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Worldwide removals

The industry of haulage is very active in the United Kingdom, as it is in many other parts of the world. Movement is part of our lives now, and globalization has potentiated our constant exchange of people and goods. Nowadays, we are able to purchase items from virtually any part of the world and have them shipped to our homes, and in some countries like of course the UK, this is done on a very regular basis. Also, international removals are increasingly common as more and more people choose - and become able to - travel to different areas or countries in the pursue of job opportunities, experience, studies or simply a new stage in their lives.

Behind these events there is a huge industry of transport and logistics. Getting an object from point A to point B, especially when point A is located at Beijing, China, and point B is Southampton, UK. There is a whole process since the object is wrapped and packed, until some British fellow opens the box in their living room. There is a lot of money, machinery, people and work involved so that one box can travel all the way to its destination. 

Of course, where there is money, there is research in order to improve the activity. The industry of transportation has experienced a major evolution in the last decades, and many inventions and developments have been put to work to make parcels travel faster, more secure and at a cheaper price. Logistics of haulage include containers, vehicles of different sorts, storing and carriage technology, control and management solutions, tracking technology, enginery and legal studies in order to face all paperwork needed for international transportation and regulations.

Haulage is a dynamic economy in the UK

Even if national and international transport in the United Kingdom is a very active area of the economy, we are far from saying that it is a safe bet for investors. In the last few months, some of our main ports have seen a significant increase in private investment; one of the most talked about is the recent agreement to develop and further expand the installations at the Southampton port, thanks to international capitals. This display of international interest in British haulage ports is only one case of heavy investment aimed to better exploit the demand for haulage. 

However, other companies haven't had so much luck, even those who have a long history of economical success in the UK. This is the case of Deben Transport, a haulier company that launched its activity in the late 80's and quickly escalated its capital and activity. However, after a long series of negative balances, it has been recently forced to close up after accumulating a massive debt. This is one of the negative aspects of haulage becoming cheaper and more competitive, as international haulage prices drop and this affects haulage companies which see their margins narrow down.

The invention of the container

One of the most important contributions to the industry of haulage is the invention of the container. This is indeed a key piece in today's haulage scene, and it has allowed to improve all aspects of transportation. Containers are designed to endure the elements and all perks of a long journey, so much so that some of them are even used to build homes. Specially equipped containers with special features allow goods to travel refrigerated and even frozen, which allows perishable goods like food and flowers to arrive at destination in conditions to be distributed.

As haulage containers come in standarized sizes and with all structural features needed to fit each other, they can be easily piled up and stored in huge yards close to ports or shipping terminals. This makes them very practical. Loading and unloading goods is much easier and faster when they are packed inside containers because you can move all parcels together with a crane. Also, containers fit inside ships and haulage trucks, all of which are designed for this purpose. The invention of the container has truly been a major improvement for the shipping industry and logistics altogether.

As you can see, it is much easier, quicker and cheaper to transport goods in containers, and nowadays this is by far the preferred method for haulage. Actually, haulage containers are the most economic way to transport cargo and they solve many logistics problems. When you hire a company to transport goods, they will almost certainly offer haulage containers as your best option for transportation, and we suggest that you choose it. Your goods will arrive much more easily to destination and you will save yourself lots of fees associated with transportation.

Relocation is never an easy task, from packing to settling down in your destination. International relocation is especially hectic as you are not sure what to carry with you and what to leave behind, as well as getting oriented in the destination country. The culture shock is especially intimidating. However, after all is said and done, you’ll get to enjoy your stay in a beautiful new place. After all, a change is as good as a rest.

FAQs: A Brief Guide to International Removals

First Things First, What Do I Pack?

Well, when it comes to international removals, you have the option of packing everything up, or keep only the essentials and buying the rest in your destination country. There are a few things that determine whether to pack or sell everything. One of them is the prices of the furniture and furnishings in your new country. If the items are considerably more expensive than the cost of shipping, it’s advisable to pack up. It is always hard to refurnish the entire house afresh after relocation. Secondly, if your company has arranged for a fully furnished house in your destination country, then you need not carry much.

