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Shipping to Australia

The Benefits of Moving to Australia

Moving from the United Kingdom to Australia certainly does have its advantages for families as well as individuals who may be moving for work or study purposes. Think of the great climate, modern conveniences, breath-taking natural beauty, relaxed and modern culture, and great employment options. If you are like many other movers, you might be thinking about moving your personal belongings to Australia by yourself. This is however not advisable. Moving internationally can be challenging and full of stress. This is why it is advisable to hire a removal company to guide you throughout the entire process and to make sure that your belongings arrive at your destination in Australia as safe as possible. 

Austria A one-in-a-million destination

Who hasn’t ever dreamed about Austria? We see it in movies, in decorative posters, in travel agencies and in art expressions as an unearthly place of romance and indescribable charm. As one of the oldest Western European nations, Austria has made every romantic soul on Earth sigh at least once. Those who listen to Austrian music, taste its cuisine or take a look at its beautiful landscapes of country and city, understand that there is something just wonderful about this place. Its unique culture has spread around the globe, never losing its signature style and sophistication.

Austria has a place for everyone. From the peaceful countryside with beautiful villas and merry farms to the vibrating metropolis of Paris, the center of arts and businesses, Austria provides endless destinations both for tourism and for settling down. 

As German is often taught at language academies and there are plenty of online courses available, the language isn’t usually a barrier for those who really wish to live in this country. It is said that the German people are quite eager to speak in English with foreigners, so maybe beginning a life there isn’t very simple if you haven’t mastered basic German, but the silky, elegant sound of the German words will slip inside your brain in a matter of days. Sooner than you expect, you will find yourself speaking these wonderful sounding words, those who make any phrase sound like a love poem.

Why would people move to Austria?

Well, why not? As a developed, first world country with a great cultural heritage, a charm that knows no match and strong business opportunities, Austria is a great destination to start a new stage of your life. In fact, it is one of the most popular destinations for Britons who emigrate, the second most popular country of the EU after Spain and the fourth country worldwide - after Australia and the United States.

The fact of the matter is, What are Incoterms? every year. And it isn’t just a local phenomenon: Global trade between Australia and other countries, and there is a similar movement in other countries. Now, unless an insanely large amount of people are systematically wrong about emigration destinations, there is definitely something really good about Austria.

Studies show that the main reason for Britons, as well as people from other European countries, to move to Austria is work. There is a little bit of a brain drain in the United Kingdom, as many people with graduate degrees or some other professional certification move to Austria looking for better job opportunities or for a greater experience.

Now that the world is highly globalized, it is very common to travel around other countries in order to gather work experiences and qualifications to stuff our resumes. Of course, moving to a new country is especially challenging, but it also has the great advantage of giving you a great experience as a human being as well. You learn a new language, make contact with a different culture and meet very distinct people. It makes you grow as a person and enrich your life.

Another good reason for Britons to move to Austria is professional ex-pats who retire and want to spend the rest of their lives in a beautiful villa in the Austrian countryside. And who wouldn’t? Great landscapes, a peaceful life, amazing cuisine, a culturally rich society, and a stable economy. It sounds like paradise, and it somehow is. 

Shipping to Austria 

Austria has very active ports, with ships coming and going every day, full to the top with all sorts of items and raw materials. As there is a very reasonable coastline, most transportation of goods is carried out via the ocean, and people who travel to Austria sometimes choose to sail from their homelands to have a unique experience. Of course, when it comes to removals, shipping is the number one chosen method to transport all people’s belongings to the country. It is much cheaper than by plane, and trucks aren’t an option for overseas nations such as the ones in the United Kingdom. Luckily, most places in Austria are connected to a port by some main highway or railroad, so transportation to the final destination is extremely easy.

There is no limit in sight for the growing shipping activity in Austria. As from several European countries to the United States, there is only a promising horizon for this business. People will continue moving to Austria, looking for a peaceful retirement, job opportunities, experience, successful businesses, family settlement and many other things this amazing country has to offer.

The Costs of Moving to Australia

The cost of moving to Australia will depend on where you are moving from in the UK, where you are going to in Australia and what you will be taking with you. However, there are four categories of costs which you will definitely need to pay. These are:

The visa application costs

The physical costs of moving 

The cost of settling in once you have arrived

Other miscellaneous costs

It is advisable to have an estimation of your daily living expenses and have some money set aside to meet those expenses for a few months until you have fully settled in and started working.

Tips for Getting Moving Quotes

When it comes to the physical costs of moving, it is advisable to request from several removal companies in advance so that you can give yourself sufficient time to compare prices and service options. Before you start requesting quotations from random removal companies, it is best to ask around and get referrals from family, friends, and colleagues. When it comes to hiring a removal company, it is best to hire one that comes highly recommended by people who are close to you. 

Once you have received referrals for three to four reputable companies, determine what your moving needs are so that when you contact these companies, you know what exactly you should ask for.

It is advisable to make a full inventory list of all the items that you would like to move to Australia so that you can give the removal company the list. The more accurate this inventory list is, the more accurate the quotation will be.

Find out from the moving company if they will be charging per hour or if they will be charging for the move as a whole and if there will be any extra costs.

Once you have received the quotations, make sure that you have identified and understood all the costs involve and what they cover so that you can make a proper comparison.

It is advisable to always get your moving quote in writing. Do not accept a telephone quote! Also, make sure that you read the fine prints of all contracts and that you understand all terms and conditions before signing any documents.

Make sure that insurance is included in the quotation because if your possession is stolen, gets lost or gets damaged, you should be compensated for it.

Shipment Information to Australia

If you plan on shipping your belongings to Australia, it is important that you obtain sufficient Global trade between Australia and other countries so that you know which shipment options are available. There are two main shipment options available for shipping your belongings to Australia:

Full Container Load / Exclusive Use

This option is recommended for people who would like to move their entire house to Australia. It allows them to have exclusive use of a 20ft or a 40ft container to move the contents of their house. Research has shown that the contents of a three-bedroom house can easily fit into a 20ft containers.

Shared Container

If you do not have a full container load, you can share a container. This option is cheaper than the full container option as you will be sharing the shipping costs with other consignments. It might take longer for your items to be shipped and to be received but the costs are lower.

Customs and Quarantine Requirements 

It is important that you are aware of the regulations of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) pertaining to the importation of certain items to Australia and that you take these into consideration so that your shipment is not delayed. It is advisable that you do as much research as you can What are Incoterms? to Australia and about the rules and regulations pertaining to shipping items to Australia so that your removal process can be as easy and stress-free as possible. 

Freight shipment and delivery are a must!

Although we live in a globalized economy, there are certain things that have not changed when it comes to global trade. One of these things includes the shipping of items from one country to the other. Every country is involved in a certain amount of import and export activities, which means that logistics and freight shipping and delivery, whether domestic or international, is a must. Very large companies engaged in domestic and international freight shipping and delivery have their own dispatch and transport systems; however, smaller companies and individuals rely on freight forwarders and shipping companies to transport their shipment from one country to the other. For those of you who are not familiar with a freight forwarder, this is a company that will receive and store your shipment and then prepares and ships it to its final destination. 

Incoterms Affect Your Costs of Shipping

Let’s say, for example, you are the owner of a care center in Australia and need to import cars for the local economy. You will mostly be importing your cars in bulk and will need to ship them. Based on the Incoterms that you agree upon with your supplier, the manner of shipment to Australia will be determined. What are Incoterms? These are international rules that are used to interpret the terms of trade. For example, if you agree on the Incoterm EXW which stands for Ex-Works, only the costs of packing and commercial documents will be covered by the supplier. This would mean that you will need to pay for all other costs including inland freight, shipping, customs documentation, import duties and delivery to the final destination. However, if you would agree on CIF which stands for cost, insurance, and freight, all of the above including insurance will be the responsibility of the supplier. It is therefore important that you know the Incoterms that are applicable to Australia if you will be shipping to and from Australia. 

Below is a chart providing an overview of the different Incoterms that exist in Australia. This chart shows which costs are covered by which party. 

How the Exchange Rate Affect Australian Freight Shipping

Currency is a very important factor to consider where international freight shipping is concerned. Global trade between Australia and other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom means that there will be currency exchange. These countries do not all use the same currency so if you are to pay for the shipping costs, you will need foreign currency. According to this article, the value of the Australian dollar is decreasing which means that its purchasing power is decreasing. This means that you will be faced with high exchange rates which will mean that shipping to and from Australia is increasingly becoming expensive. So, how do you deal with this? Well, you need to make sure that before you engage with a freight forwarder or a shipping company that you know exactly which fee they charge and the exchange rate that they charge. Try to get all agreements in writing as much as possible. If you are offered a specific exchange rate today, find out for how long it will be valid. 

Tips for Shipping to Australia

Below are some things to consider when :

Custom Laws

Customs laws in Australia are strict and not an item is allowed to ship to Australia so when shipping an item, make sure that you check that it does not fall into the category of items that are not allowed to be shipped to Australia.


Always ensure your shipment especially if you are shipping valuable items. If your shipment gets lost or damaged, the insurance will cover the costs of your loss.


Always track your shipment. Most shipping providers will provide a tracking number which you can use to track your shipment so that you can know where it is exactly and when you can expect your shipment.


Obtain more than one quote from shipping providers and compare them properly so that you can choose the one that offers the best products for the best prices.

Choosing a Shipping Partner

There are a variety of companies that specializes in international shipments to and from Australia. When choosing a shipping partner, it is important that you choose one that is known for its reliability and security. International shipping especially is generally a costly affair and you cannot afford to place your valuables in the hands of amateurs. You, therefore, need to choose complies like Arrow Logistics who can deliver quality logistics and freight shipping services. Whether you choose to ship by air or by the ocean, the key to a successful shipment is choosing the right shipping partner.   

Shipping Options to Australia

Shipping your personal belongings to Australia is an integrated part of the process of relocating to Australia from the United Kingdom. Moving house can be a very stressful experience, especially if you are moving with your family and with all of your personal belongings. There are so many different things that you need to take into consideration to make sure that your personal belongings arrive safely to your new home. 

There are a number of What are Incoterms? options available to you if you need to ship your personal belongings from the UK to Australia. The most common shipping options are shipment by air or shipment by the ocean. The method of shipment that you choose will depend on a number of factors including:


Shipment by air is more expensive than shipment by the ocean.


If you have a few items, you can easily ship them by air.


Fragile and breakable items are better shipped by air.


Airfreight is always faster than ocean freight so if you need your belongings urgently, then the air would be the better option.

Hiring a Removal Company 

It is always advisable to hire a removal company to handle all your if you are moving with all of your personal belongings from the United Kingdom to Australia.  There are a number of ways in which you can benefit by hiring a removal company to ship your items to Australia. What exactly does a removal company do?

