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Removals Abroad

Moving to or from Australia today?

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to successfully move from one country to the other while other people have horrible moving experiences? Well, those people who are successful in their moving experience are those who recognize the need for hiring a removal company to help them with their removal. Those who are unsuccessful are most likely those who assume that they are capable of handing their removal without the assistance of professionals. 

If you plan on moving to or from Australia, you will definitely need to hire an international removal company that is reliable and that has sufficient knowledge, experience and expertise. This is the key to guaranteeing a successful removal. It is without a doubt that countless removals companies are represented in Australia but not all of those companies can deliver quality logistics and freight shipping services. You will be pleased to know that Arrow Logistics is also present in Australia. 

Should you sell, store or ship your belongings?

If you plan on moving to Australia, you will definitely consider whether or not you should sell, store or ship your belongings. Many people choose to sell items such as furniture as this is the easiest and most logical thing to do. When choosing to sell your belongings, one important thing to consider is whether or not the amount that you sell it for will be sufficient to help you replace them once you are in Australia. 

If you will not be selling your house, you could always choose to rent your house fully furnished to someone else; however, there are risks involved. First of all, you will need reliable tenants who will not end up destroying your house and belongings. Choosing to leave your house fully furnished without renting it is not a good idea because your belongings can be stolen and you will also have to uphold two houses – your old one and your new one in Australia. So storing your belongings might not be the best option.

Shipping your belongings overseas is the third option. It is a costly option and can be a logistical nightmare but it does not have to be if you hire a removal company to guide you with the process. 

Tips for Shipping to Australia 

Moving to Australis requires a lot of planning.


Did you know that if you are to ship your furniture and other belongings to Australia, they would take approximately 12 weeks before arriving? This means that you need to plan well in advance if you want your belongings to arrive in Australia when you arrive.


Shipping the contents of a standard 3-bedroom house will cost approximately £3,000 to £5,000. This means that you need to have that money available in advances so if you do not plan properly, you might not have the money available when you need it to get your belongings shipped out on time.


Loss or damage of items in transit is not uncommon. To protect your belongings against loss or damage in transit, get insurance. The insurance will depend on what you are insuring and the level of cover you like. For example, you can choose coverage against loss only or you can choose choose a good removals company, theft and damage. 

Choosing an international removals company

When choosing an international removals company, it is important that you do not only compare costs but that you also compare the standards of services offered by each company. Do not only look at the price but look at what is included in the price. In addition, try to find out what previous customers have said about the company that you are considering by reading online reviews and testimonials. In addition, look for a company that is registered with an established trade association. Removals companies who are members of BAR, benefit in many ways as well as their customers. 

Questions to ask a potential removal company

Below are some questions that you should ask a removal company to know whether or not they are the right one. It is important that all of the below questions are answered to satisfaction before making the final decision.

Are you a member of BAR? If not, why not?

Which types of insurance do you offer?

How long have you been in business?

Can you supply references?

How will my belongings be packed?

How long will the move take?

What does your pricing structure look like and are there any hidden costs? 

Removals in the UK

The United Kingdom has a very dynamic population and it isn’t unusual that people change homes a few times in their lives. Life events like having children or getting married are often a cause of these relocations, because at different stages of our lives we have different needs. A growing family will need larger spaces, playrooms, more bedrooms and bathrooms, and a nice yard. Years later, when your kids grow up and part ways, it is likely that you will want to downsize to a more fitting property that will also be cheaper and easier to mantain.

Job opportunities, long term studies or the mere desire to change the environment where you live are also very common reasons why people relocate. The list goes on, from more happy events like births to hard times such as divorces and passings. People move. And moving isn’t just walking or driving somewhere else, it’s really far from being that easy. Relocating your entire household and starting up with a new stage in your life is a long, complicated, expensive process where many things can go wrong.

This is definitely something that you can’t do by yourself. You need to hire a removals company, or at the very least a fleet. However, there are so many things that you need to do, so many aspects to mind, that a good removals company is practically indispensable to save yoy massive amounts of hassle and worries and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The removals business

As many people reolcate in the United Kingdom every year, it is understandable that plenty of removals companies start up every year, and many of them actually reach some form of success due to the high demand; removal startups can become very successful here. Not only do people relocate from one place in the UK to another, but there are also many international removals going on right now. British expats relocate to other countries in order tu pursue education, job oppotunities, love and many other motivations. Also, there is a very rich immigration movement directed towards the UK from varied sectors of the world, and they are likely to hire a local company, at least to take charge of the last part of the removal and the finishing touches.

The removals industry is also boosting other businesses which are somehow involved with the whole process of relocation. Cleaning services are a clear example of this. End of tenancy cleaning as well as setting up the place for receiving new owners are very common services offered by these companies. Arguably, even charities benefit from removals, since this is a time when most people decide to review their belongings and get rid - or donate - those that they won’t use. When you live in the same house, you just store things you don’t use somewhere and forget about them if you have enough room, but when you move you really start thinking about whether or not you want to keep them anymore, especially if you are downsizing. After all, who wants to pay to transport useless things around?