Before you pack everything up, you might need to check the regulations of your destination country. For example, one of the most problematic items is the electrical appliances. If the electrical wiring in your destination country does not match your current country, carrying your appliances will be futile because you will not be able to use them.

From Which Company Should I Get Quotes?

International relocation can be hectic, that is why it’s important to get a reliable global moving company company. Additionally, only pick a company that specializes in global removals if you do not want to be disappointed. Apart from expertise, you need to know their requirements and the range of services they offer for each quote. Remember to always take up insurance against damage, loss and theft (with the removal company or separately). It is also good confirm that the removals company is registered with the relevant authorities.

When Should I Start Looking For Quotes?

One mistake most people make is to wait until the last few days to start rushing around looking for quotes. One danger they are bound to put themselves in is that the pressure will make you choose the wrong, and even more expensive option than if you have adequate time to shop around. 

In order to get adequate time to look for quotes, check on the company’s credibility as well as familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, you need at least 6 months prior to the move. This time allows you to sample a few credible companies such as The House Removal Company without the pressure of a ticking clock, which allows you to make an informed decision. Additionally, you also get adequate time to make relevant changes as the day draws nearer.

What Exactly Should I Be Looking For In a Quotation?

Well, one of the most important things is the range of services offered and the price. For starters, it is important to know the volume required to transport the items in question. If you don’t know how much cubic volume you’ll need, just make a list of the items to be transported. Some companies offer packing services in addition to overseas transportation so it is important to know what is included in the quote. Remember to ask if the insurance during removal and storage in the destination country are also included in the quote.  Get quotes from a few companies and pick the one that best suits your circumstances.

What Happens When My Items Arrive At the Destination Country?

This depends on the arrangement you make with the moving company. If you have already secured a place by the time the items get to your destination, you can have the removals company transport the cargo directly to your new house. 

However, if you are not settled well enough to take the items immediately, most removals companies offer storage services until such a time as you are ready to take them. You can discuss handling charges in the contract. In most cases, insurance covers the goods until they get to your new house (whether or not the removals company will store them for a short while). However, it is advisable to discuss these terms clearly. Do not make any assumptions as they can cost you dearly.

Additional Tips

Keep a diary of the things you need to do before the big move. Keep a check list so that you do not forget any vital thing. Remember to have the travel documents ready on time, pack everything that should be packed and sell or give out the rest. Additionally, go through the contract with a lawyer if you do not understand the language used so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. But most of all, remember to take a break, relax, breath. Everything will be alright!


The Need for Professional Moving Companies

Many people hire professional movers because after all things considered, professional movers remain the most cost-effective solution when it comes to moving. Professional moving companies save movers time, effort and stress by not only taking care of the moving process but by helping movers with additional moving tasks such as packing and unpacking. From heavy appliances and large furniture to fragile items, professional movers help movers to safely and securely move their professions from one place to the other with as little to none damages and loses and if something does manage to get damaged or lost, the moving company is responsible and will need to compensate for the damages. 

Understanding the Impact of Taxation on Your Moving Company

As stated above, moving companies are in demand because people are constantly moving. They change jobs or sell their homes or they simply choose to spend the rest of their lives somewhere else. So if you plan on starting a moving company, there will be plenty of business for you and you can make a lot of money; however, like every company, you will have to fulfill your legal responsibility of paying taxes. You therefore need to know which taxes you will have to pay and also you will need to know which deductions are available which you can profit from. 

First of all, moving companies including international moving companies need to receive financial advice from professional financial consultants so that they can obtain as much information as possible regarding the taxes that they need to pay. Depending on the location and size of your business, you will have to pay various federal, state and local government taxes. No matter which country you are in, the law demands that you pay taxes on your income amongst other types of taxes and a professional financial consultant can give you advice on the different taxes that you need to pay and how you need to pay them. 

Tips on Proper Taxation Management

Apart from hiring a professional financial consultant, there are some other very important things that you need to consider to effectively manage your taxes. 


Keep Records

While you have to pay taxes on your income, you are allowed to claim legitimate business expenses; however, you need to be able to show what these expenses are. This means that you need to keep accurate records of all expenses made so that these can be deducted from your income.