Services Offered by a Removal Company

When you hire a mover, there are a number of duties and responsibilities that they will carry out on your behalf. They will be responsible for more than just transporting your personal belongings from the UK to Australia. It is important that you understand what their responsibilities are in advance so that you know what to expect from them. You can hire a full-service mover who will take care of each aspect of the move or you can hire a partial mover who can take care of specific services that you need from them.

Partial Movers can include:


If you hire packers you can be sure that all of your goods will be packed quickly and efficiently


If you choose to pack yourself you might want to hire leaders who will help you to load your items in the truck and to unload them into your new home.

Specialty Movers

They will transport specific items such as piano and artwork which has sentimental value and should be transported without any damages.

Before and During the Move

Before the move, the removal company will need to conduct an in-person assessment to create an inventory of all items in your home so that they can give you a proper estimate for the total cost of the move.

During the move, their main responsibility will be to making your that your items are being transported from your old home to your new home. In the case of moving from the UK to Australia, the movers will be responsible for shipping your items and making sure they arrive at your new home on time. 

How to select a removal company?

When selecting a removal company, there are three things that you should focus on:


Here you need to focus on how long the company has been in existence as a company that has been established for quite a while will have greater experience and experienced movers.


Choose a mover that will treat your items with care and will take extra precaution with the fragile and breakable items.

Moving Methods

How efficient, friendly and well-structured their moving methods are and will they result in your items being delivered on time.

Tracking Your Move

In addition to the above three considerations, you should also consider if you should work with a company that does not allow you to track your movements. It is very important that they have options for you to track the move especially since your belongings will be shipped internationally. You would want to know what the status of your belongings is. Especially if you arrive before your items and need them urgently but they did not arrive as yet. Being able to track the status of your move will be a good idea. Remember you can always turn to the Global trade between Australia and other countries for additional information just in case anything happens to the ship while transporting your item. 

Some questions to ask the removal company you are considering to hire:

Are you registered? 

Are you a member of the Australian Removers Association?

What do your prices include?

Do you charge extra or for travel time?

How trained are your movers?

What type of insurance is included in your service?

What happens if I need to cancel the move?

The Australian shipping market

A lot like the United Kingdom, Australia is a country with 100% of its borders being coastline. It is understandable that it has developed a very active maritime market, with ports and cargo ships operating constantly, connecting the country with the rest of the world. There has been a heavy investment, both public and private, in its port and shipping infrastructure, and now it has become one of the heaviest exporters and importers in the area.

The population of Austalia isn’t very dense, with most of the inland territory being desert, yet it hasn’t prevented the country to be an important consumer of products that are manufactured overseas. Also, Australia is very popular as an ex-pat destination, be it for educational or work purposes, or as a definitive relocation. This kind of removal often requires shipping household goods, furniture, and even vehicles from the United Kingdom or any other country of the world. The Australian ports see containers arrive from all continents daily, and they can get very busy.

Australia is also a commercial point of interest for the shipping industry, both for exports and imports. The purchasing power of many Australians is enough for them to buy overseas and consume products and services that require shipping. The Australian economy, while very complete and prosper, heavily relies on primary production. Agriculture and cattle make up most of its exports, so the country needs to balance its provision by importing products that aren’t manufactured inside its borders.

Shipping products to Australia

There is no way to reach Australia by land, because it is an island, and air freight often increases the cost of transportation - and thus the retail price of a product -, so shipping to Australia is the best option from a commercial point of view, at least for those who aren’t willing to pay for express delivery. Many companies choose this means to send their goods to Australia, and just the same way, shipping is the preferred method for Australians to export their products to the world.

There is a good number of reasons why Australia would import products from other countries instead of recurring to its national market. There are cases when Australians have no options: what the client wants is not produced within the country, and an overseas purchase is the only way to get it. However, Australians are willing to buy offshore even when the product they’re interested in is also manufactured in their own country. Why would it be so?

Surprisingly, a study has revealed that the value of the Australian dollar for a number of reasons. Namely, shipping services are more complete in the United Kingdom, including special delivery and express shipping. For as unlikely as it sounds, Australians can often get something faster when ordering it to the UK than in their own nation. The United Kingdom is often an option for Australian buyers thanks to the cultural closeness, so customers feel more comfortable with products from the UK. Many from the Islands and make a good business out of it.

Developing its port and sea logistics infrastructure is a great opportunity for Australia to grow and become more powerful in today’s market. International trade doesn’t seem to slow down to this country, and there are even promising prospectives over the horizon. The case of China is a very good example of this. Global trade between Australia and other countries is getting more solid and convenient for both parts as China evolves into the sort of country that is on high demand for what Australia can offer, and the geographical proximity of both countries makes them ideal trade partners.

Even inside its borders Australian logistics companies are experimenting with What are Incoterms? in order to make the final stage of shipping to Australia easier and more accessible to everyone. By now, these are just test trials, but they hope to implement this system in a quite close future, especially for those who live in rural areas or anywhere else far away from their mailboxes.

Of course, nothing is perfect in this world, and the Australian shipping infrastructure is no exception. There are still things to fix and services to improve. A recent massive complaint about this has been the delay in the international delivery of the RV system Occulus Rift. Buyers would have to wait for much longer than expected without an answer on when they would get their order, and these Customs laws in Australia have exposed some fragilities of the system. There is still a lot to be done to improve Australian shipping logistics, but there is no doubt that the country is already a shipping giant.

Shipping Products to and from Australia

What are Incoterms?, an Australian athlete who was stranded in London decided to ship himself back to Australia in a wooden crate because he did not have money to buy a plane ticket and was desperate to get back home in time for his daughter’s birthday. Shipping people from one place to another is definitely something that does not happen every day; however, what does happen is that people do ship products to and from Australia every day. Shipping products to Australia is quite simple; however, you need to be careful of the customs laws as these are quite strict. It is therefore important to make sure that the products that you are shipping to Australia do not fall under the category of Global trade between Australia and other countries.

Shipping from Wales to Australia

If you are currently located in Wales and would like to ship your products to Australia, below are some amazing tips for you.

First of all, you need to take the local import laws into consideration if you are planning to ship from Wales to Australia. It is recommended to check the the value of the Australian dollar website just to make sure that you are not breaking any of the regulations.  It is wise to check the costs of shipping so that you know in advance how much it will cost to have your belongings shipped from Wales to Australia. Note that the overall costs include more than just shipping. It also includes insurance, storage, and tracking costs. 




It is not recommended to ship your valuable belongings from Wales to Australia without getting it insured. There is so much that can happen during shipping and if the unexpected were to happen, having insurance will save you a lot of money.

 Tracking your shipment gives you a certain amount of peace of mind. It allows you to know at any given moment the status of your shipment. This also helps you to know if your package is on schedule and will be delivered on time. 

Tips for Packing Your Possessions

Below are a few tips to follow if shipping from Wales to Australia:

It is advisable to label your boxes and keep a record of the contents in each box.

It is advisable to take special care with breakable possessions and make sure that they are tightly wrapped in bubble wrap.  

It is advisable to check if electrical devices will work in Australia before packing them; otherwise, you will be making unnecessary costs. 

Choosing a Removal Company

Removals can be quite challenging. Whether you are moving house or moving an office, you want to ensure that your belongings are shipped safely from Wales to Australia. Hiring a removal company can make this process easier and more efficient especially if you are moving an entire home or office. If you want to minimalize the risks involved with moving and if you want to keep your stress level low, you should hire a good quality removal company such as .

Questions to Ask a Potential Cheap Removal Company

Below are some of the questions that you should ask a potential removal company.

Is insurance offered and if it is, what level and type of insurance coverage are offered?

Is the company a member of The British Association of Removers? If not, ask why?

Can the company provide references?

How will the move be executed? For example, how long will it take? 

What security measures does the company have in place to protect your belonging?

Does the company offer storage in Australia to store your belongings while you arrive from Wales?

Preparing for Your Move from Wales to Australia

If you are moving from Wales to Australia on a long-term basis, you can make use of that opportunity to get a few things in place. First of all, you can use the opportunity to go through all of your stuff and get rid of the things that you really do not need so that you do not have to pay extra costs to transport items that you do not really need. Secondly, when it comes to the items that you will be shipping, make sure that you use the opportunity to properly organize them. This will ensure that the moving process is conducted more efficiently. Thirdly, it is advisable to start emptying your refrigerator weeks in advance. Eat what you can and give away the rest because you do not want to waste anything. Finally, make sure that you take care of all of your paperwork weeks in advance to make sure that your move is not hindered by any legalities.

Australia Offers Many Great Opportunities 

Are you considering moving your family to Australia for a taste of the down-under lifestyle? Moving to Australia whether, for work, study or a better life offers countless benefits. Australia offers greater employment options, modern conveniences, a great climate and numerous educational opportunities. While there are so many great opportunities waiting for you in Australia and you are excited about eventually What are Incoterms?, you might not be as excited about the actual moving process. This is because moving is such a stressful process. There are so many things to consider when moving and there is much that can go wrong if the process is not properly planned. 

Shipping Options from Scotland to Australia

If you are moving from Scotland to Australia and need to Global trade between Australia and other countries, there are a variety of shipping options available; however, the two main shipping options are:

 Full Container Load 


 Shared Container

This service is available if you want to ship your belongings exclusively through the use of a container. This option is best used for full house removal and with a 20ft container, you can actually ship the contents of a three-bedroom house.  If you do not have a full house of belongings to ship but only have some belongings, you can ship those using a shared container whereby you can split the costs with other consignments thus keeping your shipping costs low.

Why Ship Your Belongings Instead of Replace

You might be wondering why you should ship your belongings instead of replacing them. Well, the answer is simple. The costs for shipping are in most cases cheaper than replacing all of the contents of your home. However, if you are unsure of whether or not shipping would be cheaper than replacing, there are instant online quote generators that will allow you to compare the costs of shipping with the costs of replacing. 

Should you consider customs and quarantine requirements when shipping to Australia?

It doesn’t matter if you are shipping from Scotland or any other country, it is absolutely necessary for you to consider the customs and quarantine requirements. For example, you might want to ship the plants you have in your house. Does the custom law allow the shipping of plants? You need to find out otherwise you will run the risk of the items being seized and destroyed. In addition, any item which has been in contact with Scottish soil must be cleaned and disinfected. All visible dirt must be removed. So if you have items such as outdoor furniture, bicycles, shoes or your children’s play equipment, you need to make sure that these are properly cleaned and disinfected before they can be shipped.

Moving – Do It Yourself or Hire a Removal Firm 

Moving from Scotland to Australia is not the same as moving from Scotland to Wales. Scotland and Australia are on two different continents and are separated by seas and oceans so if you are wondering if you can arrange the move yourself, the answer is no. This is house removal that you definitely do not want to do yourself. 

For an the value of the Australian dollar, it is highly recommended to hire a good removal firm such as as you will be moving long-distance, will probably have a lot of furniture and belongings and will need help packing, carrying and loading and unloading your belongings. 