Your own removal

You have many resources for a successful removal if you plan to move within, into or out the United Kingdom. From removals apps which can provide support to your decisions and research to dozens of blog posts with removals tips, the online world is full of information and tools. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are enough for you to manage the relocation yourself. Moving can be very stressing if you take that burden upon your shoulder. Especially if you haven’t been in charge of a removal before, you just have no idea of how many things can go wrong, how many you have to address, how many details you have to figure out. Leaving the process in the hands of qualified removers is the best thing you can do for yourself.

According to experts, the mere process of packing and organizing your goods for removal is hard enough, especially if you want to go on with your life at the same time. You have to weigh all of this effort and expense. Hiring a company will of course be a money investment, but it’s going to be worth it. You just need to make sure that you are paying the right amount for a good, integral removals service, which includes packing and unpacking, transportation, storing and paperwork in case of an international removal. You can check the BAR recommended fees to get a reliable reccommendation on what range of fees to expect from a removals company.

Homes are our heaven.

They provide us protection and keep us safe from the outside world. There is no better place to relax for a person than his home. However, homes need to be maintained properly on a regular basis in order for you to enjoy living in them. If you will not pay attention to home maintenance then it would soon become impossible for you to even stay in your home for a little while let alone live there. Thus, it is important that you maintain your home and do the necessary repairs that are needed around the home. 

Difficulties in Maintaining Your Home

Even though everyone wants their home to be in pristine condition, it isn’t as easy as you might think. A lot of hard work is required for home maintenance and some people are just not up to the task. There are a number of difficulties that come in the way of maintaining a home as well. The following are some of the issues that you might face when it comes to doing repairs or renovating your home. 

Lack of Time

One of the most often heard excuses cited by people for not maintaining their homes regularly is lack of time. They are just too busy to do the required repairs needed in and around the house. Not having time for home maintenance is a big issue for people who have a very stressful job and remain so busy with work that they don’t to even think about anything else.

Shortage of Money

Sometimes time is not an issue at all. You just don’t have enough money to get the repairs done. Home renovations can be quite costly and for some people it would be almost impossible to think about it given their financial condition. You can always think about getting a loan for renovating your home but it would only increase your financial issues in the long-term. 

Inability to do the Necessary Repairs

Another difficulty that can stop a person from maintaining their home is their inability to do the repair themselves. There is a certain amount of skill required for doing the small repairs that are required to keep your home in a good condition. If you don’t have that skill then it would be near impossible for you to get the repair work done. Although in such situations it is best to hire a handyman to do the repairs for you, it would cost you a good deal of money. 


Laziness is by far the most common reason why people don’t maintain their homes. Some people are just not interested to get up and do the necessary repairs. Such people like to pile up the maintenance work needed in the home and keep on delaying it until it becomes impossible for them to ignore it. However, by then things have gone so out of hand that they simply can’t do anything about it.

Why moving is  Easier than Renovation

Considering how difficult it can be for some people to maintain and renovate their home, it becomes easier for them to just leave the home as it is and move to a different home is not in need of immediate maintenance or renovation. Although the movement process too can be a taxing one too, if you choose a good removals company then you can move from one place to another without encountering much problems. The following are some of the reasons why using reputable removals service provders can make moving an easier proposition for you than doing home maintenance. 

Saves Time

Moving from your old home to a new one can be completed in a much less time than renovating your previous home. Renovations generally take a month or two to get done. You will have to live in a disorganized manner while the renovations are being done too. On the other hand, moving home would only take a week at the most.

Hassle Free 

Moving home is a much hassle free process than renovations. You would not have to worry about anything as the logistics company is going to take care of everything. You will just have to take a plane or a ride to your new home and all your stuff will be delivered there even before you arrive.

Saves Money

Renovating an old home takes money. You will need to spend a good deal of cash if you want to get your home renovated and get all the repairs done. Moving your home on the other hand won’t cost you that much.  

 Shipping your car

If you want to relocate to a new house far away from your former home, it is likely that you will want to bring your car with you along with the rest of your belongings. Moving to a place close to your former address isn’t a big deal in that case: you just load some of your things on your car and drive to your new home. If the place is quite far but you don’t mind some hours driving, you can get your car quickly and quite cheaply to your new home. Now, when you’re moving far away, and/or across the ocean, there is no chance that you will drive your car like that. You need another mean of transportation; in other words, you need a freight.

Some people choose to sell their cars when they move abroad hoping to stay there for the long term, and instead buy a new vehicle at their new country. This is especially common when people leave the UK, because in most of the world people drive on the right lane instead of the left lane, so UK cars with the wheel on the right side will be uncomfortable and impractical to drive in those roads. Buying a car which is prepared for driving on the right lane seems like a good idea. 

However, some people still want to keep their own car when moving, either because they don’t want the hassle of selling it and buying a new one, or because they have become attatched to their own vehicle and they wouldn’t want to let it go. Here is where car shipping plays a part. Shipping companies offer to take your car to your new destination through the ocean. There are some advantages of this, and also a few disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look.

