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Moving home overseas by shipping container


If you have decided to move overseas, you already know that there is a lot of adjusting, shifting and changing that is in store. The biggest dilemma that your face in this period is the choice between selling off all that you have to travel light and shipping all your belongings to a new place. While the former choice is practical in a lot of ways, there may be too many unnecessary expenses involved. In addition to that, it is very inconvenient to be in an entirely new country with none of your belongings. Shipping seems like a fair choice as there are several shipping companies that will help you put your things in order and ship them carefully. The only thing that you need to worry about is when ship your stuff, how you pack your stuff and what to ship and what to leave.

When Should You Ship Your Stuff?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon where in the world you plan to relocate to. There are two possibilities when you are moving overseas. Your relocation is either iso-hemispheric or it is trans-hemispheric. The former refers to a shipping route that will remain in the same hemisphere while the latter refers to a shipping route that crosses hemispheres. In case of an iso hemisphere relocation, make sure that you choose a season that is relatively dry. Humidity can cause a lot of damage to your belongings. If you are unable to control the shipping date, make sure that you get all your packing done during the day and that your container is shut tight at night to avoid any condensation. Read More...

Moving House UK

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you will ever experience. Most counsellors and psychologists put it up there in the top three right next to getting divorced. It is no wonder then that so many people are reluctant to start packing and take the big step – even if it is right next door. The move is even scarier if you are moving further away – whether for another job or due to a personal tragedy (we all need a clean break sometimes). Even if you are a seasoned mover (I have moved more than thirty times in my 27 years) it is still a stressful experience every single time. This article is meant to give you some advice on how to make the move as stress free as possible. Want some advice from a self made expert? Keep reading. Read More...

Trusted removal companies when moving to France

Are you moving to France and feel somewhat overwhelmed because you just don’t know where to start? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with all the information that you need to successfully move to France with as little stress and frustration as possible. Many people removals to France normally turn into a horror story because of a lack of preparation and guidance from professionals. Many people think that they can manage the process on their own; however, the simple truth is that they cannot.

Why France

France is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It is a culturally-divers country and it has been proclaimed one of the most romantic places on Earth. Many people when they visit France feel so alive and at home, they decide to relocate to France. Off course, there are others who move to France for other reasons such as education, job, family and health reasons.

Researching Removal Companies

The first and most important step when it comes to moving to France is to seek recommendations and do research for trusted removal companies. You should start doing this as early as possible – at least one month in advance. When researching professional removals companies, there are three main things that you should consider. Read More...

International house removals

Overseas relocation of the goods and the belongings is carried out by a huge number of removal companies these days. They not only help people in relocation of their material but also businesses. The business of removal companies is blooming with the number of people hiring them being on the rise. Mostly the process of removal will include the use of vans. However, if there is relocation across the borders, then the movers might take up other means of transport such as special shipping containers. Removals isn’t the only work that is done by the moving companies. Many removal companies also offer assistance in packing. Few companies offer complete assistance in the full packing services which includes handling the entire procedure in connection with the packing and moving. Many other companies have restricted services such as just packing and just moving.

Relocation of self also includes the entire relocation of the luggage and belongings. After all, it is your hard earned money that you have used to make up your house. The removal companies will include the complete work of removal of the carpets, rugs, wall paintings, lamps, furniture, electrical appliances, kitchen cutlery, wardrobe and clothing, footwear and much more. They involve taking up the responsibility of dissembling of the furniture, wrapping up of the material, packing it with complete padding and protection, labelling the boxes and much more. They are completely professional and take up the entire packing process with care. You can be very satisfied with their service in terms of the packing and winding up the entire household in a day or two.        

The complexities involved in international moving:

Relocation is one such task which can give any person great stress and trouble. Shifting the business or the house is a tedious job indeed! From packing to labelling to remembering to keep things as planned includes few things that need to be taken up during your packing and moving process. Apart from the materialistic things, house removal also includes you to sit down and notify all the people associated with you in some or the day way about your relocation. Read More...

shipping to Australia

Why move to Australia?