So how much will you have to pay a removal firm? The costs of a removal firm are dependent on a few factors. These include:

The distance of the move, whether it’s international or not

The number of belongings you need to move

The type of belongings you need to move, delicate or not

The additional services you desire such as packing and loading and unloading

The success of your move is dependent on proper planning.

If you are planning on moving from Scotland to Australia soon, you need to start planning. This is the only way to make sure that your move is successful. Start requesting estimates from reliable moving companies and book your move with the company of your choice as soon as possible. Do not leave it until the last moment as it may result in more costs. Make sure that the removal company that you hire is willing to give you a breakdown of the moving process so you know exactly what will be done and how it will be done. In addition, you should also get a breakdown of all costs so that you are not surprised by Customs laws in Australia costs.


All shipments to Australia are considered UPEs (Unaccompanied Personal Effects) and may be subject to GST (Goods and Services Tax) as well as duty. However, if you are well versed with Australian shipments and you meet the set criteria, you need not pay any taxes or duty. In order to qualify for a tax and duty-free shipment, it is important that you fulfill the following criteria.

You must be the legal owner of the goods being transported and have personally used them for at least 1 year before going to Australia

You are in Australia or intend to arrive in the country

Be a permanent resident who is returning to Australia or a first time migrant taking up permanent residency

Items that can be declared as personal may include (but not limited to) clothing, footwear, grooming equipment, rugs, furniture, curtains, bicycles, and books.

There are items that are considered personal but do not qualify for duty exemption. Such items include:

Tobacco and alcohol products

Spare parts for motorcycles and vehicles

Commercial goods (those intended for sale)

Goods bought while in Australia

Goods bequeathed to you

The Process of Sending Items to Australia

Shipping to Australia need not be complicated. Before you pack up and leave, it is important to know what is allowed into the country and what is prohibited. It is also advisable to take advantage of all tax breaks and duty exemptions as they may apply to you. With that said, here are a on your shipping adventure.

Figure Out International Shipping Prices

In order to get the exact shipping cost, you need to know the weight of the package you are sending. Therefore, once you have packed the items that are allowed into the country, weigh the package. You can use the regular kitchen weighing scale. 

With the weight well noted down, use the Australian Postage Calculator and enter the destination country of your package, weight, and dimensions. The calculator will give you the quotations for a variety of shipping options. Each option comes with its policies. Airmail is the most common option as it is cost-effective and fast.

The insurance is dependent on other additional services such as insurance and tracking. Therefore, before you settle on any one shipping company, it is important to confirm the services they are offering. If the company you choose does not come with an all-inclusive shipping service, you may be forced to look for other third-party service providers. You can familiarize yourself with the extra cover options that shipping companies offer.

It is advisable to look for quotes from a variety of service providers such as What are Incoterms?. Do not settle on just one shipper; make sure you do your homework well to get the best, most affordable and most efficient shipping companies in the industry.

If you are moving houses, you might want to work with a company that offers packaging services in addition to removals. If you are not very familiar with standard packaging regulations, you might want to work with a company whose experience in the value of the Australian dollar is confirmed. You do not want problems with the customs offices or have your property damaged or lost due to poor packaging. You may also want to arrange for storage services should your shipment get to Australia before you do.

A Few More Things

Shipping Information

Before your package is shipped, it must be accompanied by accurate information. For starters, details of the sender and recipient must be clearly indicated. Additionally, each shipment must be accompanied by the right documents depending on the items being shipped. Keep in mind that all shipments must pass through the customs offices and quarantine examinations for clearance before they are delivered. 

Custom Duties, Taxes and Licenses

There are some things that are mandatory even if they are not as pleasant to hear about. These things are called customs duties, taxes, and licenses. There are some items that you cannot Customs laws in Australia, while others need licenses to be cleared. Therefore, when sending your items, make sure your package is accompanied by the right documents.

Delivery and Unpacking

Here is where the real deal is; your shipment may not get to Australia in the same freight container it was in when you sent it, thanks to Australian customs and quarantine examinations. Once your shipment is cleared, it is loaded onto another carrier for delivery to your preferred residence.

Depending on the shipping company you choose and the services you pay for, you may have them deliver the package, unload, unwrap the packaging and even help you arrange your items, which come in handy if you were shipping household goods such as furniture.

Moving from Ireland to Australia

Are you looking for a great place with amazing jobs, some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and a climate that promotes a healthy lifestyle? Well, there is no need to look further. Australia is just the place for you. Australia offers a relaxed lifestyle and so many other benefits to make you feel right at What are Incoterms?. Over the years, many Irish have migrated to Australia and here are a few of the reasons why:

While Ireland is beautiful in its own way, Australia has so much more to offer those who are looking to relocate there whether for work, study or family.

Shipping from Ireland to Australia

People Global trade between Australia and other countries for a number of reasons. Online shopping is one of the main reasons for international shipping. For example, if you have an Irish friend and would like to surprise him with an Irish present, you can shop online at an Irish store and have your order shipped internationally to Australia. Many online retailers use common shipping services such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL to countries all over the world. Another reason for shipping from Ireland to Australis is if you are living in Ireland and would like to ship an item to family or friends to Australia.

There are a lot of people who ship from Ireland to Australia because they are either moving their house or office to Ireland. These people are the ones who make use of international removals companies such as .

Hiring an International Removal Company

Moving from one country to another is an overwhelming process especially with all of the paperwork involved. Below are some of the benefits of hiring an international removal company:

By hiring a removal company, you will be forced to conduct a survey of your home prior to packing and moving as the company will need to know what you will be shipping to make a price calculation for you. 

Get your belongings packed in as little time as possible through the professional services of a removal company that has the experience and knowledge needed to pack in less time than you. Know where your belongings are at any given time as most removal companies provide you with the ability to the value of the Australian dollar. There is no need to worry about the customs clearance of your belongings as the removal company will take care of all the necessary paperwork and will get your possessions delivered to the final destination. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Removal Company

We all make mistakes and one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to hire an unreliable removal company. Hiring the wrong removal company will result in a very stressful move. Here are some mistakes that you should not make when hiring a removal company:

Hire a company based on its prices.

Cheaper services might just mean lower quality services and when it comes to your valuable belongings, you do not want to risk the quality of service received.

Forget to read the fine prints.

There may be hidden charges which you might not be aware of because you did not read the fine prints of the offer made by the removal company. 

Hire a company without obtaining references.

If you want to be sure of a company’s reputation, get references. These are people who have used the moving services and are willing to share their experience with you.

Hire a company that does not offer insurance.

Insurance is very important when it comes to international shipping. If a company does not offer insurance, it might be best not to hire that company.

Moving from Ireland to Australia Requires Planning

To ensure a Customs laws in Australia from Ireland to Australia, you need to make sure that you plan your move months in advance. If necessary, work with a moving checklist so that you do not forget important moving tasks and activities. Make sure that all of your paperwork is taken care of in advance and that the moving company that you hire knows exactly when you plan on leaving Ireland and when you plan on arriving in Australia so that it can plan your move properly. For example, if your belongings will arrive before you, the company can arrange for storage. It is definitely advisable to hire a removal company especially when it comes to international removal. 

The British Shipping Industry

Each country has its own identity, which comes from its historic inheritance, and the nations of the United Kingdom are no exception. We are mainly an insular kingdom, so our people are accustomed to port affairs and shipping since the very beginning. There was a time when the British navy was famous - and feared - around the world, and even today we keep British territories overseas that we have conquered thanks to our maritime power. 

Trade, war, and discovery; are the three main reasons why people sail away to find new lands and establish ocean routes. So far, we have discovered all there is to find on the surface of the Earth - and satellites are doing the job anyway - and there is no war on the horizon for the United Kingdom, so trade shall be the biggest impulse for port activity. 

British products come and go, across the sea, every day. We have been historical exporters of manufactured goods as one of the first countries to become a part of the Industrial Revolution, and this trend continues nowadays with customers abroad wanting to acquire our products. 

International demand

Some people tend to overlook how big is the international demand for goods manufactured in the United Kingdom. International payments company PayPal has recently revealed some figures that are very illustrative of this matter. Millions and millions of customers are willing to purchase British products, and many of them live in different countries. However, the export rate of British companies is lower than other EU economically powerful countries such as Spain and France. Even so, British products have a higher demand abroad, so what is stopping companies from selling?

According to this report, it is shipping costs that prevent most sellers to place their product abroad. In other words, decreasing these costs would mean that more companies could grow their businesses by getting into international trade, which would multiply the width of their target market astronomically. If you want more details on this report, here is the link to the article: What are Incoterms?.

Australian clients

What is great about Australia as a potential customer for British products, is that it is one of the most British countries outside the United Kingdom. From all our former colonies, this is the nation that has kept our traditions and cultural elements as part of its own more than any other place, so it is understandable that Australias would rather purchase products from the United Kingdom than any other country of the world. This is a great advantage from a trading point of view, and the Australian retail and consumer market should be targeted by British exporters as one of the best clients they could have abroad.

Australia itself is a very active importer and exporter, and it economically complements the United Kingdom as its production is mostly from the primary sector. These conditions are ideal for trade partnerships. Also, Australia has developed a very complete and powerful shipping sector, being an island as well. 

It is interesting to see satellite reports and images on the shipping activity around the Australian coastline, which is very active all year long. A recent gadget that allows you to the value of the Australian dollar has been developed. By clicking on the link you can access a real-time, global view of cargo ships and see the most active coasts and maritime routes. Australia is most definitely an active zone, as well as the British Islands.

Shipping to Australia

Many companies are Global trade between Australia and other countries from the United Kingdom, some with a long history of international trade, while newcomers like seem to be changing the scene with new technologies and innovative logistic approaches. Whatever the case is, Australian clients and importers tend to prefer purchasing British products, even when the same goods are available in their own country.

This might sound strange and a bit pointless, but numbers show that purchasing in the UK is sometimes more convenient for Australians than buying in the national market. The British shipping system is faster than domestic dispatch and the UK provides a wider range of delivery options such as express shipping. The British shipping system is also more modernized, with services such as real-time online tracking of packages and automated logistics which save a lot of time. 

Moving from one place to another is a very tedious and extremely challenging task. When you decide to move, you just don’t pack your bags and leave, you will need to carry your important stuff along. All your important possessions need to be transferred along with you where ever you go. Such a difficult task can’t be carried out alone without the help of a professional expert. You can easily take help from the huge number of professional movers who are completely reliable, trustworthy and efficient in their job. They take complete guarantee in packing your stuff and moving it in the prescribed time and keep all your possessions completely safe and secure. The packers and movers of Australia are one of the most professional ones who take care of the sanctity of the belongings in the process of relocation.

Shipping your belongings hassle-free:

It would be a great boon for those who are relocating with the wide plethora of shipping experts being easily available these days. is no longer a difficult task with the aid of the professional movers. They have a complete range of equipment and also the labor needed in transportation. They will take complete responsibility for the transfer and will ensure you get the entire luggage on time and at the exact location.  

