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Moving overseas shipping container

If you have decided to move overseas, you already know that there is a lot of adjusting, shifting and changing that is in store. The biggest dilemma that your face in this period is the choice between selling off all that you have to travel light and shipping all your belongings to a new place. While the former choice is practical in a lot of ways, there may be too many unnecessary expenses involved. In addition to that, it is very inconvenient to be in an entirely new country with none of your belongings. Shipping seems like a fair choice as there are several shipping companies that will help you put your things in order and ship them carefully. The only thing that you need to worry about is when ship your stuff, how you pack your stuff and what to ship and what to leave.

When Should You Ship Your Stuff?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon where in the world you plan to relocate to. There are two possibilities when you are moving overseas. Your relocation is either iso-hemispheric or it is trans-hemispheric. The former refers to a shipping route that will remain in the same hemisphere while the latter refers to a shipping route that crosses hemispheres. In case of an iso hemisphere relocation, make sure that you choose a season that is relatively dry. Humidity can cause a lot of damage to your belongings. If you are unable to control the shipping date, make sure that you get all your packing done during the day and that your container is shut tight at night to avoid any condensation.

When relocating to a new hemisphere, the ideal time to pack is the beginning of winter so that the shipment reaches its destination in a warmer month. The most important thing to keep in mind is that packing in the rainy season can be disastrous. Click here for a detailed understanding of the best season to start packing in your country. Read More...

Moving House UK

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you will ever experience. Most counselors and psychologists put it up there in the top three right next to getting divorced. It is no wonder then that so many people are reluctant to start packing and take the big step – even if it is right next door. The move is even scarier if you are moving further away – whether for another job or due to a personal tragedy (we all need a clean break sometimes). Even if you are a seasoned mover (I have moved more than thirty times in my 27 years) it is still a stressful experience every single time. This article is meant to give you some advice on how to make the move as stress-free as possible. Want some advice from a self-made expert? Keep reading. Read More...

Trusted removal companies

Researching Trusted Removal Companies

The first and most important step when it comes to trusting a removal company is to seek recommendations and do research for trusted removal companies. You should start doing this as early as possible – at least one month in advance. When researching professional removals companies, there are three main things that you should consider.

1.    Accreditations – When list of references?, you want to make sure that your removals are handled by a company that is trusted and that meets the international quality standards of the moving industry.  You would want to verify that the company is a member of BAR (British Association of Movers) as members of this Association are regularly checked to make sure that their terms and conditions meet the standards of the Office of the Fair Trading.

2.    Insurance – Since that, you will be entrusting all of your valuable and important possessions to this company, you need to make sure that there is some form of insurance because if any damages occur, you would want to receive compensation. It is advisable to NOT work with a removal company that does not offer insurance. Read More...

International house removals

Overseas relocation of the goods and the belongings is carried out by a huge number of removal companies these days. They not only help people in the relocation of their material but also businesses. The business of removal companies is blooming with the number of people hiring them being on the rise. Mostly the process of removal will include the use of vans. However, if there is relocation across the borders, then the movers might take up other means of transport such as special shipping containers. Packing isn’t the only work that is done by the moving companies. Many removal companies also offer assistance in packing but few companies offer complete assistance in the full packing services which includes handling the entire procedure in connection with the packing and moving. Many other companies have restricted services such as just packing and just moving.

The relocation of the self also includes the entire relocation of the luggage and belongings. After all, it is your hard-earned money that you have used to make up your house. The removal companies will include the complete work of removal of the carpets, rugs, wall paintings, lamps, furniture, electrical appliances, kitchen cutlery, wardrobe and clothing, footwear and much more. They involve taking up the responsibility of the dissembling of the furniture, wrapping up of the material, packing it with complete padding and protection, labeling the boxes and much more. They are completely professional and take up the entire packing process with care. You can be very satisfied with their service in terms of the packing and winding up the entire household in a day or two.        

The complexities involved in international moving:

Relocation is one such task that can give any person great stress and trouble. Shifting the business of the house is a tedious job indeed! From packing to labeling to remembering to keep things as planned includes few things that need to be taken up during your packing and moving process. Apart from the materialistic things, house removal also includes you to sit down and notify all the people associated with you in some of the day ways about your relocation. Read More...

Best Removal Company

Begin the Process Well Ahead of Time

It may take a few weeks to, not only finalize your own itinerary and decide on what services you need but, also to conduct the required research on firms, get a number of different quotes and decide on which firm to go with, so begin the process well ahead of your scheduled moving date. Avoid scheduling your move date during peak times like weekends and major holidays as you could be faced with unwanted delays and heavier prices. There is an art to choosing a good removal company and the further your goods need to travel the more research and deliberation is necessary to make the best choice.

Be Clear About your Needs

Before you can start looking for a removal firm to get your goods where you need them to be you need to be clear on what exactly it is you need. There is a huge difference in what you need to look for in a removal firm if you’re moving locally than if you require losses. Using a small firm for local moves, or small volumes is fine but an international move needs to be handled by a professional firm that is reputable and can accommodate all your needs. Larger firms have bigger teams, faster turnover times and usually better insurance and pricing options.

Think about whether you need a wrapping and packing service and if you need insurance on your goods, especially if you are moving precious goods that may not be covered by the firm’s insurance, as you may need to supplement this insurance. Choosing to opt for a wrapping and packing service will help you avoid the risk of damage to your goods, as a professional firm will handle and pack each item in the most suitable way, but do remember that packing and removal crews will need additional time to do this and you should adjust schedules as necessary. Decide if you’ll be needing storage and for how long as well as how fast you need the move to be completed. It’s also a good idea to de-clutter before you have a surveyor come over, as this is a common issue that affects moves but could easily be avoided with some planning. Read More...