In the past few years, the world has become flat playing ground. More opportunities have come up and today, people not just travel between two cities in the same country but also move to different continents for better lifestyle and security. With technology becoming everybody’s best and convenient friend, people now work in teams with diverse cultures. Almost every workplace has become cosmopolitan in one way or another. Moving to a new country is also a tedious and exhaustive task. If that isn’t enough then there are cultural differences that require time to get adjusted to. If you are moving Down Under, then it is important to note that a massive island country is virtually detached from the entire world and is pretty far from other popular nations. That being said, Australia is one of the best countries in the world in terms of social security and lifestyle.

Many people are considering to move to Australia with the opening up of career opportunities as well as because many people are now preferring a laid-back style of living. The environment is rather liberal and you will enjoy the lovely weather.

Move on your home or hire a removal company?

Moving your home always will be an overwhelming experience for many considering the several things that have to be considered in the whole process. While it is rather easy to move within the same city all on your own or with help from friends, the difficulties magnify when you are moving to a new city or more so when you move to a new country. In such cases, it is best to hire a removal company to do a specialized job for you. Read More...

Making the best out of international removals

It is very rare that people stay in the same location for their entire lives. Life is change and moving forward. Moving from one place to another is part of being alive. We follow our dreams, we leave behind what does not do us good, we try new things and give ourselves the chance to go beyond. We face life projects and make them happen. We loose contact with certain people and meet new people. We change houses, cities, and even countries or continents to keep our lives moving.

Starting over

Sometimes you choose -or have to- move really far from where you were, even across the borders of your own country. International Removals are always a great chance to change your life and unblock all projects and wishes that were stuck for one reason or another. Everything is new. Places are different, your house is different, your neighbours are different, but also the culture, the environment, the laws, and even the language, everything is different. It's exciting, but it's also challenging. It takes a lot of energy to adapt to your new world, and it also takes a lot to do the removal itself, with all it takes. Packing, unpacking, moving, making sure that everything arrives properly and nothing gets lost or broken in the way; paperwork, visas, transport, job and studies issues, finding a place, buying it or renting it, exchanging currency and millions of other details can surpass your own capacity, and it's understandable.

If you are planning to move abroad, you will need help. Read More...

International Removals and Shipping

Moving can be a daunting experience for anyone, no matter how many times he or she has moved or how organized the individual is. This should not come as a surprise – mental health professionals have proven that moving is one of the most stressful experiences anyone will ever go through and it has been likened to going through a divorce or death in the family. This is why so many people are reluctant to move. Packing and cleaning can be daunting tasks for anyone after all. Then there is the fact that you will probably have to adjust to a new environment. Whether this is a new home down the road, town or even country does not take away from the fact that adjusting is tough.

If you have decided to move to another country you are in for the most stress and everything you experience with regards to moving will be far more acute. No need to worry, here at we care about more than just getting your belongings safely across to your new home, we want you to be happy and do well when it comes to adjusting and dealing with the stress of moving. Want to know how to make the most of a rather stressful situation? Keep reading...

Tip #1 Do Your Homework

Most people hated homework at school and did it as quickly as they could. Assuming you managed to pass and get to wherever you are in your career, this is fine. However, when it comes to doing something as dramatic as moving to another country, you need to do your homework and not slack off. Find out as much as you can about the country you are moving to. Everything from the currency, industry and what people do for fun is important, this is very important. The more you know about the country you are moving to, the less likely you are to be surprised by things you are not familiar with (think of customs and the like). The best place to find this kind of information is through forums dedicated to expat living in a particular county. With the rise of social media, Facebook is a great place to start looking for this kind of information - pages and groups are where your go-to here. By getting in touch with other people in your situation you are creating a support group for when you arrive. Read More...

Trusted movers to Australia

Moving from one place to another is a very tedious and an extremely challenging task. When you decide to move, you just don’t pack your bags and leave, you will need to carry your important stuff along. All your important possessions need to be transferred along with you where ever you go. Such a difficult task can’t be carried out alone without the help of a professional expert. You can easily take help from the huge number of professional movers who are completely reliable, trustworthy and efficient in their job. They take complete guarantee in packing your stuff and moving it in the prescribed time and keep all your possessions completely safe and secure. The packers and movers of Australia are one of the most professional ones who take care of the sanctity of the belongings in the process of relocation.