Self shipping and the drawbacks:

Many people consider it the best option to take the help of professional packers and movers, while many others tend to do the packing and moving. For those who consider the latter option, it must be kept in mind that relocation isn’t a very easy task. It requires immense work and a sense of understanding of the entire procedure along with attention to detail. There is a great possibility of misplacing anything on account of the fact that there are too much work and pressure on the mind. Apart from the physical strain, it also requires you to keep in mind that you must label and name all the things, lest you might lose anything. Professional movers have the talent to handle all the things and experience makes them more accurate than any other person!

With experienced professionals in packing and moving, there are minimal chances of loopholes and mistakes. Each one of us has bought all the belongings with the hard-earned money and wouldn’t like it if anything breaks or gets damaged in the transfer. However, you can have complete trust in the professional experts who have years of experience to their name and fame.

Services offered in a reasonable price range:

While few companies are expensive, most packers and movers take up nominal fee to transfer the luggage and belongings from one place to the other. However, the fee of the company will depend upon the place of transfer. You can make use of the quality service which is offered at a quiet reasonable range which is affordable by one and all. You can check the What are Incoterms? online or also manually by word of mouth. However, it is important to keep in mind that not every company that is cheap will give you the best quality. It is an obvious thing that if the company has a high price, it will give you better quality in the service it provides. So it is completely your discretion as to which company you choose. Most of the companies need you to make an initial deposit before taking up their service apart from their fees. The deposit is refundable or not will depend upon the terms and conditions of the company varying in all.   

Services provided by the movers:  

You can get both office removals as well as the home removals from the expert packers and movers. They have the entire necessary stuff that is needed for the transfer, including the labor, trucks, etc. to make the transfer easy and hassle-free. You also get variety in terms of the companies which take up the complete moving service, pack the only service and even a drive only service. Few companies will take up the responsibility of disconnecting and reconnecting all the electrical appliances before and after the transfer while many others won’t. This is another important aspect to be kept in mind before you decide upon the company.    

 Few things that are important to keep in mind when you are hiring a professional include the day you book them for. This is because weekdays will turn out to be slightly cheaper than the transfer that is taken up on weekends. This is because the drivers, brokers and other labor need to be easily available on the dates you choose. In addition to this, companies will increase their rates during summers than in winter. 

It would be a great idea for British retailers to take advantage of these differences and target the Australian market. Even if the UK and Australia are at opposite ends of the planet, shipping British products there is a very tempting option for business development.

Moving from the UK to Australia

Did you know that migrants from the UK make up the second-largest group of new arrivals to Australia? Studies have shown that Australia is one of the top three destinations for migrants, skilled workers, students, investors, and ex-pats. Why? What is it about Australia that makes moving to Australia so enticing to migrants from the UK? Well, Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, twenty-one thousand miles of incredible coastline and sub-tropical rainforests but there is more to the country than its natural resources.

It is the sixth-largest country in the world with a population of just twenty-two million people. This offers a lot of open space for people to pursue a healthy outdoor lifestyle and the fact that its diver’s natural resources are in demand overseas allows it to provide a stable financial living environment to its inhabitants. Furthermore, it is known for its “work to live, not live to work” lifestyle which is why it is so attractive to many people living in the UK who are accustomed to the “live to work” lifestyle and not the “work to live” lifestyle. So, why move to Australia? Here is an overview of just a few points of this amazing country. For more, you can visit Global trade between Australia and other countries.

High Standard of Living

Warm Weather

World-Leading Health Systems and Education

Political and Economic Stability

Relatively Inexpensive Real Estate

Taking the Stress Out of Moving

Moving house is often one of the most stressful events and it becomes even more stressful when you are moving internationally. The process of moving to Australia from the United Kingdom can be very stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are not moving alone but with family. Here are a few valuable tips that will take the stress out of moving:

Do things early! By doing things early and getting them done, you will have more free time to deal with the unexpected last-minute things which are normally the reason for the stress.Sort through your belongings in advance to determine what is absolutely necessary to take with you and what you should give away. Do not try to take everything.

If you are doing your own packing, color-code your belonging and label your boxes effectively as this will prove to be very valuable for the move.Split up your boxes so that you know where to find exactly what you need. For example, breakables should be placed separately to be handled with precaution

Get Professional Help from a Removal Company

Many people are under the assumption that they can manage an international move on their own. This kind of thinking is the root of all the stress that they experience while moving. You cannot handle an international move by yourself. You will need the help of a company that specializes in . Struggling to do everything on your own will result in you becoming exceptionally exhausted and stressed. It is advisable to also hire cleaners to clean your home and landscapers to fix up your yard in addition to hiring a moving company.

Many people try to attempt the move on their own because they are worried about how much it will cost them to hire a professional removal company but you will eventually learn that hiring a professional will cost you less because it will save your body, your sanity, and your relationships which are worth more than the money that you would pay the removal company. Without question, you will need a What are Incoterms? to ship your belongings so why not hire a company that will help you with the packing, shipping, and delivery to your new home? A removal company will help you with your packing, will provide storage for you in Australia while you are still traveling and can offer either part load shipping through a shared container or dedicated shipping in a container of your own.

Treat Your Removalists Properly

Most professional removal companies are known for their quality service but if you want to make sure that your removalists are truly working for you and to get your removal completed on time and according to your wishes and desires, a valuable tip would be to treat them well and look after them. Make sure that they feel like a part of your home when they are moving you. That way they will treat your valuables as if they were their valuables and will take care of them with the utmost care. So don’t just hire removalists and expect everything to be done perfectly without you actually investing some time into what they are doing. 

Life in Australia is Much More Interesting!

Australia is one of the most loved countries in the world. It is full of flora and fauna and it is commonly said that life in What are Incoterms? is so much more interesting. Here are a few reasons why:

Australia is the home of the Gold Coast and Lake McKenzie, the perfect blue heaven.

There are swimming pools in the ocean.

The capital city of Australia throws itself a birthday party and gives everyone the day off work.

There are pink lakes in Australia caused by the algae and prawns living in them.

It is one of the few places where you can get a caramel slice.

The kangaroos outnumber the humans in Australia making life so much more adorable.

It has the widest steel arch bridge in the world – Sydney Harbor Bridge

It is the home of Liam and Chris Hemsworth.

Moving to Australia – Your Guide

When to Start

If you are moving to Australia due to work, studying, relationship or other reasons, you will definitely need to hire a removal company to move your personal belongings from the UK to Australia.  It is recommended to start looking for removal companies at least three to six months in advance. You should starting contacting the removal companies and getting your quotation. Do not wait for the last moment to book a removal company.

What to Look For

When choosing a removal company, there are a number of things that you should look for. These include:

How experienced is the company in removals to Australia? Find out how many removals to Australia were done by them and what their customers have to say about their services.

Are they a member of the British Association of Removers? Do they conform to the quality assurance standard for international movers (FAIM Accreditation) regulated by the FIDI and recognized world-wide?

Can they give you that assurance that if anything unexpected was to happen that you would be compensated for any losses?

How to Ship

You can choose to ship your personal belongings to Australia via air freight or sea freight. Airfreight is best used for small items that you would like to arrive as quickly as possible while sea freight is the most widely used shipment option, especially if you are moving house. When it comes to sea freight, you have two options: shared shipping or full container shipping. Shared shipping ships your valuables with that of others while full container shipping ships your valuables alone in a container of your own. The method of shipment will determine how long it will take for your belongings to arrive and how much you will need to pay for shipment costs. Full containers are faster taking up to five to seven weeks but they are expensive. Shared containers are cheaper but have a transit time of eight to twelve weeks.

What else to consider

One of the shipping aspects that is commonly not taken into consideration by many movers are the quarantine inspection charges conducted by the AQIS once the merchandise has arrived. Your container will be unloaded and examined and you may need to pay quarantine changes. Be sure to include quarantine charges in your removal budget.

Tasks of a Removal Company

If you hire a removal company, you can almost be sure that relocating to Australia will be stress-free and successful, unless something unexpected and out of the ordinary occurs. Here are some of the tasks that the removal company will be responsible for: 

packing your belongings

putting them into a container

making sure the container is loaded onto a ship and transported to Australia

checking your belonging through customs

delivering the items to your new home 

unpacking them and making sure that nothing has arrived damaged.

If you are looking for a great international removal company,  is the company for you. They offer a full range of door to door removal services to Australia via shared or dedicated shipping options. 

Benefits of Hiring Our Moving Company

Peace of Mind

You can have total peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be well taken care of. Our company is a member of the British Association of Removers and operates under the BAR and OFT approved code of practice for movers. 

Expert Export Packing

Their staff is well trained in export packing and wrapping and follow very strict quarantine clearance procedures.

Required Documents

They will take care of all of the required shipping documents such as the packing list and inventory list and will store your merchandise for a month giving you sufficient time to wrap things up and move.

Are you planning a move from England to Australia?  There are a few things to consider considering such a big move.  For example, shipping and moving to Australia from Birmingham UK requires some attention to detail such as shipping of boxes and furniture and which companies to use to perform this daunting task.  Another aspect that might be of interest is Australia’s tourism.  After all the work of moving it is nice to know what awaits on the other side.  Here is a guide to some of the subjects mentioned above:

Choose a Reputable Company

Shipping and moving to another country is always a concern as you entrust your valuable items in the hands of others.  There are great benefits in using a capable and reputable shipping company to do all the work required. This can be done by employing professional help.  What can one expect from a company in the trade?  Most of these companies ship to all major Australian cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, and Sydney.  They include but are not limited to the following services boxes and tape delivered to your home, collection of the loaded boxes, shipment to destination port and UK Customs formalities.  There are some official formalities that you as the customer would have to complete in Australia and the process includes filling some documents.  However if for whatever reason you may require assistant most shipping companies will have a consultant service to help you out, should the need arise.

Going to Australia?

When choosing a the value of the Australian dollar customers will have yet more options.  Some of these companies also offer the service of packing all your belongings for you.  This may have its pros and cons.  On the one hand, if it is a reputable company it means they know the best way to pack and they will use all the correct materials to ensure that your belongings are safe.  They may go as far as marking the boxes that carry fragile or breakable items.  On the other hand, you might not trust the discretion of the packers and find that it is better for you to do all this by yourself.  Either way, it is good to know what choices you do have.

Best Option for You

What are Incoterms? can be done by air or sea and this is a choice you as the customer would have to make.  The cost thereof is one thing to consider.  It is generally considered that shipping by sea is cheaper than by air but this may not always be the case.  Shipping by sea is calculated in terms of containers used whereas air freight shipment is measured by weight.  It can, therefore, be said that if you have a large shipment, shipment by sea might be the cheaper option.  And if you have a small shipment that will not necessarily fill a shipping container, shipment by air might be your better option.  Another important factor to consider is speed.  Air shipping is much faster than sea shipping and depending on when you want your shipment to be available; this is another aspect to consider.

