consider help of an expert

Most shipping companies offer paid services in order to assist you in packaging and shipping. The will deploy their expert staff members along with you who are going to do everything for you. Right from packaging to loading and getting all the formalities done on your behalf. This not only makes sure that your work is done in time but gets done with professionalism and under expert guidance. Remember, they have been doing it regularly and doing it along with them will also help you in learning.

Toxic material must be avoided at any costs

By toxic material here we mean batteries or anything toxic which goes along in the container. It might be cosmetics etc. Make sure that you adhere to your shipping companies policies and add in only that material which is permissible. Toxic batteries etc can leak during the period of shipping and this can damage even the other products which are packaged along.




Stuff in multiple orders or items

Businesses usually get multiple orders for a similar item or order with multiple items which have to be shipped at the same address. In such a case, one good way of saving on your shipping costs is to use cushioning and try to adjust multiple items in the same container. The idea is to make perfect use of the space inside the container to an optimum level of sufficiency. Packaging can be given at the sides of the products to make sure that they don’t wear and tear during the journey.

So these were some packaging tips for shipping in the peak season. Hope they will help you in safely shipping during the season.

The challenges of moving

There are many complicated things in our lives, and one of them is definitely removals. If you have been in a situation like this before, you will agree that there are lots of things to mind and care about, and lots of work to do before, while and after you relocate. Also, don't forget that, in some cases, removals take place in quite complicated times of our lives, like divorces, passings and international relocation. Some people just aren't lucky enough to pick the best and more quiet time in their lives to handle a removal. For this reason, the simpler you can make it, the better. 

There are plenty of things to consider when moving, this is a very time and money consuming event. There are some of them that require your personal involvement, like choosing and purchasing a new property, and doing personal paperwork in the case of international relocation. However, you can entrust third parties with some of the work, especially the transportation of your goods. This is when a removals company comes into the frame.

If you choose a good removals company, you will save yourself a lot of hassle and so you'll be able to put your time and energy where it is needed the most. However, if you pick a bad company or service provider, you could end up with your beloved goods lost or damaged, terrible delays, extra expenses and lots of other possible backsets. We suggest that you take your time to select and choose the best removals company, but how could you achieve this? Here are some ideas and useful information for you. 

Which are the best removals companies in the UK?

There are plenty of companies out there which provide a great service, and you have many ways to find out the best ones that work in your area. Don't focus on advertisement because every provider will tell you they're the best, instead try to get references from trustworthy sources. The word of mouth is always a great place to start: ask people you know if they have moved and if so, find out whether they've had a good or bad experience with their removals company. Looking for reccommendations in the Internet is another good way to gather useful information.

However, the main disadvantage of the word of mouth is that it is limited to the experience of people around you. For that reason, we would like to give you another tool to check the actual quality of a removals company's services. It is always guarantee of quality that those companies are members of the accredites removals association; if they are, they will tell you right away. 

This association constantly checks that all its members follow minimum quality standards, from their vehicles to their staff and all other aspects of their service. BAR membership is so important in the UK that if a company or provider doesn't have it, it's almost a red flag and you should really think twice before hiring them. 

In order to make your search shorter, here are a couple BAR-approved removals companies that you can check. 

First there's a British removals company that has a huge international logistics network. It covers all main destinations within the UK as well as abroad. They also offer some very useful features like sharing shipping containers and a complete packing & unpacking service.

If you're just getting started with your removals plans, we suggest that you check Arrow Logistics' blog, which has plenty of information on international removals and other issues of interest.

Tips for best pricing

We believe that you should look for the fairest price: not too high, not too low. Extremely expensive companies might just be a ripoff, or include hidden fees that will make costs rise last minute; too cheap companies, well, "you get what you pay".

If you want to save money, we suggest that you do some of the work yourself instead of paying for a cheaper company to do it. In example, you can mind the packing yourself and just hire the freight. However, you have to bear in mind that if you do so, your belongings might not be as well protected as they would if they were packed and wrapped by expert staff. Also, when you pack the items yourself, the insurance cover may not apply. 

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