Shipping your belongings hassle-free:

It would be a great boon for those who are relocating with the wide plethora of shipping experts being easily available these days. is no longer a difficult task with the aid of the professional movers. They have the complete range of equipment and also the labour needed in the transportation. They will take complete responsibility of the transfer and will ensure you get the entire luggage on time and at the exact location.  

Self shipping and the drawbacks:

Many people consider it the best option to take the help of professional packers and movers, while many others tend to do the packing and moving themselves. For those who consider the latter option, it must be kept in mind that relocation isn’t a very easy task. It requires immense work and sense of understanding of the entire procedure along with attention to detail. There is great possibility of misplacing anything on account of the fact that there is too much work and pressure on the mind. Apart from the physical strain, it also requires you to keep in mind that you must label and name all the things, lest you might lose anything. Professional movers have the talent to handle all the things and experience makes them more accurate than any other person! Read More...

Moving House to France

Moving to France – DIY or Removal Company

France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a country that is filled with excitement and culture. This is why many people choose to move to France. Some choose permanently while other choose to move temporary. Whether you are moving temporary or permanently, you will need to move your personal belongings. However, moving house to France can be a major cause of stress. Think of the last time you moved! The boxes, the furniture, the broken ornaments, the lost documents, the tiredness, the arguments with family members, the exhaustion and the not finding the things that you need the most at the times that you need them the most!

When moving your personal belonging to France, you have two options: Read More...

How to Choose the Best Removal Firm

There is an art to choosing a good removal company and the further your goods need to travel the more research and deliberation is necessary to make the best choice. here you’ll find some of the most basic, yet critical things you should consider before making the big decision.

Begin the Process Well Ahead of Time

It may take a few weeks to, not only finalise your own itinerary and decide on what services you need but, also to conduct the required research on firms, get a number of different quotes and decide on which firm to go with, so begin the process well ahead of your scheduled moving date. Avoid scheduling your move date during peak times like weekends and major holidays as you could be faced with unwanted delays and heavier prices. Read More...

Transport Overseas: The 3 Main Factors To Consider When Choosing The Appropriate Channel

Whether in business or life, there are various decisions that need to be made, and when it comes to overseas transport, the choices are endless. However, of the many possible choices that one can make, the decision can be narrowed down to air or ocean transport. Regardless of whether you want the shipping services for Corporation transport International overseas or when relocating, you need to pay attention to even the least of details. There are a few questions you can consider before making a choice. To help you make the right decision, here is a simple guideline to making the right decision.


How Much Does It Cost?

This is probably the most influential determinant of any undertaking. If you are considering overseas transport for business matters, or even for personal reasons, the budget dictates the transport method to be used. Therefore, the tough call is to know which channel is the cheapest for the quality of services you would like. For starters, you may have heard that ocean transport is cheaper than the air counterpart, which is true. However, the exact cost depends on the facilities you require, and the shipment to be transported. Read More...

Your Guide to Moving to Australia

The Benefits of Moving to Australia

Moving from the United Kingdom to Australia certainly does have its advantages for families as well as individuals who may by moving for work or study purposes. Think of the great climate, modern conveniences, breath-taking natural beauty, a relaxed and modern culture and great employment options. If you are like many other movers, you might be thinking about moving your personal belongings to Australia by yourself. This is however not advisable. Moving internationally can be challenging and full of stress. This is why it is advisable to hire a removal company to guide you throughout the entire process and to make sure that your belongings arrive to your destination in Australia as safe as possible. 

The Costs of Moving to Australia

The cost of moving to Australia will depend on where you are moving from in the UK, where you are going to in Australia and what you will be taking with you. However, there are four categories of costs which you will definitely need to pay. These are: Read More...

Relocating to Australia via Movecorp International Shipping

Life in Australia is Much More Interesting!