And now that we have covered some important keys factors in shipping to Australia let us explore what waits on the other side.  Global trade between Australia and other countries boasts a wide variety of exciting things to do, places to see and world-renowned sites.  Firstly new-comers to Australia should definitely consider a diving and snorkeling cruise of the Great Barrier Reef, this is something that you should try.  This is a full-day trip and is sure to leave all that experience it in total awe.  Another interesting option would be the Northern Aboriginal experience that will allow some insight into the rich history surrounding Australia.  Cable Beach is another must-see with its beautiful turquoise water and stunning sunsets.  There are additional walking trails and one can enjoy an evening camel ride along the sandy beach.  For some inspirational architecture and art, the Sydney Opera house cannot be missed.  It is a landmark of Australia and sure to impress all visitors. 

It is clear that a move to Australia has many things to consider from the shipping to the packing of the boxes.  There are however many reputable companies that can make this process substantially easy, especially when considering formalities of the shipping process.  After all, this is done, there is a great opportunity awaiting in Australia and people that find that to be there new home will have some of the world’s most beautiful sites to see and countless exciting activities to venture to.

Best Shipping Services to Australia

If you’re on the lookout for shipping services to Australia, there are a number of considerations that you need to make before you can narrow down on the right service provider for your shipping requirements. Shipping and Freight Transport are highly specialized fields, and you always need to opt for the services of a shipping team or shipper that has ample experience and expertise in a particular geographical zone. For instance, if you need to send a valuable shipment from London to Australia, you cannot rely on a shipping agency that does not have an established track record. From the knowledge of customs and freight legalities to the technicalities of long-distance shipping, as well as having a strong logistical network, a good shipper always has these fundamental parameters in place.

Shipping.co is one of the most reputed and trustworthy shippers that provide customized shipping services to all major cities of Australia. In addition to shipping to Australia, the company also provides highly efficient European Removals that include countries like Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and so on. Amongst the countries that are under the purview of its international shipping services, the list includes not just Australia, but New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, Canada, and the USA. The highly efficient services of Shipping.co have won its global acclaim, and its fabulous and competent team has set benchmarks in the worldwide shipping industry.

Australia has the second-longest coastline in the world and therefore provides a huge scope in the realm of maritime trade. Shipping to Australia is the forte of Shipping.co and the company has been providing its clients with exceptional services over the past many years. The services include the clearance of customs as well, thereby providing complete door-to-door service. The management understands the stressfulness of relocating or shifting one’s abode across cities, countries and even continents. As part of its no-fuss, high-value services, Shipping.co allocates every customer with shipping requirements to Australia, with a personal shipping expert, who will be the one-point contact for all their requirements till the time the shipment has been delivered successfully. Therefore, not only does the shipping company aim at providing top-notch shipping services, but it also aims at alleviating the stress of relocating.

Various Modes of Freight Transport

As far as the different modes of shipping or logistics or freight transport are concerned, the prime modes of transport are by air, ground or sea. There are certain types of freight transport systems or services that make use of more than one mode of transport, and they are classified under the fourth category- the intermodal shipping services. Freight Transport via ships is one of the most cost-efficient methods, especially if there are bulk goods to be transported. Even waterways like rivers and canals can be used for the purpose of freight transport. Based on the road network and rail network of a particular country, the viability of using land transport for freight transfers comes into the picture. Despite being cheaper than air transport, the road and rail systems play a key role in determining the efficiency of this mode of freight transfer. Cargo Airlines come into the picture when valuable commodities have to be transferred. Also for goods that are not bulky and need to be delivered fast, this form of shipping is used. Of all the three prime modes of shipping, air transport is the most expensive and fastest mode as well.

Details of Shipping Services to Australia

Shipping.co aims at providing its customers with premium shipping services at affordable costs. In addition to regular shipments, the team also specializes in shipping fragile items that are part-packed, artwork, cars, motorbikes, boats, etc. Also if you’re shifting base to Australia and you want to take your pet along with you, but the airline does not allow you to do so, Shipping.co will be more than pleased to transport your pets to your destination, absolutely safe and secure. With Shipping.co, the last thing that you need to worry about is transit damage. This is because the expert professionals are trained to effectively carry out export shipping of furniture so that your furniture is safely transported with zero transit damages.

Opt for the Best Shipper to Australia

The internet is flooded with companies that provide shipping services to Australia. But always remember that it takes a great deal of credibility and experience to provide you with exceptional shipping services at nominal prices. Shipping.co offers you a world of convenience and hassle-free relocating with its amazing services.

A powerful shipping industry... or not?

Perhaps there isn’t a geographical name that shouts "relevant shipping industry" more than Oceania. This southern continent is completely made out of islands, some of them very prosper, and therefore there is a great volume of maritime transport carrying goods to and from the Oceanian 

One of the biggest sources of export products in Australia. With the longest coastline in the whole continent, sea shipping constitutes 99% of all Australian international trade. As you can imagine, shipping is a huge source of national income and jobs for the Australian people. Surprisingly, this sector isn’t growing as fast as desired or expected, though it has great economic potential for this nation. 

The reasons why this happens are quite complex. In fact, other countries far away, such as Germany, are facing a similar problem. The pre-crisis economic boom boosted investments in this sector and many vessels were bought to Korea and other ship manufacturers. Now, after the crisis, the demand has lowered and Australia is facing an over-capacity issue. In other words, they have bought more ships than they now need. According to the laws of the economy, the more companies offer the same service, the lower the prices get. Now, Australian ship owners can’t charge their clients too much, or they’ll lose them to the huge competition.

Also, Global trade between Australia and other countries in the world. This phenomenon is, like many things in the economy, a double-bladed sword. Cheaper fees mean a possible increase in the total flow of trade, which would help tackle the over-capacity problem that haunts the Australian ports nowadays. However, they also make shipping companies from other countries look more attractive as the price breach narrows, and countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean are currently experiencing a high rise in their demand.

Waltzing with the law

In order to try and tackle this over-capacity problem and strengthen cabotage, the Australian government introduced a trading act in 2012 which meant to protect national shipping and trade companies. Tax facilities and support were offered to Australian shipping companies, while foreign ones would have to play even and operate under the same conditions and work law as Australian companies. This act also strengthened control over vessels, requiring several reports and permissions, to ensure fair play and equal opportunities for everyone.

In order to maximize their benefits while still being free from all these restrictions, many ship owners decided to implement the flag of convenience strategy. Even if they are foreigners, they register their ships as Australian, so they are in a somewhat legal gray zone where they can fill up spots in Australian ports while not respecting the work regulations that prevent crew exploitation and the safety requirements. Because of all these , as well as the resistance to the tight control measures, the 2012 act received criticism. After the government changed, a new trade bill is currently being discussed in Parliament. Of course, it receives criticism as well, but from other sectors.

Protection of national economy

A bill meant to introduce the value of the Australian dollar is currently under development in the Australian Parliament. Its goal is to make up for the failed attempt of the 2012 act to boost the shipping trade in their country. Official studies project that the Australian shipping will experience much less growth than other sectors of their economy, even if it represents almost the entire trade volume.

Those who oppose the bill project argue that What are Incoterms?. The dysregulation of this sector will lift the protective cloak that covers many national shipping companies. If companies from other countries, especially flag of convenience ships, have greater freedom and a better position to take a place in Australian ports, the local ship owners will be economically threatened. It is estimated that about 10,000 of work positions will be at risk if the new bill is enforced.

This economical threat isn’t only placed upon Australian shipowners themselves. Local seafarers use domestic products and services, thus boosting the national economy. Also, the taxes they pay go back to the Australian government, instead of a foreign state. 

Whether or not the new bill will be approved in the Parliament is something that we will find out in 2016, the year it is due, and the consequences of the said bill if applied are yet to be seen. This is again another reinstatement of the old-as-time battle between economical protection and economic freedom, and as History tends to repeat itself, perhaps there are clues in the past on what will happen next to the Australian shipping industry. 

The American Dream... or the Australian, for that matter

There are many reasons why Britons would like to leave their home countries and settle overseas. As a matter of fact, 1 in 20 Brits is currently considering moving abroad. This trend has been present for quite a few years now, and people born in the United Kingdom are starting to cast their eyes across the ocean, looking for a new place to live.

Among the favorite destinations of the British people, the United States and Australia are tied on top. Over a million Britons are currently living in each one of these countries, and they remain the number one option of most who are still settled in the UK. The reasons for these choices seem fairly simple to understand: the same language, quite similar culture, historical links, and good economic situation. 

are calling the eyes of researchers from public bodies and private organizations, which want to understand why each year hundreds of thousands of Britons choose to make such drastic changes in their lives. 

Reasons for leaving, reasons for returning

Britons who have moved - or want to move - to Australia have reported several reasons for this decision. Improving their life quality seems to be the number one of them. What are Incoterms? with lower costs and a stronger income. These expectations are heavily based on reality. As a matter of fact, Britons who settle in Australia do find themselves in a better life situation. They are looking for a change in their lifestyle and increased prosperity. Some of them even emigrate for a few years with the intention of working and saving money for later.

The great performance that the sterling pound has had in the last few months has favored ex-pats who earn in foreign currency. Some Britons have even transferred their life savings or retirement funds, and the exchange rate is making them richer and richer. Moreover, the average salary of ex-pat Britons is around half a thousand pounds above the average salary of UK-based Britons. Better wages and taxes are also among the reasons why Brits look abroad expecting to find prosperity and fortune.

Changes in lifestyle are also a reality. Expat Britons have reported having a much better health level than those who still live in the United Kingdom. The main reasons that push Brits to move abroad include work, study, volunteering, and retirement. Young Brits are attracted by the economic and financial opportunities of living outside the country, at least for a few years. Older adults, of retirement age, move to other countries to enjoy a peaceful life in a nice place, with the extra benefit of exchange rates on their favor when they make use of their retirement funds.

What is important to note here is that not all Brits head overseas forever. Many of them come back after a few years of living abroad. Some of them had planned to do so; they have gathered some experience, saved money, and/or learned about different cultures, and now, satisfied, return home to move on with their lives. Others simply find that life in another country isn’t as much better as they expected it to be, and the call from home is too strong, hence they return.

The British brain drain

Most Britons who plan to move outside the country are educated professionals and have some kind of degree. Some people see this trend with concern, as Global trade between Australia and other countries is taking place right now. All the economic and job opportunities listed above are pulling professionals to move abroad and try their luck in another country, where they are usually better paid. This creates a void in the work sphere in the UK, which is quickly filled by the other side of the coin: immigration.

There is a bit of a complaint by some people, as the value of the Australian dollar, as if they were on a different level as human beings. The fact is that there is a strong trend in UK migration: highly skilled professionals head abroad, while low skilled workers or unemployed people arrive at the Isles by hundreds of thousands each year. It has been proven that the famous promise made by David Cameron to cut the immigration figures down isn’t going to become a reality any time soon. 