Submit on Time

Almost every country charge a fine if your tax application are not submitted on time. If you keep accurate records and implement an accounting system, you should be able to submit your tax application on time which will keep you from being charged a fine. 


Tax Deductions for Moving Companies

Below are some tax deductions which apply to moving companies in most countries that you should be aware of because they can be beneficial to you. 

Moving Vehicles

Your moving trucks, vehicles and other carries are tax-deductible. These and other fixed assets depreciate and in many countries, the depreciation is booked as depreciation expense which is deductible from your income.


The labor of all your employees is also deductible. This does not only include the wages but all other benefits you pay to your employees.


Fuel and Other Vehicle Expenses

The gas and other expenses that you incur for your carries are also fully deductible including repairs so be sure to keep the receipts so that you have it to prove to the tax office that you did not make up the expense. 



The moving equipment and tools are also fully deductible in most countries.

Determining Where to Set up Your Moving Company

It is important that you obtain as much information as possible about the taxation that your company will be required to pay before you set up a moving company in that country. For example, many ship owners in Greece are exploring the options to leave their home country due to the higher shipping taxes that they need to pay. You do not want to start up a moving company in a country and then have to struggle with the taxes that you need to pay. In the end, you might have to consider other options and look for countries where low tax shipping centers can be set-up. Do sufficient research and where necessary, you should hire a financial consultant to give you advice and information that you do not have and can help you in making these decisions which can affect your company legally as well as financially. 

New tools to expand businesses

Being ahead of the competition and walking into new horizons has always been a key factor to business success. These advantages have now increased their weight in a more dynamic market, thanks to globalization and communication technologies. The arrival of the new milennium brought what is arguably the main technological tool for today's national and international market, which is e-commerce. An increasing number of logistics companies from several countries of the world are engaging a new stage of expansion via online portals, in an attempt to reach new markets and spread their range of potential customers.

The more technology is available to a certain population, the easier things can get to people. Logistics companies are now facing the challenge of becoming increasingly competitive in this field, as consumers from dozens of countries use the Internet to purchase products online. As when it comes to the Internet, physical distance between consumer and provider is no longer of importance, e-commerce is a great tool to boost international purchases, which then increase the flow of items across country borders. This is challenging as international logistics mean dealing with foreign and international regulations for parcels and shipping, sanitary controls, paperwork and legal compliance, and they can also make tracking and item recovery more difficult. However, the expansion of businesses is an advantage too good and too tempting for many companies to let these disadvantages discurage them.

The UK, ahead

Many countries are facing these challenges have to deal with particular issues regarding their own legislation and political-economical situations. However, if there is something that we in the UK have been doing for a long time, is overseas commerce - and other maritime affairs. It should surprise nobody that we still find ourselves ahead in the battlefront of commercial shipping, and this includes being on the frontline of e-commerce. As a matter of fact, the United Kingdom is the number one country for online purchases according to a recent report of the Office of National Statistics. Since the early 2000's, a wide proportion of the UK population had had purchased online, and that number increases from year to year. 

This situation hasn't changed. UK leads the e-commerce boom thanks to its strategy of investing in improving the purchasing experience and the marketing approach to customers for online sales. Indeed, purchasing online could seem very simple at a first glance, but there are in fact many details that could critically change the outcome of a potential transaction. In the last years, more companies in the UK have hired IT specialists than the average EU country, and it shows in the results. 

International recognition

The leading role that the UK has in e-commerce has drawn overseas companies into closing very important commercial deals with us. International logistics require deals that help overcome legal obstacles and open gateways for transportation, and for that reason these agreements are particularly important in order to provide the client with the best experience. Otherwise, next time the customer is likely to purchase something, they will think twice before using the same channel for an international transaction.

One of the advantages of overseas commerce is that one country could satisfy the needs of another one, which isn't in proper conditions to produce goods that its population is willing to consume. This, as well as the notorious predominance of the UK in European international logistics, has pushed logistics mega-giant company Alibaba into looking towards the United Kingdom. This Chinese international logistics firm expands to the UK in order to allow British products to reach the Chinese market. The overwhelming population of China is increasingly interested in acquiring overseas products and goods from the UK match their requirements. In example, a recent sanitary scandal in China doubled Scottish exports of seafood to this country. These exchanges will become much easier, cheaper and more efficient thanks to the huge logistics support that Alibaba could provide to British retailers. Last year, Alibaba organized a "Double 11", a 24-hour long massive sale similar to an American Black Friday; that day, the company's sales jumped tenfold. 