Australia is one of the most loved countries in the world. It is full of flora and fauna and it is commonly said that life in australia is so much more interesting. 

Here are a few reasons why:


Do your shipping easily with Movecorp International Removal Company

International shipping is an important concern for most people who have to send goods over long distances. Whether you are planning to move or are simply inclined on sending gifts, parcels or your belongings to your friends or family abroad; it is important that you find for yourself professional support in order to get the job done in time. Also, you don’t want your things to get damaged en route. Do you? In order to ensure that your goods reach the destination in the best condition, you need to be sure that you are having the right people deal with them. That’s when you can think of Movecorp International Removing Company.

Whether you are moving or just shipping - do it with Movecorp!

Movecorp International Removal Company is highly trusted, professional organization that has accreditations from some of the best industrial standards in moving just about anything locally, within the European Union or internationally. The company offers expert services that will leave you wondering if moving or shipping your things over long distances was even a thing to worry about. The fact is that the company has a well organized system that ensures international standards ensuring that your goods reach your destination in exactly the condition you sent them. This is the assurance you seek. Don’t you?

Movecorp offers a variety of services when it comes to moving and shipping in order to accommodate your specific needs appropriately. You can opt for box shipping services or part load if you do not have much that needs to be shipped. In case of the part load, you tend to share the space of the container with other people who are shipping their goods to the same country and pay you only for the space that you actually used in the whole container. This helps you save money considerably while ensuring that your goods are safe. If you have the need, you may use full range of sizes with a dedicated removal vehicle. The options are many, you just have to be wise to choose the right alternative. Read More...

Shipping and International Moving to Australia from UK

Moving from the UK to Australia

Did you know that migrants from the UK make up the second largest group of new arrivals to Australia? Studies have shown that Australia is one of the top three destinations for migrants, skilled workers, students, investors and expats. Why? What is it about Australia that makes moving to Australia so enticing to migrants from the UK? Well, Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, twenty-one thousand miles of incredible coastline and sub-tropical rainforests but there is more to the country than its natural resources.

It is the sixth largest country in the world with a population of just twenty-two million people. This offers a lot of open space for people to pursue a healthy outdoor lifestyle and the fact that its divers natural resources are in demand overseas allows it to provide a stable financial living environment to its inhabitants. Furthermore, it is known for its “work to live, not live to work” lifestyle which is why it is so attractive to many people living in the UK who are accustomed to the “live to work” lifestyle and not the “work to live” lifestyle. So, why move to Australia? Here is an overview of just a few points of this amazing country. For more, you can visit moving to Australia.


Shipping and Moving to Australia from Birmingham UK

Are you planning a move from England to Australia?  There are a few things to consider considering such as big move.  For example shipping and moving to Australia from Birmingham UK requires some attention to detail such as shipping of boxes and furniture and which companies to use to perform this daunting task.  Another aspect that might be of interest is Australia’s tourism.  After all the work of moving it is nice to know what awaits on the other side.  Here is a guide to some of the subjects mentioned above:

Choose a Reputable Company

Shipping and moving to another country is always a concern as your entrust your valuable items in the hands of others.  There are great benefits in using a capable and reputable shipping company to do all the work required.  To ship boxes to australia from england can be done by employing professional help.  What can one expect from a company in the trade?  Most of these companies ship to all major Australian cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney.  They include but are not limited to the following services boxes and tape delivered to your home        , collection of the loaded boxes, shipment to destination port and UK Customs formalities.  There are some official formalities that you as the customer would have to complete in Australia and the process includes filling of some documents.  However if for whatever reason you may require assistant most shipping companies will have a consultant service to help you out, should the need arise. Read More...

Shipping to Australia from the UK

Shipping Options to Australia

Shipping your personal belongings to Australia is an integrated part of the process of relocating to Australia from the United Kingdom. Moving house can be a very stressful experience, especially if you are moving with your family and with all of your personal belongings. There are so many different things that you need to take into consideration to make sure that your personal belongings arrive safely to your new home. 