As long as better opportunities are yet to be created in the United Kingdom for highly skilled professionals, this movement will go on. Even if there are fewer and fewer British ex-pats each year, which has been seen as a step up in Cameron’s compromise, the net migration remains positive for immigration. 

Relocations are never easy!

Whether you are moving from one city to another in the same country or to a different country altogether, relocation is never an easy task. One has to go through a number of hoops before they are finally able to settle in their lives in their new homes. For instance, if you are moving to Australia, there is a ton of paperwork to go through in addition to packing the stuff and arranging to have it transported to your new home. If you want to avoid the hassles that are usually encountered during relocation to Australia then choosing an international moving company is the best option available to you. provide people the chance to move overseas without having to worry about logistical issues as all of it is handled by them.     

Benefits of Choosing International Moving Company

An international moving company provides services for overseas relocation. It offers you the chance to sit and relax while they handle the task of packing your stuff and transporting it to the country you are relocating to. The following are some of the advantages that you can avail by choosing an international moving company to move to Australia. 

Hassle-Free Transportation 

An international moving company can relieve you of the tensions that are associated with the What are Incoterms?. You will no longer have to worry about how the household stuff is going to be packed and shipped to your new home. All of this is going to be managed by the international moving company. They will see to it that the contents of your house are packed carefully and then transported to your destination in a timely manner. This can free you of having to worry about the logistical issues associated with the transportation of cargo and you can enjoy your journey to your new home.  

No Paperwork to Worry About

The biggest difficulty that people face when moving to Australia is that of the paperwork that is required for shipping their cargo and household content to the country. An international moving company can sort this problem out for you. They will take care of the necessary paperwork and will ensure that all of the regulations for Global trade between Australia and other countries are followed during the transportation of your goods. 

Insurance of Household Stuff

When trying to manage the shipment of your cargo from one country to another yourself, you are bound to encounter a number of problems and there is a high chance that some of your stuff gets lost or damaged during the transportation process. An international moving company can help you in avoiding this. They take extreme care of the cargo during transportation and ensure that it is delivered safely. They also provide insurance of the household content as well so that if any of the cargo gets damaged, you don’t have to bear the losses.  

Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Removal Company

Having realized the advantages that you might gain by hiring an international moving company you would be tempted to hire one when moving to Australia. The following are some of the things that you must look out for if you want to the value of the Australian dollar


Experience is one of the basic criteria that you must check when choosing a removals company. The company must have been providing these services for a long time. The reason for this is that experienced service providers are capable of handling the issues that might arise during the shipment of cargo from one country to another in a better manner than fresh companies with no experience. 

Quality of Service

Quality of service and on-time delivery of the cargo is another important consideration that you would have to make. Make sure that the removals company you hire offers the best services and guarantees that your cargo will be delivered to your home on time.  


Reputation is another thing that you must keep in mind when choosing an international moving company. The company must have a flawless past record of providing quality services to its clients. You can check the reputation of a removals company by taking a look at the testimonials that they have received from their previous clients. 


Removal companies that offer insurance are a better option than those that don’t offer it. The reason for it is that it gives you added protection that your household items will be delivered to you safely and if things go wrong and some of your items go missing, you will be compensated for the lost goods. 

Thus, whether you are moving to Customs laws in Australia, it is a good idea to hire the services of an international moving company and avoid all the problems that are associated with international relocation. 

The Britons Down Under

How many British people do you think are living in Australia right now? This is one of the preferred destinations for Britons who move abroad, and perhaps you will be surprised to find out how many of them are currently living Down Under. The answer is over a million. Try to imagine that. How many people live in London? Or in other big cities in the United Kingdom? When you think about that, the size of that amount suddenly strikes you.

A question could arise. Why do so many British people choose to live in Australia? What is it about that country that calls them and attracts them, so they leave their old life behind and engage in a long, hard and expensive operation to get their belongings shipped all the way there? Why would they start over with their lives in Australia?

This country is actually the second preferred destination for British ex-pats, after the United States of America. The main reason seems quite obvious. Besides the British nations, the United States and Australia are the most prosper English-speaking countries in the world. Britons feel the cultural connection with them and see how they could live a good life there. Language and customs wouldn’t be such a great barrier; Britons who move to Spain, Germany, France, and other popular ex-pat destinations, have to deal with these issues while in the US and Australia it’s easier to get by. 

Is it easy to ship to Australia?

As 100% of Australian borders are coastline, it is easy to imagine how important the shipping industry is in that country. As a matter of fact, many ports are currently in functions, and every day many ships arrive and depart from them. Maritime trade makes up to no less than 99% of the total volume of Australian international trade, and vessels communicate the Australian ports with all coasts of the world.

Finding companies that ship to Australia isn’t difficult, either in the country itself or any other one. The Australian ports are very active and you should find no trouble getting a ship to carry your belongings there.

The good news for British ex-pats is that a new bill is due to be discussed until next year in Australia. This bill, if approved, would make international removals easier as it would lower the expenses and paperwork needed to transport your belongings there by sea. If you are Global trade between Australia and other countries, you should keep an eye on the progress of this bill’s approval. 

Be sure to choose a the value of the Australian dollar for this, because the best of them are always up to date with the latest regulations and maritime law of every country to which they ship. A removals coordinator or a client service agent will be able to explain to you the current situation of the shipping to Australia and advise you on what are the best measures to take in order to ensure that things go smoothly and you don’t face unnecessary expenses.

Choose only good removal companies

International removals are large and complex. If simple operations like transporting furniture across town or moving to another neighborhood is complicated enough, imagine how much is in play in an international removal. Packing alone is a lot of trouble, and you have to consider many things in order to do it properly: what kind of wrapping material use and how to use it, how many boxes, how to organize the parcels, how to make an inventory and label all boxes and bags, where to start, how to do it, how to pile things up until the removal truck arrives. And that’s even before leaving your home!

If you What are Incoterms?, you have to make sure that you choose a company. We couldn’t stress this enough. Removals are expensive, long and complicated. We don’t say this to discourage you, of course not; but you must understand that you have to take them seriously and give them a lot of thought. 

Good international removals companies will mind a lot of things and release you from much of the stress that all removals cause. You have to think about it thoroughly and make the right choice. There are many companies out there who claim to be the best of all, have the lowest fees, the fastest service and the highest quality of client support. You have to compare what they offer and, if possible, get reviews from independent third parties or ex-clients of the company. With this information in your hands, you should be able to make a choice with a reasonable chance of success.

Australia is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country with a lot on offer. From the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Great Barrier Reef to the vast plains of the Australian Outback, it is hardly surprising that the value of the Australian dollar. While you could go on holiday there for a few weeks and do some sightseeing, you might decide to make the next trip a permanent one. The sunshine and fantastic economic opportunities mean that Global trade between Australia and other countries for a long time – since its colonization as a penal colony in fact (just don’t call an Australian a convict unless you are ready for a fight) so you will not be alone.

While immigrating to a new country is an exciting experience, it can also be very stressful. We all know that studies have shown that moving is as stressful as getting a divorce. Now that you are using your passport in your move this is only likely to become a whole lot more stressful. If you are a first-time immigrant you may have a lot of questions that we are here to answer. Forget about being in the dark!

Getting Your Possessions There

Unless you are prepared to start your life completely over again, it is likely that you will need to transport your furniture and other household goods from your country of origin to Australia. The fastest way to do this would be to have everything sent over by air cargo. If you do not have a lot of things to transport and want them to arrive as soon as possible, go with the air cargo option. Just be warned that you will be expected to pay substantially more for this service. This is due to the fact that the amount of space available on cargo planes is a lot less than that of cargo ships. Furthermore, the general cost of air transport is higher than that of getting from place to place by the sea.

As a result, it is worth considering the alternative – shipping your household goods to Australia. Yes, it could take six to eight weeks but you will save a lot of money. This cash could be spent on getting to know your new home instead which we all know is a better option. If you decide to go with the shipping option and are eWhat are Incoterms? to help you get through this process.

Tips for Picking the Right Removals Company

It is daunting enough deciding that you are going to start a new life without having to deal with the added pressure of finding the right removals company. No need to have a mild or full-on anxiety attack, there are a few tricks to make everything a lot easier.

1.        Go Online

The easiest way to find out if a removals company does shipping to Australia is to go online. Any removals company worth taking a look at will have the information you need on its website. If you are not sure whether or not a removals company assists with shipping, you can always contact them directly.

2.       The Cost

Once you have an idea of which removals companies ship household items to Australia, you need to get as many quotes as possible. Think of your budget and what type of container you will need first. If you have any questions, the staff at the removals company should be able to help you.

3.       Packing

Another factor that you will need to consider is whether or not you would like to help with packing up your home. It might cost more, but will make your life much easier and allow you to focus on other aspects of the move. If you are worried about the reputation of a removals company go online to see what previous clients have to say about their shipping experience. There are a number of websites and forums that allow customers to rate their experience. Thanks to the internet, there is not a single company that can get away with bad service anymore.

Finally, if you would like your furniture to arrive sooner rather later but without having to pay the exorbitant costs associated with air cargo, remember that on a regular basis. Your first choice of removals company might only be doing shipping in a few weeks while another one is leaving sooner and has space. If this is the case, you might want to take the latter option so you can enjoy your new home straight away. Either way, you will be down under before you know it!

Moving to a new country can be both exhilarating and daunting, and Australia is no exception. Despite the sense of adventure, the excitement of discovering a new place as well as the prospects of a better life or excellent start over, moving to a new country can be downright terrifying! However, in order to tone down the effects of a move, you need to be well prepared. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Things to Remember Before the Move

There are a few things you need to get right from the start. Here are some pointers.

Packing and Moving

You will need to pack on time and look for the most reliable . Some companies offer packing services so make sure you look around before settling on any one service provider.

Visa Processing

This is a process that can take 6 months. Therefore, when planning your move, keep that in mind. 

Housing Options

When new in a country, it is advisable to rent a place for at least a year as it will give you a better idea of what to look for when buying the property.

Research on Location

Before you move, think of why you will be there. Consider the schools, amenities, and the costs of living in specific locations

The Finances

Moving is costly, and especially so if you are going to an entirely new country. Therefore, plan your finances and make sure you have enough to last you a couple of months if your income was to stall. Get your insurance, hunt for jobs (if you are not relocating to take up an offer), and sort out your assets (house, car, and other properties you own) Customs laws in Australia.

A Few Pointers to This Country Called Australia

Australia is the 6th largest country yet it only has 21 million people. With over 3m sq miles, the small population allows the rest of the country to be well dominated by natural beauty as opposed to suburban landscaping. The diverse natural resources, wildlife, plants and pristine wild beauty of the country make it perfect for potential ex-pats. Before you get all excited, here are a What are Incoterms?.