New agreements and international collaboration will allow UK retailers to expand their business internationally, but this possibility will only come to full fruition if UK companies keep investing in improving their online platforms and IT infrastructure. As technology keeps evolving at breakneck speed, new trends arise and companies must be ahead of the curve if they want to overcome their massive competition. Many see mobile commerce or m-commerce as the next step towards a more massive introduction of e-commerce, and UK companies are already working on spreading their activities to that new online niche.

Among the enormous decisions one makes in life, shipping internationally is one of the most taxing. The thought of moving office or even the whole household from one state to another is cumbersome and therefore requires lot of thorough planning and economic preparation. However, with very effective and strategic planning, even the most complex shipping lessens to a simpler task.  Below are some tips that one should put in mind before picking a shipping company for either business or home shipping. 

Five Essential Tips on Proper Planning Before Picking International Removals Company

What Are You Moving?

This should be the foremost query as you plan on picking an international shipping company.  Are you shipping your whole office? Is it your furniture, antiques, piano or is it your whole household? Having the above in mind not only gives you the mental picture of the expected bulk but also aid in choosing the size and shipping method to use.


For international shipping, it is advisable to have the exact place where you require stuff to destine. This helps to reduce chances of loss. A good example is if shipping your office from Kenya to UK; pick a UK company that is registered and well established on the job market.


What exactly can you afford? It is a huge mistake to pick up a shipping company that is beyond your economic class. A fair price, offering discounts and affordable services should be a priority. This saves you the weep of overspending beyond your credit worth.


Do you have a specific place you are going to store the goods after you have shipped them? If not, what are your plans?  Are you hopping to get portable storage, moving office or a warehouse? What is your mode of operation? This is just a few of the questions you should answer as you get into shipping. Having permanent storage facilities is advisable. However, if you don’t, you can arrange to arrange for temporary storage as you plan to move your stuff.


Are you able to afford all the documents you require to legally ship from one state to another freely? This is not only for legal purposes but also to limit chances of fraud, mismanagement of your property or even seizure by the host state. It gives you freedom to move around with no restriction or discrimination and harassments. It is mportant to know more about shipping requirements. 

Six Considerations When Choosing an International Shipping Company


It is a requirement by the law for any shipping company to be insured. Therefore, try to get the most comprehensive insurance as it limits loss from theft, accidents, or damages. On the same note, be keen to take a policy that has the highest probability of occurrence and that favor the quality of property been shipped. An agreement is signed by the client and the company to cater for at least 30% of damaged goods during transit.


It is only ideal to use professionals to pack your luggage to limit damages and breakages of the property. Allow only skilled personnel to decide on the type of wrap and container to use, the size and the shape. Items such as chinaware and glassware are delicate and thus their packaging differs from that of wooden furniture and plastic materials.


Client reviews will give you an idea of how safe the shipping company is. If you find that one company has more complains than recommendations, chances are they will do a shoddy job for you too. Pick a company whose majority of clients are happy with.

Convenience In Terms Of Resources 

A proper removal company is that which has sufficient resources and tools to facilitate fast and convenient movement. This may include boats, motor vehicles or cars. With such facilities, even the most remote locations can be accessed. A ship to the port or a craft to the airport has only serviced you half way, consider the effort you require to ship to your doorstep.


Based on your bulk, you can determine the cost of shipping. Ensure that the containers used are not too large as to create excess unused space which only boosts costs. Go for a company offering a hand build pallet that is uniquely made to accurately measure the weight before loading. Live within your means.


A proper removal company is that which has a professional and accessible customer care services, ready to offer  professional advice and willing to assist you whenever you are in need. The customer care attendants should be available anytime you need them. 

In conclusion, international removal companies are many, but licensed professional companies are limited. You are the decision maker: keenly discern the appropriate one from the imitations. 

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