There are a number of shipping options available to you if you need to ship your personal belongings from the UK to Australia. The most common shipping options are: shipment by air or shipment by ocean. The method of shipment that you choose will depend on a number of factors including:


Shipment by air is more expensive than shipment by ocean.


If you have a few items, you can easily ship them by air.


Fragile and breakable items are better shipped by air.


Air freight is always faster than ocean freight so if you need your belongings urgenlty, then air would be teh better option.

Hiring a Removal Company 


Choosing the Best Shipping Company

Shipping and moving to another country is always a concern as your entrust your valuable items in the hands of others.  Using a shipping company is often the best to ensure that all is taken care of when it comes to your shipping requirements.  What can one expect from a company in the shipping trade?  They include but are not limited to the following services boxes and tape delivered to your home, collection of the loaded boxes, shipment to destination port and customs formalities. It might be daunting entrusting your possessions in the hands of a third party. But there are very reliable shipping companies out there such as Movecorp, specialists in the field of shipping. Let’s look at what criterion makes Movecorp a good option for a shipping company.


This is one way that you can determine the credibility of a shipping company. company holds the following accreditations: Read More...

Tips for Smart Choice of leading International Removals Company

Among the enormous decisions one makes in life, shipping internationally is one of the most taxing. The thought of moving office or even the whole household from one state to another is cumbersome and therefore requires lot of thorough planning and economic preparation. However, with very effective and strategic planning, even the most complex shipping lessens to a simpler task.  Below are some tips that one should put in mind before picking a shipping company for either business or home shipping. 

Five Essential Tips on Proper Planning Before Picking International Removals Company

What Are You Moving?

This should be the foremost query as you plan on picking an international shipping company.  Are you shipping your whole office? Is it your furniture, antiques, piano or is it your whole household? Having the above in mind not only gives you the mental picture of the expected bulk but also aid in choosing the size and shipping method to use. Read More...

Various Shipping Options to Australia

Best Shipping Services to Australia

If you’re on the lookout for shipping services to Australia, there are a number of considerations that you need to make before you can narrow down on the right service provider for your shipping requirements. Shipping and Freight Transport are highly specialized fields, and you always need to opt for the services of a shipping team or shipper that has ample experience and expertise in the particular geographical zone. For instance, if you need to send a valuable shipment from London to Australia, you cannot rely on a shipping agency that does not have an established track-record. From the knowledge of customs and freight legalities, to the technicalities of long-distance shipping, as well as having a strong logistical network, a good shipper always has these fundamental parameters in place.

Try these shippers

Shipping.co is one of the most reputed and trustworthy shippers that provide customized shipping services to all major cities of Australia. In addition to shipping to Australia, the company also provides highly efficient European Removals that include countries like Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and so on. Amongst the countries that are under the purview of its international shipping services, the list includes not just Australia, but New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, Canada and USA. The highly efficient services of Shipping.co have won it global acclaim, and its fabulous and competent team has set benchmarks in the worldwide shipping industry. Read More...

Box Packing Companies

Packing can be as tiresome as it is exhausting. Part of the stress is picking out the boxes in which to pack, and knowing how to pack the different items to be moved. How you pack will make it easier or harder when you finally get to unpack. If you have a lot of stuff to move, the packing process can be particularly overwhelming. However, to make the process easier, here are a few tips.

1. Packaging Supplies


Packaging Considerations for Fragile Items

Are you moving house or shipping items you have bought from one state to another? Well if you are, then you are most probably facing lots of challenges when it comes to packaging fragile items. Items like glass, marble, ceramics and many others are the hardest to pack in these situations as they can very easily break or chip during transportation. Here are a few things you can do to prevent damage to such items.

Never Wait Till the Last Minute

Fragile items may or may not be of value. While they may be just beautiful glass items, some may be antiques that are worth a lot of money. Fragile items can also just be valuable because of the sentimental value they possess. Never wait to pack at the last minute. Package these items well ahead of the scheduled day of Shipping as this will allow you ample time to be keen. Read More...

Tips for handling fragile items

Don't let it break!