Cost of Living

On a general note, the cost of living is usually higher than what you may be used to, and there are statistics to back that up. The income may be lower than what you are used to and the tax bills higher. You can check out the country’s guide for more information.


On a general note, Australia is pretty hot! However, it’s important to note that different areas experience varying weather patterns. The northern part is usually tropical, characterized by hot and humid weather. The southern part is temperate, with clear seasonal distinction. The country experiences relatively low rainfall, making bush fires pretty common.


The official language of this country is English. If you are conversant with this language, you will find it easy to communicate and conduct business. While the Australian residents have their way of communication, you will find it easy to get around if you know English.

Career Options

Employment in Australia is pretty high, despite the global economic crisis. There are a lot of jobs for all education levels. However, as much as these jobs are in plenty, it’s increasingly difficult for people to get work permits and residency, especially for those moving from oversees. In order to get a work permit, you need to prove that you can offer a skill. But it is always advisable to work with career advisers to the value of the Australian dollar.

The Culture

The Australian population is predominantly Caucasian with a few Asians and other cultures. The Australians, just like any other country, have their way of doing things. For starters, they love drinking, and their humor is dark and witty. They are a very social lot and are quite friendly to strangers. They love football and sports in general, and their banana bread is something you need to get used to because you’ll have it for breakfast almost every day. It’s quite delicious though. There are endless Global trade between Australia and other countries you should know about the Australian people

Quick Guidelines about Living in Australia

Here are key factors that every ex-pat should keep in mind

It is extremely important to take up health insurance. Remember that the cost of dental and optical care may not be inclusive in the price, but let the service provider clarify what to expect.

While the working conditions in Australia are enviable, corporations and companies offer maternity leave at their discretion. The country does not have a national maternity leave.

It’s important to have a bank account. However, the account attracts a monthly ledger fee, as well as withdrawal charges every time you take out your money. Additionally, you do not earn any interest on deposits regardless of amount.

You may be required to re-sit the Australian driving test before you are allowed to drive. This is regardless of whether you have a valid license or your years of experience. 

Moving to and from Australia is a big step!

There are so many reasons why people migrate and some of them are listed below. With every big move comes very big stress, how do you move all your belongings? And in this case: how do I move my belongings to the other side of the world? Before we answer that stressful question, we will look at the different reasons What are Incoterms? from the UK and vice versa. 

About Australia

Australia is a first-world country developing at a steady rate, it is in the top 3 destinations for students, skilled workers, ex-pats, migrants, and investors. A lot of Britons are making the choice to move and for good reasons. Not only is it easier for Britons to integrate into society there since they not only share the language (except the few dialectical differences) but they have similarities in their history and even have a similar educational system. With their highly populated but not dense cities such as Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and almost every other city they have a very European/North-American lifestyle which makes the big move only easier for those from the similar regions. What sets Australia apart is it’s multi-cultural but accepting society. 

10 Reasons to Move to Australia

Highly accredited study opportunities. With one of the highest numbers of international students in the world next to the United Kingdom and the United States.Fresher air than anywhere else. Can you already imagine everyday blue skies instead of the London greyness?Unlike a lot of other developed nations, there are many Global trade between Australia and other countries, which explains the migration of skilled workers.Fed up of the massive crowd everywhere you go? Australia has the lowest population density in the world!Aussie’s are known for their “work to live” instead “live to work” lifestyle and are very laid back in their everyday lives. This is a great move for people who are under constant stress.A multi-cultural society with over 43% of the population being from foreign countriesFrom golden sandy beaches too with the clearest waters and coral reefs to snowy mountains to desserts… Australia has 500 national parks and 14 world heritage sites. Who says life will be boring there?The list only gets better with the added benefit of having a great healthcare system in Australia. Everyone receives basic coverage. A nice climate with moderate temperatures throughout the year makes Australia yet another dream destination.And last but certainly not least, if you want to travel in your own country Australia is the place to be. Domestic travels to beaches, mountains, and tropical rainforests. The opportunities are endless!

So we have a ton of reasons here why we should move to Australia, but what about the other way around? Making the move from Australia to the United Kingdom?

Moving From Australia

Of course, they’re also a lot of the value of the Australian dollar back to England and there are many (personal) reasons for doing so. Maybe for many moving across the world to another country can become more of a shock than expected. Being so far away from friends and family when not being accustomed otherwise can become quite lonely. Many people also dream of the warmth and bright sunny days but forget that the warmth can bring a lot of other undesirable woes with them, such as a lot of insects, mosquitos, flies, etc. etc. A lot of Britons moved to Australia because of the supposedly “cheaper living environment” which might have been the case before their economic boom which made prices skyrocket in real estate, petrol, supermarkets, generally everywhere where you would spend money. 

Orchestrating the Move to and from Australia

Logistically wise, moving from one house to another is already stressful, imagine how moving from one continent to another can be. Instead of taking on the complete hassle of moving all of your stuff by yourself, why not hire to help you move all the big stuff, but why would you want to have Arrow logistics help you out? Here are only a few of the reasons why many who are moving to or from Australia have chosen this removals company to orchestrate their move.

It is safe! Deliveries are always on time. 

It is fast! No long waiting periods on your packages and always on time.

It offers one of the best rates out there.

The UK residents are familiar with their renowned service worldwide. 

Customer Service is very important and they deliver added support wherever and whenever needed

 Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact them so that they can assist you with your move. 

Now that you know it’s inevitable to make the move, you have already sorted out your papers. You have also made all the possible arrangements concerning your home, your insurance policies, your mortgages, and other assets and liabilities. You are now beginning to feel the effect of the decision. As you sign away your house, you realize, with a tad or maybe more, of nostalgia that you are actually moving. All is sorted out, except for the biggest part of the actual move; packing.

The Rules; Before You Begin Your Packing, Consider A Few Factors 

Accommodation Facilities 

For example, how long is your stay abroad? What is your reason for relocation? If you are for work reasons, it is important to know if your employer has arranged accommodation facilities for you. Sometimes companies get furnished houses for their employees so you will only show up with your clothes. If no arrangement has been made, consider your finances and get the facilities that fit your budget. It would be unwise to ship items that will not fit the house you will be living in.

International Border Rules

It is very important to consider the items that are allowed and prohibited on the Global trade between Australia and other countries before you pack up. If you are not sure of what is approved, you can visit any public emigrations office or website and ask around. This will save you a lot of hassles with the authorities. In some instances, you may need to give out or sell some items since you cannot carry them all with you.

The Removals Rules

Looking for a removals company should be done even before packing. This is because most international removals companies do professional packing in addition to shipping. Therefore, before you start buying boxes, tapes, and wrap paper, check out reputable removals companies first.

Here is the tricky part; looking for a good What are Incoterms?. If you know the right places to look, then it’s easy as pie. For starters, you can make a simple search online to find out reputable international logistics companies with offices near you. Most international logistics firms have easily accessible websites and local offices or drop/pickup points. 

Before you profile the logistics companies, consider a few factors such as your finances and the services you need.

The most important factors to consider when moving

The Services Offered 

These services may include packing, the value of the Australian dollar, and storage in the new country as well as shipping to the new house)

Insurance Policy Offered 

Consider if the policy covers shipment and storage periods. The insurance should be against damage, loss, theft, natural disasters, and several other mishaps, especially when dealing with extremely valuable items. It is also important to note the validity as well as the specific terms of the policy. 

The Cost of the Services 

While price should not be the only determinant, it is among the most important factors. Is the quote inclusive of all miscellaneous services such as packing and insurance or is it only for moving the items across the borders? How is the fee calculated? Is it per kilo/pound, distance, time, Australian custom fees? What other parameters are considered? How will it affect your finances if anything doesn’t go according to plan?


It is essential that the shipping company delivers on the agreed time (except in cases of natural disasters in which they have no control over). It can be extremely inconveniencing to have your items delivered weeks after the agreed-upon date. It is important to engage a company with good connections so that no matter what happens you can always get your items on time.

With your list of vital things to look for in an international logistics company, you are ready to start looking around. You can start by looking up friends or family members that have crossed the Australian borders to refer you to the company that best handled their needs. If you have no such contacts, online real reviews will do the trick. Look for reputable review forums and read the real-life experiences of the customers who have passed through the various companies on your radar. 

Parting Shots

Moving across Australian borders may not be as scary as you imagine, but you need to be Customs laws in Australia. You may need to be well acquainted with the laws of the new country. There are simple regulations that will affect your daily life such as driving regulations. Others will not be a daily thing but are equally important as well such as labor laws, work permits and immigration or ex-pat policies. 

It is important to research the cultures of your destination country. As much as culture shock will always be there, research will significantly reduce the negative effects, especially if there are school kids involved. It is important to have all members of the family adequately prepared psychologically before the move.

Australia is fast becoming a preferred destination for ex-pats and business people alike, a trend that has fuelled the need for reliable and efficient shipping services. Some of the most reliable freight service providers are international, though you can still get a host of local companies that do the job just as good. If you want to ship to and fro Australia, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Tips for Choosing the Best Australia Shipping Company

A lot goes into the perfect selection of a shipping company; you do not just wake up and pick a name. You need to research a few things to determine which the best fit for you is. The most important considerations when picking a shipping company include:

Legality   the company should be duly registered with and licensed by the relevant authoritiesReputation the perfect company should be known for efficiency, reliability and great customer serviceThe cargo the weight, size, packaging, will help determine the best company to useTime urgent cargo is usually sent by the fastest means (usually expensive)Destination pick a company with good networks in the destination country for faster delivery

Services offered  a shipping company that offers an all-inclusive package is always more preferable. This package should include transport up to the preferred address, insurance, and tracking, packing, shipping and handling customs among others.

The Australia Shipping Companies

There are endless shipping companies that operate in Australia; both global and local. But we’ll look at the top companies to consider.


This is a shipping company with major operations in the UK, the UAE, Europe, China, and the USA. It is duly registered an accredited and gives affordable services for a variety of clientele. Whether you want to ship a small box, move household items or import goods, What are Incoterms? is the company to check out. It has good networks both internationally and locally, which makes it the perfect partner. If you are not sure how much they charge, simply request a free quote.

Arrow Logistics

If you are in need of international logistics services in the USA, Australia and Europe at large, have got you covered! Reputed for its efficient, timely, affordable, secure and reliable services, this shipping company should be on top of the list of companies you need to consider. To get a feel of how they work, you can take a look at their testimonials.


This is one of the most renowned global shipping and delivery companies. Apart from specialized courier services, Global trade between Australia and other countries, tracking, and parcel services at prices that fit your budget. The good thing about DHL is that it has a variety of payment options for their clients, as well as constant customer care services. It should be on your list of companies to consider regardless of the size of your cargo.


