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Removals to Denmark

Freight Shipping to Denmark

Denmark is a country located in the European continent. Denmark is among one of the most visited countries in Europe and every year thousands of tourists step in to explore the place. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is among the most visited and loved tourist spot in Europe. 

In the 8th century, Denmark emerged as a country while including Jutland peninsula and a handful of islands. This made Denmark accessible by seaways from all the sides and hence just perfect for trading – including both imports and exports. Denmark has couple of sea ports which are actively engaged in trading with neighboring countries as well as with other continents. The country stands on the 39th place in the world when it comes to exports which clearly show that despite being a small country with merely about 5 million population, Denmark still has a lot to offer when it comes to trading.

Denmark for the Freight Industry

Denmark has been a great market for those in the freight industry. As imports and exports from the borders of the country are frequent, the freight industry flourishes really well in Denmark. Though, when it comes to Denmark, shipping via ships is recommended to be the best way of sending freights. This is due to the fact that the country has 7,314 km of coastline as it is a peninsula and has over 407 islands (Jutland). Another fact is that every city in Denmark has coastline around it and that too not more than 50 km away.

Freight Rates in Denmark

The freight rates in Denmark are pretty dynamic and can vary from region to region. This is mainly due to the huge competition within the freight companies. One will need to get quotations as per their requirements. The major factors which affect the rate of freight in Denmark include:

• Form of Cargo

• Weight of Cargo

• Mode of Freight i.e Ship, Air etc.

• Distance the freight has to cover

How to get the best freight rates in Denmark?

One mistake which most people make during choosing a reliable freight company is the lack of comparison. Going for the very first person you find for freight straight away will often end up making you overpay for the same. The best way is to get in touch with handful of shipping companies in Denmark and get quotations from them. Compare the following in the quotations which you get from them.

Insurance Offered

See how much amount of insurance the freight service provider is offering. Is the amount sufficient to cover all the goods which are being sent in your shipment? If not, how much extra you will have to shell out in order to get comprehensive cover? Insurance matters in order to ensure safe and financially secure delivery of your consignment. Hence consider as an important point while comparing quotations. Your shipping provider will provide you a delivery period in black and white and also promise to deliver your shipment in time. If your shipment is urgent then it is advised to go for the provider who promises to deliver it as per your requirements. It is always preferred to go with a freight provider you can rely on. See if someone in your circle is already happily using the services of any existing freight provider. If so, don’t hesitate to go ahead!

Mode of Transport 

This is the foremost thing to compare. Go for a quotation which offers the best of everything at the most affordable price but make sure that you don’t compromise with the quality of service by choosing someone who offers it too cheap. The price quotation which you are going to get for your freight depends on the mode of transport that you choose. So the prices is affected by the 

Another piece of advice here will be to look for a company which has got its own fleet, its own network or channel of reaching your destination. This way you will avoid delays due to delays in communication within the companies (in case you are going to a company which has tied up with other companies for carrying goods).

Shipping Hubs in Denmark

Denmark has got shipping ports in nearly every city around its coastal areas. So getting freights delivered from any direction to any city is favorable! You can Google a little to check which port lies around the city you are willing to get your freight delivered to so that your items can be delievered to the most suitable hub. Remember to do sufficient research on the freight provider before agreeing to do business. 

Being a member state of European Union, WTO, World Customs organization, OPCW, CITES and other trade related global and regional organizations, Denmark is quite the perfect destination for expats and business people alike. Needless to say, this is one of the most lucrative countries for the Denmark as people move items in and out of the country.

Shipping to Denmark

Freight shipping to Denmark can be done in 3 ways: road, air and road

Air Freight        Road Freight      Sea Freight

     This is usually the perfect freight option for time sensitive cargo. When looking for a quote, keep in mind that it only indicates transport up to the airport. This means that you will need to pay additional charges yourself for such services as kerbside delivery, handling, storage, duties and taxes, quarantine fees etc This is the perfect option for items that are in Denmark’s neighborhood. This service usually includes kerbside pick up and deliveries, though it is important to clarify that before signing the contract. However, the fee, in most cases, does not include packing or handling. This is the perfect option for bulky items that are not too urgent. Ocean shipping can take days or weeks; it depends on the freight services being used. This option is ideal for vehicles, industrial goods and household goods among other items. 

Freight services start way before the containers hit the truck, ship or cargo plane. For starters, you should be aware of the restrictions that are imposed on anything moving into the country. This means that there are some things you cannot take with you into Denmark if you are relocating. The freight industry will depend on the policies of your courier in addition to government restrictions.

General Import Restrictions

There are a few things that require freight rates in Denmark before they are allowed into the country. These items include (but are not limited to) the following;

Human body parts, corpses or animal body parts, embryos or disinterred/cremated remains, live animals and insects and wildlifeExplosives, firearms, and other weaponryPerishable goods such as foodstuff that require refrigeration or other controlsPlants and other materials such as flowersMoney in cash or negotiable instruments such as bonds and stocks, as well as gambling and lottery devicesShipment containing hazardous wastes, or if it is deemed to cause harm or damage to people, equipment or other items on the shipmentShipment that is strictly forbidden n or out of the country as well as shipment that has a declared custom value for its specific destinationItems that are poorly packaged causing leakage or emitting odorsItems that are subject to trade zone restrictions

General Documents Needed When Shipping To Denmark

The cargo being transported will heavily influence the freight service provider. However, there are some documents that are required for all shipments. The exporter should work closely with the importer to ensure that the necessary licenses are obtained. These documents include

Certificate of origin showing where the item comes from

Bill of lading

Air waybill


Commercial invoices

Import licenses

Import duties and taxes certificates

Excise duties

Technical Barriers to Trade certifications

Customs valuation

Import/export forms for goods that are under preferential duty or exemption

General Clearance Process