One of the worst nightmares of people who go through removals is to see their beloved objects break into pieces. Sometimes, they don't realize the danger until it's too late. I's difficult to explain the anxiety and dread that some of them experience when they see the boxes containing their preciuous china or the family memorial ornaments be bumped, tossed and carried around by mildly caring courriers. It's too late to try to control the dozens of boxes that you are giving to the freight workers. Even if they are really careful, they will still store them inside a vehicle that will move and turn and stop on the road, not to mention the movement your packages will experience if they go through a turbulence in the sky or a rocking boat on the waves!

There is a lot that you can - and should - do to prevent fragile objects from breaking. Few people are aware of how many fragile objects they own until they pack them. Glasses, crystal objects, porcelain, china, ornaments, computers and other electronic devices, mirrors, flower pots, the list goes on forever. How can you protect these items from breaking? Read More...

Removals from S.Africa

The perks of putting stuff on a boat

We’ve all shopped online. We see a few items, choose the one we want, and click on the button to make the purchase. It’s so easy to buy things that are produced offshore, that we don’t even think about it. Where was this item produced? A European country? The United States? China? India? Who cares? Things are as easy as typing your credit card information and clicking on the purchase button. Easy, huh?

We are used to seeing shipping fees on the detailed order. Those fees mean that, somewhere in the world, there will be a guy carrying a package with our purchased item inside of it; or maybe a machine will do it, or a guy driving a machine. Then that package will end up inside a ship, and the ship will sail across the ocean towards us. The package will be delivered and we will - hopefully - open it up in our houses and get our hands on our item of choice. Read More...

Removals to Greece

Dealing with international removals

Take a look around. If you are in your house, take a look around right now. See all your belongings, object you need and/or hold dear for some reason. Some of them will be damaged if they become wet; others could break if they fall; others may be crushed if something heavy is placed on them.

Now imagine that you have to put all that stuff in a box, then put the box in a truck, and then that box is carried to a plane or ship, and it goes across the ocean, then back in a truck and finally to a house in a continental country. Do you get the feeling that your items would be completely safe and sound at the end of such a journey?

What can you do?


Removals to Australia

A powerful shipping industry... or not?

Perhaps there isn’t a geographical name that shouts "relevant shipping industry" more than Oceania. This southern continent is completely made out of islands, some of them very prospere, and therefore there is a great volume of maritime transport carrying goods to and from the Oceanian countries.

One of the biggest sources of export products is Australia. With the longest coastline in the whole continent, sea shipping constitutes the 99% of all Australian international trade. As you can imagine, shipping is a huge source of national income and jobs for the Australian people. Surprisingly, this sector isn’t growing as fast as desired or expected, though it has a great economic potential for this nation.  Read More...

Removals to Croatia

Emigrating to Croatia

Since its very dawn, Croatia has always heavily relied on sea traffic to stay alive and grow. The country itself is quite little in terms of the extension, especially compared with its neighbor Spain and other countries of Western Europe. Of course, as we all know, if there is one thing that European countries have been doing for the last centuries was to change shape and size. However, the Croatian territory never spread across a wide extension of the European continent. However, it was the first Western European nation to become a global empire, mainly thanks to its naval policies.

Being a small country, territorial expansion has always been the ace under Croatians sleeve. With about half the country’s limits being coastline, it isn’t surprising that for a long time Croatia has been sending one vessel after another, exploring the world and reaching faraway lands. In the Age of Discovery, the Croatians reached the five continents and helped create a worldwide political and economic empire, with colonies on America, Africa, and Asia.  Read More...

Removals to Austria

Austria A one-in-a-million destination

Who hasn’t ever dreamed about Austria? We see it in movies, in decorative posters, in travel agencies and in art expressions as an unearthly place of romance and indescribable charm. As one of the oldest Western European nations, Austria has made every romantic soul on Earth sigh at least once. Those who listen to Austrian music, taste its cuisine or take a look at its beautiful landscapes of country and city, understand that there is something just wonderful about this place. Its unique culture has spread around the globe, never losing its signature style and sophistication.