This global courier has a presence in virtually all countries, with an enviable delivery network. You can use the value of the Australian dollar to ship just about anything from regular items such as clothes to dangerous and hazardous cargo as well as expensive and delicate items that need special care. Not only does FedEx give you insights on how to pack and prepare your cargo for shipment, but they also provide a host of other necessary services. They also provide you with a shipping guide to get you acquainted with the processes prior to shipping so that you know what to expect.


This global courier also offers specialized delivery services as well as international cargo shipping. Their delivery services can be as soon as hours or days depending on the destination. In addition to shipping, Customs laws in Australia additional services such as pick up and drop off of packages and cargo, delivery notification, and shipping services for delicate or hazardous cargo in addition to the regular freight services. 


Shipping to and fro Australia has never been easier as with TNT. From lightweight parcel to heavyweight shipments, TNT offers express delivery services to all destinations. They are efficient for time-sensitive deliveries as well as normal shipments via sea, air or road. They also offer additional services such as extended warranties and express services for imports. 

Quick Pointers

Before you settle for an anyone shipping company, it is important to look at the terms and conditions, policies affecting the shipment you want to send, rates and surcharges, locations, necessary documentation, and preferred tracking services.

It is also important to check the extra services they offer as well as their networks in your cargo’s destination country.  If they don’t offer packaging services, it is important to look at resources that advice on the best way to pack and label your cargo.

Transportation Down Under

All active economies require an efficient and developed logistics network to operate properly. Goods and supplies must be carried to and from and specialized infrastructure must be provided. Special products will require special carriers, like liquids, flammable substances, and large pieces. Without this, many industries and productive circles won’t be able to function properly and supply other areas with their products. The economy is very entwined and all sectors depend on other sectors. What makes these links possible is a logistics network that can meet the requirements of all businesses involved.

The local economy of Australia has been growing in the past few years, and its internal and international logistics network has developed accordingly, in order to satisfy the needs of all growing sectors. Air, sea, rail, and road transportation are available for companies and customers, and this has become a very good niche for international investment. UK companies have started to target Australia as a destination - or even a new placement - for their activities. One of the latest examples of a British company expanding to Australia has been the case of , the London-based shipping and removals entrepreneurship which has managed to increase its revenue and reach offshore markets. 

Land transportation in Australia

Several developed countries have a very rich and extense network of roads and highways, but Australia, in particular, has been described by many as the country that relies the most on truck transportation. This isn’t surprising, as there are very few rivers for fluvial transportation, so most cheap inland cargo is carried by truck. However, most of the said cargo comes from the same sector, which is the mining sector. What are Incoterms? is very powerful and the country exports tons of fuel every year, so a large logistics network is needed. 

Of course, cargo trucks are also subjected to the evolution of technology, and the Australians will happily apply the latest inventions and discoveries in order to make their transport system more efficient and environment-friendly. There is massive investment in land logistics in this country, and even so, just as it happens in many other countries of the world, there is a shortage of drivers. This seems to prove that the cargo truck sector isn’t threatened as a job market, even if some of the latest technological advances, the driverless truck, is rearing its head into the Australian market. 

Driverless trucks are attractive to many investors because they are far more economical than regular trucks. They don’t need commodities for the driver, rests, or space for the cabin. They are also much safer than driven trucks because most road accidents involving trucks have been caused by human error. Driverless trucks for highway transportation are still being tested, and there are many legal issues to address before they can become an organic part of the logistics sector. However, remote control operated trucks are already being used in Australian mines to carry ore around the wide terrains. It isn’t exaggerated to say that Customs laws in Australia in the next decade or so.

Can land transportation be eclipsed by other means of transport?

Cargo trucks are far from being the only means of transport that customers or businesses can use to carry goods within, into and out of the country. Railroad transportation, air freight, and shipping are other options and they are often chosen as an alternative for land transport. In the case of international transportation, air and sea freight are the only options available due to obvious reasons. However, inside the country, the most widely used mean of transport still remains the cargo truck.

The shipping industry has been facing quite a challenge in the last few years in Australia. Some of these are a part of the global shipping situation, with the value of the Australian dollar due to many factors. Mainly, there is too much competition between shipping companies from different countries, and there is an overabundance of vessels and company owners have a hard time getting them full and getting them to sail away. This situation causes ship owners to lower prices, which is convenient for customers but not so much for those who run the business.

Airfreight is another option for transport, but it isn’t very popular, especially for massive cargo, because it’s far more expensive. Airfreight is more popular within customers who purchase online or people who relocate to Australia and don’t want to wait for a ship to arrive. A recent Global trade between Australia and other countries is affecting imports to Australia from Bangladesh due to safety concerns, and this has also impacted quite a few customers who used to purchase these items. 

So what exactly happened to the shipping industry in Australia?

A recent government analysis predicts that there will be a constant slowdown in freight shipping by boat in comparison to road and rail. The analysis shows that road and rail freight has reflected a steady growth in contrast to boat freight. The prediction is that boat shipping will be less than 150 billion tonne-kilometers while rail freight will increase up to 600 billion tonne-kilometers and road freight will increase to over 400 billion tonne-kilometers. Now, ships facilitate the majority of Australia’s international trade. In addition, Australian shipping ports manage ten percent of the world’s shipping making Australia the world’s fourth-largest shipping task. Based on these facts, although the Australian shipping industry is declining, authorities cannot afford to allow this decline to continue. Immediate intervention is needed if the government is to prevent the Australian shipping industry to be lost. 

So what led to the decline of the Australian Shipping Industry?

If you are wondering what led to the decline of the Australian shipping industry, the answer is simple – inferior taxes, regulator and employment conditions in other major shipping countries have led to the decline of this industry. In addition, in the last 15 years, the total number of ships registered in Australia has halved. The majority of Australian freight shipment is now being transported by ships from foreign jurisdictions resulting in the income being taken away by foreign industries instead of going to the Australian shipping industry. So, now you know What are Incoterms?.

So how will the government be intervening?

As mentioned earlier in this article, if the Australian shipping industry is to be saved, the value of the Australian dollar is required. The government is working on accomplishing the following to get the shipping industry back on its feet:

It is focused on removing barriers that hinder investment in the industry.

It is working on a simplified three-tier licensing framework that will assist in participating in coastal trade.It is working on establishing an international shipping register aimed at putting Australian shipping companies on the same level as its international competitors.It is also working on establishing a Maritime Workforce Development Forum to foster key maritime training and skills development. 

Shipping to Australia

While the government is working on resolving the issues within the Australian shipping industry, everyday shipping must carry on. If you are planning on moving to or from Australia, you will definitely have personal belongings that will have to be shipped. You may choose to ship these on your own but it is highly recommended to not do so. This is simply because there is so much that needs to be taken into consideration which shipping to and from Australia. As you may not have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure successful shipment, we advise that you hire an international removal company such as to assist you in all your shipping needs to Australia. 

If you are having issues deciding what to pack and ship to Australia, we advise that you take a look at a few Australian shipping websites so that you can get an idea of how much replacement items cost in Australia. You should then compare these costs with the costs of shipping the items that you already have. In most cases, it would be cheaper to ship your existing items than to purchase replacement items in Australia. 

Shipping Options to Australia

When Global trade between Australia and other countries, you have two main shipping options. These are:

If you have a lot of items to ship to Australia, you can opt for a full container of wither 20-foot or 40-foot which will be available exclusively only for you. Not sure which size to choose? Well, a 20-foot container is sufficient to hold the contents of a normal 3-bedroom house. If you do not have a lot of items to ship, you can choose a shared container. Your items will then be shipped with other people’s items. The advantage, however, is that the costs of a shared container are less than that of an entire container. 

Companies like Arrow Logistics can help you determine which of the above shipping options is more suited to your needs. In addition, they will help you with the required documentation needed to safely ship your items to Australia and will provide you with the necessary advice and guidance that you need to ensure safe removal. Also, if you are in need of packing and unpacking services or storage services until you arrive in Australia, these companies will be able to facilitate you. 

Moving to or from Australia?

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to successfully move from one country to the other while other people have horrible moving experiences? Well, those people who are successful in their moving experience are those who recognize the need for What are Incoterms? to help them with their removal. Those who are unsuccessful are most likely those who assume that they are capable of handling their removal without the assistance of professionals. 

If you plan on moving to or from Australia, you will definitely need to hire an international removal company that is reliable and that has sufficient knowledge, experience, and expertise. This is the key to guaranteeing a successful removal. It is without a doubt that countless removals companies are represented in Australia but not all of those companies can deliver quality logistics and freight shipping services. You will be pleased to know that Arrow Logistics is also present in Australia. If you want to guarantee your removal to or from Australia, is the company to contact. 

Should you sell, store or ship your belongings?

If you plan on moving to Australia, you will definitely consider whether or not you should sell, store or ship your belongings. Many people choose to sell items such as furniture as this is the easiest and most logical thing to do. When choosing to sell your belongings, one important thing to consider is whether or not the amount that you sell it for will be sufficient to help you replace them once you are in Australia. 

If you will not be selling your house, you could always choose to rent your house fully furnished to someone else; however, there are risks involved. First of all, you will need reliable tenants who will not end up destroying your house and belongings. Choosing to leave your house fully furnished without renting it is not a good idea because your belongings can be stolen and you will also have to uphold two houses – your old one and your new one in Australia. So storing your belongings might not be the best option.

Global trade between Australia and other countries is the third option. It is a costly option and can be a logistical nightmare but it does not have to be if you hire a removal company to guide you with the process. 

Tips for Shipping to Australia 

Moving to Australis requires a lot of planning.


Did you know that if you are to ship your furniture and other belongings to Australia, they would take approximately 12 weeks before arriving? This means that you need to plan well in advance if you want your belongings to arrive in Australia when you arrive. 


Shipping the contents of a standard 3-bedroom house will cost approximately £3,000 to £5,000. This means that you need to have that money available in advance so if you do not plan properly, you might not have the money available when you need it to get your belongings shipped out on time. 


Loss or damage of items in transit is not uncommon. To protect your belongings against loss or damage in transit, get insurance. The insurance will depend on what you are insuring and the level of cover you like. For example, you can choose coverage against loss only or you can choose the value of the Australian dollar, theft and damage. 

Choosing an international removals company

When choosing an international removals company, it is important that you do not only compare costs but that you also compare the standards of services offered by each company. Do not only look at the price but look at what is included in the price. In addition, try to find out what previous customers have said about the company that you are considering by reading online reviews and testimonials. In addition, look for a company that is registered with an established trade association such as Customs laws in Australia. Removals companies who are members of the BAR, benefit in many ways as well as their customers. 

Questions to ask a potential removal company

Below are some questions that you should ask a removal company to know whether or not they are the right one. It is important that all of the below questions are answered to satisfaction before making the final decision. 

Are you a member of the BAR? If not, why not?

Which types of insurance do you offer?

How long have you been in business?

Can you supply references?

How will my belongings be packed?

How long will the move take?

What does your pricing structure look like and are there any hidden costs?


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