What to do when shipping your car

Large car merchants and manufacturers in the world ship big cargos every day to many countries. They know that car shipping is cheaper and more eco-friendly than road transportation or air freight, because it consumes less fuel per piece - one ship can carry as many cars as several trucks or airplanes. Car shipping is definitely much slower than alternate means of transportation, but from a business point of view a constant flow of supplies is all that’s needed to make up for this. 

If you want to ship your car as well, here is what you should remember so you don’t have much trouble. Shipping your car is a good option but it’s slow, so you might have to wait for weeks until you receive your vehicle at your new home. You should have a plan for the time you will spend without it, and some good options for you are renting another car, joining a car pool or recuring to public transportation, which will require that you become familiar with how it works and which lines you should take more often.

Also, you should search around a little bit because there are many transport companies that can ship your car abroad, but not all of them are good or reliable.

Choosing your transport company

Picking a good transport company is a big thing, but the tricks that we recommend the most for this are the same tricks that work for every company. You should compare your options in terms of quality, price and special offerings. A quick Google search will tell you which transport companies offer to take your car abroad, but all of their websites will tell you the same thing: that they’re your best option, they’re the most convenient, and they’re flawless. How do you know that they are telling the truth? The answer is: by reading reviews and commentaries on several websites, there you are far more likely to find the truth about those companies. 

You can always choose to stick with big companies like UPS, but sometimes they overcharge you for their services, relying on their own popularity. However, there are good, yet smaller, transport companies out there that will do a great job shipping your car almost anywhere in the world. 

You are free to choose the company that you want, but remember not to be lazy and do some research before you make your final decision. If you choose poorly, you will end up paying lots of money for no good reason, and you might have delays or problems concerning your vehicle, which you definitely do not want.

Now that you know it’s inevitable to make the move, you have already sorted out your papers. You have also made all the possible arrangements concerning your home, your insurance policies, your mortgages, and other assets and liabilities. You are now beginning to feel the effect of the decision. As you sign away your house, you realize, with a tad or maybe more, of nostalgia that you are actually moving. All is sorted out, except for the biggest part of the actual move; packing.

The Rules; Before You Begin Your Packing, Consider A Few Factors

Accommodation Facilities 

For example, how long is your stay abroad? What is your reason for relocation? If you are moving to or from Australia for work reasons, it is important to know if your employer has arranged accommodation facilities for you. Sometimes companies get furnished houses for their employees so you will only show up with your clothes. If no arrangement has been made, consider your finances and get the facilities that fit your budget. It would be unwise to ship items that will not fit the house you will be living in.

International Border Rules

It is very important to consider the items that are allowed and prohibited on the Australian borders before you pack up. If you are not sure of what is approved, you can visit any public emigrations office or website and ask around. This will save you a lot of hassles with the authorities. In some instances, you may need to give out or sell some items since you cannot carry them all with you.

The Removals Rules

Looking for a removals company should be done even before packing. This is because most international removals companies do professional packing in addition to shipping. Therefore, before you start buying boxes, tapes and wrap paper, check out reputable removals companies first.

Here is the tricky part; looking for a good international removals company. If you know the right places to look, then it’s easy as pie. For starters, you can make a simple search online to find out reputable international logistics companies with offices near you. Most international logistics firms have easily accessible websites and local offices or drop/pickup points. 

Before you profile the logistics companies, consider a few factors such as your finances and the services you need.

The most important factors to consider when moving

The Services Offered 

These services may include packing, moving to shipment points, and storage in the new country as well as shipping to the new house)

Insurance Policy Offered 

Consider if the policy covers shipment and storage periods. The insurance should be against damage, loss, theft, natural disasters and several other mishaps, especially when dealing with extremely valuable items. It is also important to note the validity as well as the specific terms of the policy.

The Cost of the Services 

While price should not be the only determinant, it is among the most important factors. Is the quote inclusive of all miscellaneous services such as packing and insurance or is it only for moving the items across the borders? How is the fee calculated? Is it per kilo/pound, distance, time, Australian custom fees? What other parameters are considered? How will it affect your finances if anything doesn’t go according to plan?


It is essential that the shipping company delivers on the agreed time (except in cases of natural disasters in which they have no control over). It can be extremely inconveniencing to have your items delivered weeks after the agreed-upon date. It is important to engage a company with good connections so that no matter what happens you can always get your items on time.

With your list of vital things to look for in an international logistics company, you are ready to start looking around. You can start by looking up friends or family members that have crossed the Australian borders to refer you to the company that best handled their needs. If you have no such contacts, online real reviews will do the trick. Look for reputable review forums and read the real life experiences of the customers who have passed through the various companies in your radar. 

Parting Shot

Moving across Australian borders may not be as scary as you imagine, but you need to be well prepared. You may need to be well acquainted with the laws of the new country. There are simple regulations that will affect your daily life such as driving regulations. Others will not be a daily thing, but are equally important as well such as labour laws, work permits and immigration or expat policies. 

It is important to research about the cultures of your destination country. As much as culture shock will always be there, research will significantly reduce the negative effects, especially if there are school kids involved. It is important to have all members of the family adequately prepared psychologically before the move.

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