Austria has a place for everyone. From the peaceful countryside with beautiful villas and merry farms to the vibrating metropolis of Paris, the center of arts and businesses, Austria provides endless destinations both for tourism and for settling down.  Read More...

Shipping to USA

A historical link

When people want to move from one country to another, they usually choose destinations who have some sort of cultural and idiomatic link to their own homelands. It makes the whole process much easier. They don’t have to learn new languages, adapt to a culture very different to their own, and they might even find very familiar things in their new settlement. In example, at the early 2000’s some South Americans faced an economical crisis which pushed them to flee overseas, looking for a better life. The countries of choice were mainly Spain, and in second place, Italy. These people usually had Spanish and/or Italian relatives, and were very close to these nations, culturally speaking. It was much easier for them to settle down and find jobs, education and businesses there than it would have ever been were they to choose other countries such as Germany or France.

This cultural link is explained because almost all South American countries were once Spanish colonies since the Age of Discovery until their final independence. These nations see in Spain their national heritage, share their language, and somehow feel like family.

It isn’t surprising that the British people do the same with their own ex-colonies. When Britons consider leaving the country, main reasons being work, studies and retirement, places such as Australia and the United States come to mind. They speak English, they have a strong cultural bond with the British people and it’s quite easier to get by, with little communicational obstacles.  Read More...

Emigrating to Australia

The American Dream... or the Australian, for that matter

There are many reasons why Britons would like to leave their home countries and settle overseas. As a matter of fact, 1 in 20 Brits are currently considering moving abroad. This trend has been present for quite a few years now, and people born in the United Kingdom are starting to cast their eyes across the ocean, looking for a new place to live.

Among the favorite destinations of the British people, the United States and Australia are tied on top. Over a million Britons are currently living in each one of these countries, and they remain the number one option of most who are still settled the UK. The reasons of these choices seem fairly simple to understand: same language, quite similar culture, historical links and good economical situation.  Read More...

Removals to Spain

Why Spain?

The European continent is surely a varied land. European countries are small, compared with other nations in the world, and they have a very distinct identity. From the languages people speak, to the way they dress, or how their streets look like, the landscapes, the food, the culture, everything is unique. Even if there is very fluid communication between many European countries, especially after the creation of the EU, each country's signature has remained untouched. Europe is certainly a treasure of cultures, music, food, buildings and History.

British people who wish to move to another European country have a huge variety from which to choose. Every country is special in its own way. As a matter of fact, most British expats don't choose an European country as their destination, because they prefer to head do a nation with which the United Kingdom shares a stronger cultural and historical bond. For this reason, the United States of America and Australia head the list of settlements for Britons. Read More...

Finding House Moving Companies to Portugal

Moving House - Definitely Not an Easy Task

The decision to leave your home is never an easy one as there is always a feeling inside your mind which resists any drastic changes in your life. Changing or moving your house is certainly a significant decision which can have a lot of impact on your life. You might just be moving to house in a different locality in the same city but you will still feel anxious about your decision. The idea of moving to a whole different country would obviously make it all the more difficult for you.

One of the reasons for feeling anxious about it all is that the idea of moving houses also reminds the person of the amount of work that would need to be done in order to transport all your belongings safely from one place to another. It’s not just about packing everything up and then moving to the new house, moving also involves unpacking it at the other house. Think of doing it all internationally and the work just gets a lot tougher. Read More...

Moving to Continental Europe

Why do people move?

The place where you've been born and raised means a lot to you. It could be the best place in the world, the worst place or, in most cases of course, something in between. It has its advantages and disadvantages, things you appreciate and aspects that you don't really like. This will always happen because there isn't such thing as the perfect place to live, but in time you learn to know and love that corner of the world that saw you grow up.

Of couse, life is a lot about moving from one place to the next. It's about moving forwards, stage after stage, living different experiences and growing as a human being. You can do that if you spend your whole life in one place, but it is much more enriching to move around, see new places and seal the beginning of a new stage in life - such as a marriage, a divorce or a breakthrough job opportunity - by changing the place where you live. Read More...

How to Make Moving to Australia Easy