Box Packing Companies

Packing can be as tiresome as it is exhausting. Part of the stress is picking out the boxes in which to pack and knowing how to pack the different items to be moved. How you pack will make it easier or harder when you finally get to unpack. If you have a lot of stuff to move, the packing process can be particularly overwhelming. However, to make the process easier, here are a few tips.

1. Packaging Supplies

When you get the news that you need to move, there are a few supplies that you cannot afford to miss. If you are going to move the items overseas, you will require high quality, good packaging materials to ensure the safety of your items. The most important packaging supply is boxes. If you have a lot of odd-shaped items, you can decide to pack them in barrels instead. Other than that, here are other supplies you should pick. 

Packing paper/unprinted papers     Bubble wrap for delicate items
PVC tape (not cellophane or masking tape)   Cutting tool (scissors or sharp knife)
Labels/stickers for identification   Notebook (for inventory recording)
Tape dispenser   Labeling markers

2. Picking the Packing Boxes

It is very important to pick packing boxes of the appropriate sizes; you will need small and large boxes. When picking large boxes, make sure they are only large enough to fit the bigger items. Keep in mind that a person will carry the boxes so don’t take the load too heavy. Read More...

Removals to S.Africa

The perks of putting stuff on a boat

We’ve all shopped online. We see a few items, choose the one we want, and click on the button to make the purchase. It’s so easy to buy things that are produced offshore, that we don’t even think about it. Where was this item produced? A European country? The United States? China? India? Who cares? Things are as easy as typing your credit card information and clicking on the purchase button. Easy, huh?

We are used to seeing shipping fees on the detailed order. Those fees mean that, somewhere in the world, there will be a guy carrying a package with our purchased item inside of it; or maybe a machine will do it, or a guy driving a machine. Then that package will end up inside a ship, and the ship will sail across the ocean towards us. The package will be delivered and we will - hopefully - open it up in our houses and get our hands on our item of choice. Read More...

Removals to Greece

Dealing with international removals

Take a look around. If you are in your house, take a look around right now. See all your belongings, object you need and/or hold dear for some reason. Some of them will be damaged if they become wet; others could break if they fall; others may be crushed if something heavy is placed on them.

Now imagine that you have to put all that stuff in a box, then put the box in a truck, and then that box is carried to a plane or ship, and it goes across the ocean, then back in a truck and finally to a house in a continental country. Do you get the feeling that your items would be completely safe and sound at the end of such a journey?

What can you do?


Removals to Croatia

Emigrating to Croatia

Since its very dawn, Croatia has always heavily relied on sea traffic to stay alive and grow. The country itself is quite little in terms of the extension, especially compared with its neighbor Spain and other countries of Western Europe. Of course, as we all know, if there is one thing that European countries have been doing for the last centuries was to change shape and size. However, the Croatian territory never spread across a wide extension of the European continent. However, it was the first Western European nation to become a global empire, mainly thanks to its naval policies.

Being a small country, territorial expansion has always been the ace under Croatians sleeve. With about half the country’s limits being coastline, it isn’t surprising that for a long time Croatia has been sending one vessel after another, exploring the world and reaching faraway lands. In the Age of Discovery, the Croatians reached the five continents and helped create a worldwide political and economic empire, with colonies on America, Africa, and Asia.  Read More...

Shipping to USA

A historical link

When people want to move from one country to another, they usually choose destinations who have some sort of cultural and idiomatic link to their own homelands. It makes the whole process much easier. They don’t have to learn new languages, adapt to a culture very different to their own, and they might even find very familiar things in their new settlement. In example, at the early 2000’s some South Americans faced an economical crisis which pushed them to flee overseas, looking for a better life. The countries of choice were mainly Spain, and in second place, Italy. These people usually had Spanish and/or Italian relatives, and were very close to these nations, culturally speaking. It was much easier for them to settle down and find jobs, education and businesses there than it would have ever been were they to choose other countries such as Germany or France.

This cultural link is explained because almost all South American countries were once Spanish colonies since the Age of Discovery until their final independence. These nations see in Spain their national heritage, share their language, and somehow feel like family.

It isn’t surprising that the British people do the same with their own ex-colonies. When Britons consider leaving the country, main reasons being work, studies and retirement, places such as Australia and the United States come to mind. They speak English, they have a strong cultural bond with the British people and it’s quite easier to get by, with little communicational obstacles.  Read More...

Moving to Continental Europe

Why do people move?

The place where you've been born and raised means a lot to you. It could be the best place in the world, the worst place or, in most cases of course, something in between. It has its advantages and disadvantages, things you appreciate and aspects that you don't really like. This will always happen because there isn't such thing as the perfect place to live, but in time you learn to know and love that corner of the world that saw you grow up.

Of couse, life is a lot about moving from one place to the next. It's about moving forwards, stage after stage, living different experiences and growing as a human being. You can do that if you spend your whole life in one place, but it is much more enriching to move around, see new places and seal the beginning of a new stage in life - such as a marriage, a divorce or a breakthrough job opportunity - by changing the place where you live. Read More...

Removals to Belgium

Belgium is a beautiful country; the beautiful mountains, posh lifestyle and legendary chocolate are just some of the major attractions that draw thousands of people to it from all over the world. Yet with all these attractions relocating to Belgium can be a major headache.

In order to transcend beyond these impediments, it is important to avoid being caught unawares. Knowing the challenges and cons of relocating to Belgium beforehand can help you overcome the problems and make your move as smooth as possible. Read More...

Shipping to Hong Kong